He reached around the now cold bed, searching for her. Upon not finding the expected warm body, he sat up, a bit disapointed. "Fae?" He called for her, looking sleepily around the room.

"Over here. I haven't disapeared on you yet, have I?" She was standing facing away from him. Her hair was tangled and fell down her back. She held a bottle of oil in her hand, and was smoothing it over one of her arms. He enjoyed the oppourtunity to watch her. It was rare for her to actually permit him to see her, even in the dim light.

"What are you doing?"

"I happen to be bathing. Why do you care?"

He patted the bed beside him. "Come back to sleep. It's so early."

"Just because you want to sleep doesn't make it early. Besides, if I came back to bed, would we really sleep?"

"Probably not," he admitted. She turned away from him again, and went back to cleaning herself. She swung her hair over her shoulder, and began to apply the oil to her back and shoulders. "You can't possibly reach your back. Let me help you."

"Yero, I like to think that after twenty three years I have learned how to keep myself clean."

He couldn't help himself from getting out of the bed and going to stand behind her, gently prying the oil bottle out of her hand, and warming it between his palms. "Just because you know how to keep yourself clean doesn't mean I can't help you." He slid his hands over her thin back. He could hear her moan despite herself. He felt himself take a deep breath, enjoying the feel of her body under his hands. Gently, he rubbed circles over her back. She sighed again, "Now aren't you glad you let me help you?"

"Don't be high-strung, now," she scolded him gently, but didn't stop him.

He leaned downward to whisper in her ear. "All I'm asking you to do is admit you're glad you let me help you." He let his lips graze her ear as he spoke to her. He moved lower, kissing her neck, gently sucking on it. He knew that that was her weakness, and that he had a power over her.

"All right. I admit it."

"Good." He slid more oil onto his hands, turning her to him. He ran his hands over her soft skin, the gentle swell of her breasts. He kissed her lips, letting his teeth gently graze her bottom lip. "You finally admit I can be right every once in a while."

"Once in a blue moon, my hero, once in a blue moon."