Forbidden Love

It was the second day of my senior year of high school. Every body was no longer excited about the new school year. All the introductions had already been made. My schedule went as follows:

1st hour: Science- Mr. Hanson

2nd hour: English- Mrs. Lamsher

3rd hour: Musical Choice- To be determined

4th hour: Math- Mrs. Vex

I had my best friend Alice Brandon in my English and Math class with me, which was lucky because last year we only had one class together.

I, of course, had woken up late, and was barely presentable for school. Alice quickly pulled me into a bathroom right next to our English class.

"Sit" she commanded pointing to a stool in front of a mirror.

"Alice….." I sighed, but she cut me off before I could say any more.

"Don't worry Bella, I won't go over board. I'm just going to fix your hair, and put a little make up on you." She said cheerfully while digging through a make up bag.

Truthfully I was happy Alice was fixing me up. I don't usually care how I look, but I don't want to look awful if I can help it.

Alice handed me a brush to pull though my hair, while se went to work on my make up. She put on eye-liner, mascara, and started to pull blush out of her bag when I stopped her.

"Alice there in NO way I'm letting you put blush on me! I already have enough of a problem with that" I said referring to my blushing problem. Anything even remotely embarrassing sent blood rushing to my face.

"Hmph! Fine, but this weekend your letting me give you a full make over!!" Alice exclaimed. I groaned.

Alice added a little more make up here and there, and then moved to my hair. She parted it to the side and put in a blue headband.

"Alice, this absolutely does NOT match." I said looking down at me red sweatshirt and black pants. "If you put this on me, I'll look like the fourth of July!! You of all people should know, that's a fashion no, no." I said wagging my pointer finger, imitating her.

That's when the bell rang.

"Oh crap we're late!" I said to Alice ripping the head band from my hair, as I attempted to dash out the bathroom door. Instead I tripped on my own feet and fell on the white tile floor.

"Well…..since we're already late….you could change into this real quick!" Alice squealed, pulling out what seemed to be an outfit, out of her purse.

"Alice" I said pulling my self up off the floor "you BOUGHT ME AN OUTFIT!!"

"Well…it is the second day of school, and I had a feeling you'd sleep in as late as possible. I want you to looks good. Is that such a crime" Alice said with mock innocence. "Now go put it on before we're any later!"

"Hmph! Fine" I sighed dramatically as I held my hand out.

"Yay!" Alice squealed handing me the outfit.

I emerged from the bathroom stall and look at my self in the mirror. Even though I shouldn't have been, I was shocked. Alice can always make me look better then normal, almost pretty.

I was wearing a blue silk flowy top, with jeans. Even I could tell this outfit cost a fortune. It defiantly wasn't from Kohl's. I made a mental note not to eat anything messy for lunch, before linking arms with my best friend and heading towards our English classroom.

When we got to our English class, we tried the door, but it was locked.

"It's locked!" Alice said. I was about to say 'It's locked?' but someone from behind me beat me to it.

"It's locked?!?" said the voice. Alice and I both spun around to face what seemed to be a Greek god. And let me tell you, he was beautiful! His hair was an odd bronze color, hanging messily in his eyes. Oh his eyes! They were a brilliant green color. To say the least he was the most handsome mad I've ever seen.

"Are you a new student?" I heard Alice ask this god, snapping me out of my reviver. His face turned from upset about the door, to amused at her question.

"No" he stifled a laugh "I'm you're new student teacher"

"Oh! So your Mr. Masen. Mrs. L told us you were coming." Alice laughed. "I was expecting some, fat old guy…no offense. But your neither fat nor old…how old are you anyways? You don't look old enough to…well be older then us." Alice rambled on. Mr. Masen laughed once more.

"I'm not much older then you. You guys are what? Seventeen? Eighteen?" He asked.

"I'm eighteen" Alice stated.

"I'll be nineteen in a month" I said finally.

"Yes, well I'm twenty-one. I'm still in college, but student teaching is required before I can graduate, so I figured I'd get it in now, since your school has an opening."

"Hmmm….that's interesting. So why weren't you here yesterday?" Alice asked.

"I got assigned to the wrong school. You're teacher was way pissed too, I though she was going to bite my head off" Mr. Masen said, and we all laughed.

"Yeah- she can be like that, I'm kind of scared of her." I said

"Speaking of which, we should probably figure out a way in." He said nodding towards the door.

"Well" Alice said peering in to the window of the dark classroom, "Nobody's in there! Where are they?" Alice and I both turned to look at Mr. Masen.

"Don't look at me! I don't know where they are!" Mr. Masen sighed.

"Well, I say that were in the right place right now. And I suppose we could go the office and find out where Mrs. L's class is…" Mr. Masen and I both shuck our heads. "Then my vote is, we stay where we are, and just hang out in the hall way." Alice said with a smile on her face.

"I mean we can't get into trouble can we? We are in the right place" We looked at Mr. Masen for permission.

"Sounds fine to me. We are in the right place."

"So it settled then!" Alice said.

We all hung out in the hallway for the entire eighty-five minutes of what was supposed to be class. Mr. Masen learned our names, and told us to call him Edward out side of class.

Edward was SO easy to talk to. We found out he had an older brother, Emmett, who's wife was pregnant with their first child. His sister-in-law, Rosalie, had a twin brother Jasper, who was Edward's best friend. All four of them were really close. I heard a lot of stories about stupid stuff Jasper and Emmett had gotten themselves into. Alice and I were laughing our asses off.

"Well it was really nice to meet you both. I had fun talking to you." Edward said shaking both of our hands, while students filed into the hallway, after the bell rang.

"Yeah Edward! This year will be really fun. If you ever need help getting around or what not, Bella and I can always help." Alice said excitedly.

"Yep! Anything you need" I said with a smile.

"Mr. Masen is that you?" Mrs. L called from down the hall.

"Oh crap! Here comes Mrs. L, well if I don't die, I'll see you both tomorrow." Edward said before going to talk to Mrs. L. She seemed very angry.

"So…do you think he's cute??" Alice asked 'yes' I though, but now was neither the time nor the place for that discussion.

"I have to go to my music class. Bye Alice."

When I got my music classroom it was completely empty. But I figured more students would come. After the bell rang no one cam in. Not even the teacher. 'hmmm….that'd odd.' I thought taking a seat. I, as a senior, got the choice to take wither an instrument, choir, or a band class. I had an awful singing voice, and was pretty sure that any instrument I played in band would be to bad to perform, so I opted for piano lessons. I always wanted to learn to play so what the heck?! Right? I had all my credit in order so I was really excited about my elective choice. 'IF I ever get lessons' I though as I huffed over to the piano and sat my self down on the bench. I tinkered with the keys barley sounding out Hot Cross Buns, and Chopsticks. 'Wow' I thought I really need some lessons badly!! I tinkered on the piano some more when I heard the door open. I spun around on the bench, and standing in the door way was none other then…Edward Masen?!