FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 081 – How? I was watching you

I've always liked watching them.

From their very first meeting when she had been 11 and the Sorting Hat had put her into Gryffindor and he had just become the new Transfiguration Professor until their last day together, they'd always been interesting to observe.

Right from her first Transfiguration lesson you could see a bond forming between them. But I think none of them would have imagined how much stronger it would become in the following decades.

He'd been very proud of her when she'd transformed into a tabby cat for the first time. But he had blushed when she'd hugged him without even realizing how wrong it was for a student to huge her teacher.

On the day of her graduation, he'd vowed to himself that they would keep in contact because he wouldn't be able to lose someone so close to his heart. Even then, I'd known that he'd fallen for her, before he'd understood his own feelings.

A week later, he'd sent her an owl asking how she was. He'd known that it was silly because it had only been seven days since he'd last talked to her, but he had just missed her so much after having been able to talk to her almost every day for the last seven years.

She'd answered him that she was fine and really looking forward to the beginning of her Auror training.

Over the years, they'd written each other hundreds of letters.

But neither of them had dared to admit about the feelings for the other.

Only by luck, it had been that they'd met again at a ministry ball. He'd spotted her talking to a few nice young man and he'd wondered if he should really interrupt their conversation. But he'd told himself that he'd once – just like her – had been sorted into Gryffindor for a reason and that he could, at least, say 'hi' to her after all the letters they'd exchanged.

They'd talked and danced for hours.

The next day, he'd asked her to become his wife. – I jumped for joy. I was so excited … Now, it wouldn't take them much longer I thought …

They both hadn't had any family and so they'd just decided to apparate to a wonderful little island in the Caribbean Sea where they spent their honeymoon.

But I'd been wrong.

It took them five more years before I was born.

It was then when I stopped watching them from afar.

Now I was a part of their daily life and I really enjoyed each and ever moment we spent together.

Soon I got a little brother and later two little sisters.

When my Dad became Headmaster he more and more often had to leave us alone for some days. I hated it and I knew that my Mom felt the same. But we both also knew that the world needed my Dad. And he always came back to us … until that horrible night when he and Harry left to get the Horcrux.

But at least, I know that he's watching us now from above …


Because long before - and even after - life there is love …


P.S. This story was inspired by the wonderful song "I was watching you". I just love Rosanne Cash. Unfortunately, I neither own the song nor HP … sighs But I can still love them … and watch them … or listen to them … ;-)