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Enough Is Enough

Chapter 6 – Epilogue

One Year Later

"Troy!" A burst of giggles erupted from the running girl who had a huge winter jacket snuggled closely to her body and a pair of gloves covering her hands that weren't doing it's job by keeping her small hands warm. Her feet were buried in layers of socks and stuffed inside a pair of boots that were currently trying to plow through mounds and mounds of snow. Her brown curly locks were flying all around her and the gusts of New England's wind were causing her to hide behind them. Her nose was red and her cheeks pink, but she didn't feel the bitterness on her skin; she felt happiness.

Bending down as quickly as she could, her hands dug through the snow and packed a tight snowball to use to protect herself. The sound of complete silence besides the wind overcame her senses and the petite girl immediately felt her heart beat start to pick up and pound through her layers of clothes. Her head whipped around left and right as she searched for that certain someone and where he was hiding. She knew he was going to attack, and she knew it wasn't going to be pretty.

Trying her hardest not to move a muscle as she surveyed her surroundings, the snow ball in her hand seemed to become smaller as she nervously packed it together some more.

A small sound behind her made her head turn sharply back around her and when she saw nothing there she realized it was a trap. But before she could do anything about it, a freezing mound of snow hit the side of her face and she screamed her boyfriends name out once more. But before she could retaliate, the weight of another body overwhelmed her own, and immediately both teenagers hit the white and perfect snow.

"Troy!" His body was now completely covering her own and she was trapped between him and the snow, but you definitely didn't hear her complaining about that. "It's cold!"

"And you're beautiful," whispered Troy as his face came down to hers and he bumped their noses together.

She looked away as a blush rose to her cheeks. "You always blush when I tell you that. It's nothing to be ashamed of, trust me. And I don't just say that because I'm your boyfriend and I "have to." I say it because it's the truth and you deserve to hear it."

Her eyes returned to his face and she brought her wet hands up to the back of his head to bring his face down to hers. Skillfully she attached their lips and they enjoyed a steamy make-out session that seemed to warm their bodies up from their current freezing point.

When they pulled away they saw each others breath in front of their eyes.

"I think we've had enough fun for one day, lets move ourselves inside," suggested Troy.

"We could never have enough fun all in one day Troy, you should know that," said Gabriella with a wink as she accepted Troy's hands helping her up from the snow.

Troy just laughed and smacked her butt as she turned towards her house. Instantly, a gasp escaped her mouth and she turned around to Troy with a teasingly shocked expression. "Troy!"

"Yes baby?" responded Troy cooly.

"You're so bad," whispered Gabriella as she stared at Troy's crystal blue eyes with lust in her own, her hands still on her butt.

Troy started moving again and went right up to her body where he placed his strong hands on her small waist. "And you love it," whispered Troy in her mass of curls trying to get to her ear.

Leaving her in the snow, Troy kept walking and ran up the steps to his front door. "Coming darling?" asked Troy in a teasing manner as he held the large door open to his warm house. And she did, running up the stairs right behind him, making sure to rub her body past his chest before moving into his house.

Once inside she stripped herself of all of the thick layers, throwing her huge winter jacket on the nearest chair, pulling off her small mittens and then sitting down in the chair. Troy came up to her with a knowing smirk on his face before he kneeled down in front of her and easily removed her boots in a very slow manner.

"Wow, you can even make taking off a pair of dirty boots sexy Troy, you're simply amazing," said Gabriella in a joking manner.

"Ha ha. I just thought I'd be nice."

Gabriella moved her now sock clad feet out of Troy's grasp and moved her hands to Troy's face bringing it up to her own. "I love it when you do those things for me, really. I really do appreciate it." She sealed her promise with a soft kiss before helping Troy out of his own snow gear.

"Can I make a fire?" asked Gabriella sweetly.

Troy brought his nose down to hers and lathered Eskimo kisses on her. "Of course you can," whispered Troy. "I'll go get some hot chocolate."

Gabriella's eyes immediately lit up and she gave him a kiss on his cheek before running into the living room. She set herself down in front of the Bolton's stove fireplace and grabbed some of the matches sitting on the mantle. Jack Bolton had already prepared the fire so all she had to do was light it.

Meanwhile, Troy quickly turned on the water on the stove and prepared the hot chocolate in two separate mugs. When he heard the water whistling, he quickly filled each cup and threw in some marshmallows before turning towards the living room.

