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She could only look at him from afar. That was it. Why did it have to be that way? Why did she like him anyway? She had known him for a good part of ten years. So why were these feelings revealing themselves now? She had had them for about a year now. She did not even know why they decided to crop up in the first place. They came from the deep untouched verges of her heart, but she stored them in iron clad boxes in her mind. She decided a long time ago that she should not act upon them, hell; she could not act on them. She couldn't go up to him and say "Hi Kakashi, I have a major crush on you. Would you like to go on a date?" It even sounded stupid in her mind.

But even though she was not going to tell Kakashi about her secret, Sakura decided that it was perfectly normal to at least admire him, and let her mind fill in the blanks. The blanks being that Kakashi would reciprocate her feelings. She knew that he didn't. So her imagination pretended that they could be together. Passionate, smoldering, ardent kiss behind closed doors. Or light and quick chaste kiss full of love and compassion in public. Her mind's eye created somewhere that they could be with each other, and not have to care what other people thought about their relationship. But it was far from reality. He probably just thought of her as the same twelve year old girl that he had taught jutsu and chakra control to. But wait, she wasn't twelve anymore. She was a fine, respectable, twenty two year old grown woman. She was certainly not a kid anymore. She was a fully qualified jounin and medic – nin. She was considered the best in the field. She had heard through the grapevine that many Konoha citizens thought that she could easily surpass her sensei, Hokage, Tsunade – Sama when in came to medic skills.

Why was she keeping her hopes up that one day Kakashi would finally say that he loved her? She knew it would never happen. She could easily get any man she wanted in Konoha if she put her mind to it. She was a new woman compared to her former twelve year old self. She had a well defined body with slender long legs. She had filled out in all the right places that any man with a brain would want. She had let her hair grow, and now her extended pink tresses swayed elegantly half way down her back. Her eyes had remained the same sincere jade they always had been, but they were more experienced when it came to work and missions; even when it came to her love life.

True she had momentarily been dating Uchiha Sasuke. Their whole relationship was based on raw, covetous lust that had accumulated in a large amount during the years that they were apart. That is why it never worked. There was no love or feeling, just a mutual attraction of one another that was accompanied with sexual desire. She reminisced as she remembered how they were mainly drove by Sasuke's need for dominance as Sakura's back crashed into the bitter wall of the apartment. Both of her hands would be held tightly above her head with one of Sasuke's hands, while his other would roam her body freely, feeling every part of her pale skin that yearned to be touched. She remembered how his rough fingertips felt sensually stroked her sides, and the way that they moved round to caress her lower back. The way that she could feel their bodies tightly held up against one another, breathing deeply, their chests heaving rapidly; while not an was inch separated them. She could hear as his lips crashed onto hers and Sasuke skillfully took control over their heated kiss and how sweet he tasted when their mouths interlocked, as he thrust his tongue past her awaiting lips. The shiver that ran through her as their tongues met. The anticipation that grew every time he left trails of sweltering kisses on her jaw line and down her neck to her collarbone, as he slightly nipped the sensitive skin with his teeth. She noticed the hunger that dwelled in his onyx eyes. The fire and passion that had lain dormant inside him for so long: that was roaring and eager to bust out. She remembered the intertwined aroma of both her and Sasuke when the situation became overly heated. That was the time when she would wrap her legs around his finely toned waist and everything would be continued in the bedroom.

Her mind then wandered back to Kakashi. She adored his single pitch dark, ebony, raven eye. Unspoken words could be said with that eye that made her feel like she was on cloud nine compared to speech alone. One look from that eye could make her day. Whether it was a 'thank you Sakura', kind of look, or a 'good move, Sakura,' kind of look, it made her in high spirits for the rest of the day.

