This is a completely new story just something I came up with... I hope it starts out good. I appreciate any kind of review...


Chapter 1

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. My mother.

"Ginny, wake up! You have school today and you need to get ready." My mother called.

"Mom, you don't need sleep like I do, please just 15 more minutes?" I groaned and then pulled the

covers over my head to block the light that was now filtering through my room.

"Come on Ginny, its already 6:30. You need to get ready to go to school. I went and had you

signed up yesterday, so lets get moving. Dont you realize that a new school means new boys?"

She asked quietly, but I heard her, and I was up.

"I'm up." I said and jumped out of my bed. I instantly regretted it as my head got light from getting

up so quickly. Stupid human traits.

I padded down the hall to the bathroom. I turned the water on to let it heat up and turned toward

the mirror. I looked like a train wreck. My dark bronze hair was so messed up I wasn't sure if the

tangles were going to come out. The gold flecks in my eyes that were usually so prominant were

dulled to almost extinction, not exactly mixed in, just blurred to where they blend with the brown

that in there. My heart shaped face had lines on it where I had laid on wrinkles in the bed.

Mom had brown hair, brown eyes. I had no idea where I got the bronze hair or the golden flecks.

My guess was my father, but mom never told me anything about him.

14 years. 14 years of being without a father and I dont feel like I ever needed one. Sure, I never

those "Dad and me" stories but that didn't seem to bother me that much. Until now. Now that I

actually looked at my features and saw what wasn't my mother, I wondered. I wondered what he

even looked like. I wondered if he died, or just didn't want me. I had no idea what who he was or

where he was. But then again, I had never cared. Until now.