Yet again, Troy's parents were down in Florida for the week visiting family and Troy had decided to stay back with his girlfriend and "catch up on his basketball." At least that's what he told his Dad. Gabriella's mother was once again away on business, but she was home yesterday for the day before taking off this morning for South Carolina. What was in South Carolina? Troy had no clue, but what ever it was it helped Troy get more alone time with his favorite girl.

When he walked in to the living room he caught sight of his girlfriend sitting in front of the still unlit fire trying her best to get it going. He chuckled to himself before placing the hot chocolate carefully down and walking over to her.

Easily, he slid his body up against hers and ran his hand down her right arm before grabbing her small hand in his much larger one. "Here, let me help you," he whispered in her ear. Troy moved her hand over to a piece of newspaper and in seconds the fire was illuminating their faces.

"Thanks," she whispered back. Troy set the lighter back on the mantle before moving over to the couch. Gabriella followed behind him and when she was close enough, Troy took a hold of her hips and sat her down gently on his lap.

"I like you close to me," said Troy huskily.

Gabriella just laughed before reaching for the two mugs sitting on the coffee table. After handing one to Troy, she took her own and ravished in the warm sensations that burst through her body after the warm chocolate ran down her throat.

"Happy?" asked Troy as he admired her actions.

"Mmhmm, so happy," she said with her eyes closed trying to mesmerize the warm feeling.

They shared a moment of comfortable silence before Gabriella spoke up again. "When do you think this snow storm will end?"

Troy's right hand was holding on to Gabriella's waist protectively and his left hand was holding his hot chocolate. Carefully, he turned his head around to face the window that presented a picture of a white world to them. "Who knows, the weather men are always wrong. They said it was suppose to be a light dusting. Does that look like a light dusting to you?"

Gabriella laughed before shaking her head. "Not at all. It's more windy then snowing though, so it'll just be high snow drifts if anything."

"Mmhmm," murmured Troy as he brought the warm mug up to his lips again.

The wind and the fire were the only things that entered Troy and Gabriella's mind for some time as they sat together simply enjoying one another's presence. But it didn't take long before something else filled their minds, and that was the sound off all of the electricity going off.

"What?" screeched Gabriella worriedly. "This can't seriously be happening. We're going to freeze to death!"

Troy placed his mug back down on the table and easily picked up Gabriella's body off of his own before setting her down on the couch. "Be right back," he said with a kiss to her forehead.

Walking over to the storage closet off of the kitchen, Troy found the power socket and flipped all of the switches and found that the power had in deed gone off.

"Yup, powers out," said Troy as he made his way back over to Gabriella. "But don't worry babe, the generator should pick up soon, but that's only for the heat and not the lights and stuff. Don't ask my why it's like that, Dad did it. Something about saving money."

"Well this is just great," muttered Gabriella under her breath.

"Oh Gabs, you worry too much. We'll be fine. I'm going to go get us some blankets, don't go any where."

"There's no where to go even if I could," said Gabriella to herself.

Minutes later Troy returned and started to make a make-shift bed with pillows and blankets right in front of the fire place. Gabi just admired from afar at how creative and smart he could be when he wanted to.

"You coming to join me or are you just going to stare at my gorgeous self all day?" asked Troy with an added wink at the end.

Gabriella threw her head back. "If I have to!"

They both laughed before settling down on the blankets and pillows.

"You know, this is kind of how it all started; you and me," mentioned Troy.

"Now that you mention it, it kind of is," said Gabi with a smile on her face.

"Come here," whispered Troy and Gabriella quickly obliged. Easily, Gabi slid into Troy's awaiting arms and they fell back onto the comfortable blankets and pillows. Easily, Troy placed a sincere kiss to her forehead. "I love you, do you know that?"

A smile broke out on her face and she could feel a stinging sensation behind her eyes. Tilting her head up to meet his, she stared deeply into his eyes, attempting to mesmerize every shad of blue she saw. "I love you too, more than anything. I don't know what I'd do without you in my life," she whispered.

"You'd have a broken ankle thats for sure."

Gabriella burst out in laughter before hitting him gently on his stomach. "Way to ruin the moment mister."

Troy nuzzled his nose in her hair. "Sorry," he whispered.

"So what are we going to do now?" asked Gabriella.

"Well... we have the whole house to ourselves," Troy's mouth found her neck. "The powers out..." and his lips trailed down to her collar bone. "There's a snow storm outside..." his teeth sank into her body and a moan escaped her lips. "And you're so freakin gorgeous..." Troy's arms laid his girlfriend down carefully and moved over her, straddling her legs. "And no I'm not just saying that..." Troy's right hand moved down to her hips and he kept them flat against the floor while Gabriella's hand was rubbing Troy's stomach causing sensations to run through his body. "What would you like to do..." questioned Troy as he let his lips find her skin once more.