He really was a handsome man. She marveled at his fit, toned and limber, God like body. Although, it was infrequently seen, it was considered like a treat sent down from heaven when she did. She only ever saw his perfectly toned torso when he had injured himself during battle… which in itself was an oddity. She loved the feel of his skin. She wondered how such soft, luxurious skin, could hold such powerful and taught muscles underneath, as she ran her chakra filled hands slowly across his lower torso as she gradually moved up to his broad, masculine, hairless chest. The chakra on her hands didn't take away any of the pleasure of feeling him, it made it better. His skin would tingle at her touch sending a tremble all through her body.

Whenever he got harmed, he would only let Sakura treat him. He probably thought that she would be the only one who would not gawk at his fine physique. He seemed to have a large female fan club, he knew about it, but never spoke about it. If he ever came to the hospital to discuss some trivial matter like, "Sakura, I have no food in my apartment, and I can't be bothered to go shopping, could I come to yours tonight for tea?" All the nurses would literally be drooling at his feet, whispering and giggling whenever he came near. This seemed to happen about once a week, and every week she would scowl at the nurses, thinking that they should control themselves. But how could she think that when she felt like doing the exact same thing. She just happened to have more self control than the nurses in front of Kakashi. But inside, her mind would go mad.

But his body was not the only reason why she liked him; it just happened to be an added bonus. But she loved his personality and all of his little quirks and habits. She loved how he was always laid back, but in times of turbulence he would always step up to the front line without hesitation. She loved the loyalty that he held not just to Konoha, but to team seven, team Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke… and her. He was the person she went to when something went wrong in her life. He was the one she went to for comfort when she and the Uchiha broke up. She knocked on the door of his apartment, tears streaming down her face. He opened the door and without a word he pulled her into a tight embrace. After a minute or so Sakura told him he could let go, but now thinking back, she was helplessly wishing she never uttered a word and that it would never end.

"How the hell can I go from thinking about the glorious nights I spent with Sasuke to thinking about Kakashi?" she screamed in her mind.

Duh… 'Cos Kakashi is HOT and you know it… and don't even to try to deny it, we have been though it so many times!

"Yeah… but what went on with me and Sasuke was a lot more, how should I put it… pleasurable. Nothing like that has even happened between me and Kakashi and it never will."

You only starting thinking about Kakashi after thinking about having sex with the Uchiha because that is the kind of thing you want to do with Kakashi… you wanna do dirty stuff with Kakashi… it's simple.

"I have never once thought about doing anything sexual with Kakashi… ever."

I know what you want to do with Kakashi… and I know what you want him to do to you. I also know that you haven't had sex in two years, and all you can think about is Kakashi running his hand along your thigh and…

"SHUT UP! I have never thought about anything like that."

LIES! I know you for a fact you have… I'm your inner remember… I am a part of you… I know every little thing that goes on in your dirty little head of yours… well strictly speaking, ours. I know that you want him to strongly hold your hips, pulling you closer to him as he slowly runs him hands up to your….

"STOP RIGHT THERE! And, you don't have to be so blunt about it." Sakura pouted as she finally gave into her inner.


Sakura sat at a corner table in her local bar, hoping for no one to notice her as all she wanted right now was a quite drink at Konoha Inn. Alone. By herself. Konoha Inn was just a regular bar especially for Konoha ninja's. It has wooden furnishings and a sizzling fireplace that scorched all night long. Even so often a bartender would walk along and replace the wood that had been turned to ash. Many regular citizens and foreigners would stay clear of the Konoha Inn, mainly because they were scared about all the drunken shinobi's and kunoichi's that would come stumbling out the door.

Sakura sat with her face down, and a bottle of sake held firmly in her grip and the mini porcelain cup in her other hand. She picked up the tokkuri, and poured the alcohol beverage into the cup until it was full to the brim. She brought it delicately up to her lips, trying not to spill any, and knocked back the drink in one swallow.

She watched as a few shinobi yelled drunkenly from a table near by, they all raised their drink, and threw them back. Three female kunoichi sat at a round wooden table, who Sakura noticed were nurses from the hospital, all of them laughed away without a care in the world. In the far corner, she saw Temari (she decided to come to Konoha for a few days to take a break from Gaara and Kankuro… two brothers could be a handful). But she wasn't alone… unlike Sakura. Sat with her was Shikamaru. At the centre of the table their fingers intertwined. Shikamaru obviously just said something amusing as Temari threw her head back in laughter, a smile spread from ear to ear.

