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Enough is Enough

Chapter 1

They were neighbors. And sadly that's where it ended too. Except for a few occasions when it went a little farther than the small smile that would form on their lips or polite wave when they spotted one another. Sometimes though, but not a lot.

It was January, a very cold and bitter month in the state of Massachusetts, where Troy Bolton and Gabriella Monetz resided. It was a bone chilling, freezing, ice cold month. The days were filled with high gusts of wind, icy air, wind chills, black ice, snow, below zero temperatures, you name it. It was horrible weather, but it was New England, and the two of them still loved it.

It was a Friday afternoon and the final bell had finally rung to end the day and the long week. Gabriella had no plans for her Friday afternoon sadly, except for a long and unbearably cold walk home all by herself. Her car was in the shop getting fixed, therefore she had to walk to and from school. It sucked, really bad. Sometimes she felt like she was going to get frostbite. Sadly, today was no different as she stood by her locker buttoning up her winter jacket and putting her gloves, scarf and hat on. She had come fully prepared.

She walked through the empty hallways slowly trying to put of the inevitable hell that was to come. Eventually she made it to the door and mentally prepared herself for the bitterness that was going to blow in her face in a few seconds. After the initial hit, she slowly started to adjust to it, although never enjoying it. She didn't need to bring any books home over the weekend, so all she had on her was her purse and she was able to shove her hands deep into her jacket to keep them from freezing.

Troy on the other hand had a working car and immediately blasted the heat when he jumped into it after school ended. He waited a few minutes before he left so that his hands could warm up. After he was satisfied, he turned up the radio and backed out of his parking spot. He purposefully didn't make any plans for the night as he wanted to just stay home and relax for once. At first his friends were bummed, but they eventually got over it.

Mr. & Mrs. Bolton were down in Florida visiting Troy's grandparents for the week. His grandfather was having surgery on his knee so both of his parents wanted to be there with them. The two of them had left late last night and so the house was all his for one full week. Of course Troy hadn't told anyone that though because then he knew that everyone would expect him to have a party at his house, but he just wasn't in the mood for any of that lately. Life wasn't just about seeing how many beers one could consume in a night before they threw up, it was about way more than that.

The first thing that Troy was planning on doing when he got home was passing out on his bed and taking a well deserved nap that lasted for hours. He made a mental note to remember to turn his phone off before then though.

He was almost home when he finally turned left onto his street, Hayward Place. His house was at the very end of the never ending street, though. A dark figure caught his eyes to the left of him though and when he did a double take, he realized just who that figure was, and she looked like she was crying. He immediately pulled over to the right, put his car in park, opened his door and ran out of his car towards her shaking body.

'Gabriella! What happened?' Troy was out of breath by the time he got to her, even though he only ran, more like sprinted, about 30 feet.

'Umm...I'm not sure. hurts so bad.' Gabriella was holding onto her ankle as tears fell down her face in waterfalls and her body rocked back and forth.

Troy looked behind her and noticed some ice. Judging from the way she was screaming out in pain, she must have twisted, if not broken, her ankle.

'Did you fall on the ice back there?'

'Yeah. I didn't even seen it, it just happened so fast. I don't know what to do. hurts so bad.' She was a mess, a disaster even. Nothing like this has ever happened to her and right after it happened she was petrified. She had tried getting up but soon fell to the cold sidewalk again in agonizing pain. Her ankle felt like it was being ripped off of her body.

'Come on, lets get you out of here.' With that Troy scooped up Gabriella's body bridal style and carried her back to his car. He opened the passenger side door and gently placed her freezing body down in the seat. He then ran over to his side of the car and pulled away from the sidewalk an made his way to his house.

'Just try not to move it. I don't want anything else to happen to it. We're almost at my house, just hold on a few more seconds.'

'Your house?'

Troy looked over to her face and he felt his heart drop. Gabriella's makeup was completely running, even though she wasn't wearing much, just a little mascara. Her curly hair was even curlier and frizzier from the freezing wind that had been blowing on it. Her nose was a deep shade of read and the rest of her face was pale. She needed to be warmed up ASAP. Troy couldn't help but notice how innocent and vulnerable she looked at that moment. She looked like a sad but cute puppy that had just lost his toy and all he wanted was his toy back so he could be happy again.

Wow, hold up and back up.

Why were these things going through Troy Bolton's head?

You know what? Troy didn't care any more. He didn't care if he felt weird about having feelings for his gorgeous neighbor, he would be stupid not to. He was sick and tired of hiding his true feelings, enough was enough. If he got rejected from her than so be it, that's just what was meant to happen. He could care less.

'I can't just drop you off at your house and say 'hope you feel better.' That would make me a complete jerk and ass hole. Why would I do something like that? Plus, I know your mom doesn't get home for a while, so you'd just be all by yourself desperately trying to figure out what to do. I see this kind of stuff all the time though, so your ankle is very safe in my hands.'

