Mommy for a day

By: Prince Tyler Briefs


A/N: More or less this part is a short short short summery to make sure people won't kill me for
writing this. M k?

Vegeta tried to get Trunks' to open his mouth. "Come on you brat! Just open and chew!"
Once again the 2 1/2 year old shut his mouth tighter and mumbled, "airpane."
"What the heck is an airpane?"
"VROOM!" Trunks squealed, then zipped his lips.
"Just eat it!" Vegeta growled, and tried to shove the spoon into Trunks' mouth.
"No!" Trunks' yelled, flipping the spoon. A gob of mush landed smack in Vegeta's face.
"I'm begining to lose my paitence!" Vegeta bellowed. 'Woman was right. This isn't so easy. But I'll
show her I can do it."