"Urgh… Happy couples..."

Jealous much?

"Shut your face."

Sakura turned her gaze to the door of the inn as it opened. She watched as a man entered the bar. He was wearing his usual shinobi uniform. Gods, he was sexy in his uniform. He went to the bar and ordered a cup of sake. He turned around. He gave Sakura a small wave, and then started to walk over to her. He sat down at the table and refilled his cup with her Sake! How cheeky!

"I take it your date didn't go well last night?" Kakashi said with a hint of sarcasm. Of course it didn't go well. She was sitting there, by her self, with only a tokkuri of sake for company.


"Ever gonna see him again?" He asked out of interest.


"You wanna talk about it?" Said Kakashi, his was hand itching to go in his pouch, to retrieve the latest edition of Icha Icha Paradise.

"Nope," sighed Sakura "But, I just wanna know one thing." She said as she filled her cup with yet some more sake. "Is there something wrong with me? How come I can't get anyone? I mean look, there is Temari and Shikamaru. The biggest baka in Konoha, Naruto has got Hinata. So why can't I get anyone?" Not looking into his eyes she poured the contents of her cup down her throat.

What Kakashi done next was certainly a surprise! He leant forward and took hold her hands. His hands on hers… it just felt right to Sakura… this is the way things should be. His thumbs slowly caressed her palms with small circles as he gazed into her emerald eyes.

"I never want you to say anything like that again," he did not talk to her in a harsh tone; it was more of a caring tone than anything else. "There is nothing wrong with you, Sakura. You just haven't found the right person for you yet. Any man should be singing their praises if the managed to get you, and keep you. There is no need to jump into anything, just take your time, you will find him someday."

"What if I already have?" Sakura thought

"Yeah, your right," she replied and she tightened her grip on his hands. A ripple appeared in her sake. One by one tears fell from her face. "I – It's just that I – I feel so lonely. I – I know it sounds stupid, but I – I do." Her grip tightened more still. A wince of pain was shown from Kakashi's eye. And with that she slacked her grip. "S – Sorry."

Kakashi pulled one of his hands away. Sakura looked up at him. His hands reached out and wiped the tears away from her face. He smiled brightly at her. Only she and Naruto could tell if he was smiling behind that mask of his, after all they had spent a lot of time together. (Sasuke didn't know; he was too busy off gaining power from Orichimaru so he could kill Itachi to care. He succeeded in the end).

"Hey, stop crying. You look beautiful when you don't cry." Kakashi stated simply. She heard the creak of the door being opened. Kakashi looked over. A woman walked into the bar. She gave Kakashi a bright smile. "Sorry, Sakura, I've gotta take of, I gotta da -" he was about to say, date. But decided, the word would probably depress her even more, "I have a – previous engagement."

He waved goodbye, and then bang, the door slammed behind them.


WHAT!!!! Kakashi… date? Kakashi… date? We are still on Earth, aren't we? SAKURA!! Yo! Other me… snap out of it!

"Yeah? What the hell just happened?

He's got a date by the looks of it… and he was on time… what's going on the world… everything is… backwards.

"He's allowed to go on a date if he wants to. It's his life after all."

Come on Sakura, you have known the man for TEN years, how many times have you seen him on a date? And how many times have you seen him on time for anything? Actually… technically he was early because he got here before the Randomer date did.

"I think I have seen him on a date four times, this one included. And I have never seen him go on a second date with anyone. And he is only ever on time for missions, probably because he is scared of Tsunade – Sama."

Hmm… do you think he is just using her… the Randomer date?

"For what?"

Well there is only so much you can get out of an Icha Icha Paradise book, no?

"How the hell would I know? I have never touched one in, my life."

Sakura waved her hand to the bartender; signaling that she would like another bottle of sake.


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