For the first time in a while a small smile slowly formed on Gabriella's lips. What he said was really sweet and very generous of him. It was also the truth too.

'Thanks Troy, really. That's very sweet of you.'

'It's my pleasure. Plus, I had no plans for the day anyways, but I guess I do now. My parents aren't home so I was going to be quite lonely.'

'We'll I'm glad I can keep you company.'

'Me too.'

Not only did a small smile form on Gabriella's face now, but a small blush did too. Troy noticed this though, even though she tried to turn away from him so he wouldn't see it. She wasn't fast enough though.

'Here we are,' said Troy as he put his car in park once more and got out of his car and ran over to her side. He opened the door and gently picked her small body up once more. She couldn't help but giggle at how cute he was being. This resulted in a blush to form on Troy's face.

Troy carried her to his front door and after a short struggle he opened it. After kicking off his shoes he made his way over to his living room and he softly placed her body down on the huge sectional couch. He grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and spread it out over her body before he turned his attention to the wooded stove across from the couch. He easily made a fire that started right up and warmed the large room.

'I'll be right back, don't go any where,' said Troy with a wink.

'If you insist,' joked Gabriella right back.

Troy ran up to his room and grabbed an old pair of warm up basketball sweats and some socks too considering she had been wearing flats without any socks. After searching his bathroom, he found an ace bandage and went back down to the kitchen to get some ice.

'Alright, Dr. Troy is back. Now, here are some clothes that you can change into so you're more comfortable and I have to head back upstairs to make a few phone calls. Don't get up at all because you can't put any pressure on your ankle. I'll be right back, okay?'



Troy turned away to go towards the stairs when he heard his name being called.


'Thank you. For everything.'

'No problem.'

Troy stood still for a few seconds as he let his eyes stare deeply into hers before he turned around once again and made his way back up to his room.

Gabriella had a little bit of a hard time trying to change into Troy's clothes, which smelled just like him by the way, because she couldn't really move her body that much. Not to mention she was a little nervous that he would reappear at any given moment and she would be mid-changing with her shirt off or something. Thankfully he never did interrupt her changing and a little while later he came back to the living room.

'Well don't you look nice,' commented Troy.

'Why thank you! I feel like I'm drowning in your huge clothes though.'

'That's alright, you still look cute.'

Gabriella's heart beat started to pick up a little at Troy's compliment.

'Anyways, lets take a look at your ankle.'

Troy sat down on the couch with Gabriella and lifted her right ankle up in his hands. Gabriella immediately flinched at his cold hands touching her warm skin, and after he apologized he kept going, He moved his smooth hands over her ankle and her leg. Troy pushed the pants that she was wearing up to her knee and continued to rub her ankle trying to tell if it was broken or just sprained. Feeling his hands on her body made Gabriella want to moan out in please, which she would never let herself do out of fear of complete embarrassment. Although it had initially tickled her, she was slowly growing to adjust to him rubbing her lower leg. Man, it felt amazing.

Troy looked up to her face to see that her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back.

'Am I hurting you?' asked Troy.

Gabriella's head shot down to meet his warm eyes, 'No, it just hurts period. You aren't doing anything to make it worse, don't worry.'

'Okay, if you say so. Tell me if I do though.'

She nodded her head as he went back to rubbing his large strong hands over her ankle again, feeling for tares and any misplaced bodes.

'That is making it feel a lot better. Do you do this a lot or something?' asked Gabriella in a different position than before. She had since lied her body down flat on the couch and her eyes were still closed. The feelings that were running through her body were sensational. She had never had a message on any part of her body before, but she now had an idea as to what it would be like.

Troy bowed his head to hid his blushed face. A few laughs also left his mouth. 'No, actually. I don't do this a lot, but I see it done a lot. And I'm glad I can make it feel better.'

There was a pause of silence as Troy kept up the motions of massaging her leg, ankle, and foot.

'It doesn't feel broken, but it's definitely sprained. I don't want you to walk on it at least for the next few days. I have some crutches that you can use. But you shouldn't even move or get up for the next few hours. I'm going to put an ace bandage on you ankle and we'll keep the ice on it to help reduce the swelling. Sound good to you?'

'Sounds great Dr. Troy. Thank you.'

Troy laughed again at his new nickname before he grabbed some pillows behind him. Using those to prob her leg up he went to get some ice. When he returned he put the ace bandage on her ankle as gently and slowly as he could. He only received a few yelps out of her mouth, which he considered to be a pretty good thing. He removed her leg from the pillows and replaced the pillows with his own body. So instead Gabriella was laying down on the couch with both of her legs in Troy's lap. On foot had a sock on it, the other was uncovered with an ace bandage and some ice on it.

After turning on the television for them to watch, Troy's hand returned to Gabriella's right leg and started to rub it back and forth to comfort her. Gabriella couldn't help the huge grin from forming on her face.

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