"Ohh god..." moaned Gabi as she let her hips buck up and into Troy, causing Troy to pull his lips off of her body and look at her with a raised eyebrow.

"No no no missy. I'm in control this time..." A pout formed on Gabriella's face and Troy just chuckled before pushing her hips down again. "All in good time baby... all in good time."

Gabriella couldn't stay mad for long and her arms found their way up to Troy's neck and she pulled his face up to meet her own. Their lips didn't connect though; instead Troy nuzzled their noses again resulting in giggles to escape Gabriella's mouth. "Kiss me," she whispered, and Troy completely obliged.

Troy always knew what to do to make Gabriella happy; he knew where to touch her, her stomach for some reason was a soft spot, he knew where to bite her, when his teeth attached to her ear lobe she would always melt, he knew what to say to her, compliments were never few, and he knew how to love her, they spent endless nights becoming one together in the most beautiful way.

She lived for the touch of his fingers on her body, she lived for the feel of his breath on her neck, she lived for their bodies coming together. Whenever she thought about life before Troy it was all a blur to her; living life meant living it with Troy right by her side the entire way there.

Her fingers were rubbing soothing circles on his chest that were resting underneath his long sleeve t-shirt, and the contact with clothing wasn't working for her. Finding the hem of the shirt, Gabi easily slid it up his defined abs and with Troy's help it found a new home on the floor somewhere.

Words weren't needed between the two at this point; there were enough sounds coming from them already. Their lips parted when the air between them had vanished but Troy kept going and moved down her body.

His lips traveled down her face, along her jaw, under her chin, to her soft spot behind her ear resulting in a loud moan, down to her neck where he made his mark using his very talented tongue, along her collar bone which sent sparks through her body, and when he reached her covered chest he stopped. "This needs to go," he said authoritatively. So Gabriella moved her hands down to do as he wanted but gasped when she felt her hands being pinned above her head.

"Next time I'll let you remove your own clothes," whispered Troy huskily in Gabriella's ear. A smile spread on her face. Next time...

Gabriella had on only a v-neck sweater that actually kept her quite warm considering it was only one piece of clothing. Tantalizingly, Troy inched her sweater up her stomach and kissed ever new inch of skin that was exposed to him. "God, you're beautiful," said Troy, his breath tickling her skin. She was about to arch her back at the sensations that he was causing on her, but remember she "wasn't allowed to."

When the sweater finally came off of her body, Troy's eyes wandered down over every single one of her curves. By this time the only thing separating them were Gabriella's bra and panties and Troy's boxers.

All the way at the end of Gabriella's tingling body her toes were curled up, just waiting to explode from pure pleasure. The living room was now steaming, literally, there was fog on the windows next to the fireplace. Their heads were filled with their lovers moans and their most personal organs were dying to be released and satisfied.

It didn't take long for Troy's mouth to return to her body, and he went straight for her flat stomach. He placed kisses all over her tan skin not missing one inch. When he reached her belly button, he took a second to take her belly button ring between his teeth and suck on her. By now Gabriella was screaming out Troy's name, over and over again.

Not being able to handle the teasing any longer, Gabriella brought her arms down to Troy's head bringing it up so she could attach his face with hers, connecting themselves once more. The kiss was deep and passionate; everything they both loved. Their tongues were entwined and their hearts were beating out of their chest. It was all like a dream to them; a steamy, sexy, to-die-for dream.

"Make love to me. Now," muttered Gabriella in between kisses.

"Tell me you love me," whispered Troy back.

"God, I lov-"

She was interrupted when she felt her body connect with his; when he showed her how much he really loved her; when two became one in the most beautiful way.

"Troy!" They moaned together; they sighed together; they loved together. They did this all the time, yet each time it got better and better. It was like each experience was a time where they found out a little more about their lover and they discovered one more thing that makes them happy.

Being together would never get old, never. And every time they saw a flake of snow fall, or it was a bitter cold day, or Troy's parents were going to Florida again, they would be reminded of the first time that started every time, of what started it all.

They spent their evening going in and out of one another, finding new places to explore with each other, and loving their partner even more.

It all started when they decided to let their guards down and go for what they wanted; to let their feelings be known. And for the rest of their lives they would never hold back from anything. Enough was enough for them, they wanted to take a chance.

The End

-Live in Love-

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