Chapter 23: Wow

The persistent sound of a hairdryer and clattering of what Cameron could only imagine were hairspray cans and hairbrushes falling into the sink broke through her once peaceful slumber.

Reluctantly opening her eyes she was assaulted with the light from the first morning rays of sunshine that snuck around the curtains and settled the room in a dimly lit almost ethereal glow.

Next to her House groaned, twisted and turned in a fruitless struggle to get comfortable enough to go back to sleep and try to ignore the loud sounds piercing through his bedroom door and disturbing his rest.

"Oh for fuck's sake" Cameron almost shouted, rolling onto her back and stomping her fists and feet against the mattress like a four year old throwing a tantrum. "Is he blow drying his hair?!?" She asked exasperatedly turning her head to face a crazed looking and thoroughly sleep deprived House.

"I always knew he was a woman" he said through greeted teeth, before grabbing his pillow from under his head and throwing it over it, trying to muffle the sounds Wilson was making in the bathroom.

"Maybe he's almost done" Cameron murmured more to herself than to House, pulling the covers tighter around her and slapping her hands against the mattress, tucking herself securely under the covers as she waited for Wilson to stop grooming.

Next to her House snorted from under his pillow and she heard a muffled "Yes and then we can all go and have a snowball fight in hell."

The second his words registered with Cameron the cacophony coming from the bathroom finally ceased, causing her breath to catch in her throat in apprehension, while next to her House lowered the pillow to rest over his abdomen and eyed the door suspiciously.

The silence continued to reign until Cameron finally released the breath she'd been holding and tuned her head to face House. "It's over" she said with a goofy sleepy smile on her face.

House chuckled at the way her hair stuck in every possible direction, her face still displaying the little wrinkles caused by her pillow and what House recognized with a more heartfelt chuckle was morning gunk in the corners of her eyes.

"What?" Cameron asked self-consciously, trying to tame her wild hair.

House smiled at her efforts. "You have morning gunk in your eyes" he stated with a teasing smile.

Cameron's hands went to her eyes and she frantically tried to clean them. "So?" she asked with a small pout "You do too" she murmured accusingly, earning herself another chuckle from House.

He planted a peck on her forehead in response and settled his head on her pillow, burying his face in the crook of her neck and laying his right arm across her covered stomach. "He stopped" House murmured contentedly against her skin.

"Thank the heavens above" Cameron breathed out, her eyes slipping shut as she gave into sleep once again.

Just as the two started dozing off again a muffled 'Fuck' sounded through the door and the blow dryer was turned on once more.

"No" House dragged out exasperatedly.

"I'm gonna lose it" Cameron said through greeted teeth, locking her hand around the wrist that was over her stomach and pulling it away as she kicked her feet over the edge of the bed and got up swiftly.

Almost reflexively House did the same, limping after his fuming girlfriend as she threw the bedroom door open and stomped to the bathroom.

"Morning" Wilson said before he turned towards the hallway with a bright smile on his face that quickly faded as he took in the angry looking Cameron that headed in his direction.

Her hair was a mess of rebel curls and her fists were balled shut hanging against her sides as she walked purposefully towards him. Her petit body, the picture of tension and boiling anger.

Ignoring his cheery greeting, Cameron grabbed the plug of the hairdryer and ripped it from the wall with a menacing glare directed at Wilson. "No More Wilson" she said sharply "No Fucking More!" She added grabbing the blow-dryer and stomping back into the bedroom.

A shocked Wilson turned to see House standing by his bedroom door and looking into it, before turning his head to face him. "What was that?" Wilson asked flabbergasted.

"I have no idea" House said with a wide grin. "But I've never been this turned on in my life" he added, limping back into his bedroom and closing the door behind him.

"Wow" House said as he watched Cameron throw the blow-dryer onto the chair in the corner of the room, make her way to their bed and get under the covers again.

"Will you have my babies?" House asked with a smirk as he rushed to the bed and swiftly moved to lie on top of her.

Cameron chuckled. "You enjoyed that?" she asked disbelievingly.

House nodded and shifted slightly above her, pressing his pelvis flush against hers, causing her eyes to widen in realization. "Oh" she said quietly, before House pressed his lips hungrily against hers.

Cameron's hands cupped his cheeks, holding his face closer to hers as she sneaked her tongue into his mouth, deepening the kiss as House's right hand flattened against the mattress and he lifted himself up above her, while tugging at the covers separating their bodies with his left.

"Bitchy-sleepy-Ally is such a turn on" House murmured pulling back from her mouth and latching onto her throat instead. His hands moving up her thighs and slipping under the t-shirt she wore, pulling it up as his palms caressed her smooth skin.

"What happened to 'Huh, you have morning gunk in your eyes'?" she asked mimicking the hoarse, low tone House always had when he woke up, making him smirk against the side of her neck and shrug.

"Your outburst made me horny enough to ignore that" he offered nipping at the underside of her jaw, just before he pulled back and pulled the shirt up and over her head exposing her naked body to the morning's golden glow.

"I thought we were going to wait until Wilson left." Cameron argued weakly, watching as House removed his own shirt and pulled the covers the rest of the way off of her.

House shrugged, before settling his body over hers and placing a chaste kiss to her swollen lips. "I'm thinking…" he murmured quietly against her lips, his hands smoothing over her tousled hair "…lets give him something to remember and hopefully make him never want to disturb us in the morning again!" House added waggling his brows suggestively, down at her.


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