The Red Moon

All right, the good old' disclaimer. I do not own anything of Hunchback related interest; it all belongs to Victor Hugo and Disney. However Kara is strictly mine.

The smell of salt water and the winter cold lingered in the night. The moon left a white trail of where a small boat of outcasts, gypsies and pirates were to be led to start a new life in the most artistic place in the world…Paris.

Among them was a woman about the age of 18. She had seen many things in her small amount of life, but it had made her stronger and deadly. Kara the Gypsy Pirate they called her. She wore a red scarf in her long deep brown hair, a tattered but still clinging white top, matched with black tight pants. She also wore a red scarf around her waist, complete with boots with heels that could tear through a man's ass. A deep purple corset kept everything together. A sliver sword hung on a belt that enwrapped her small waist. Her eyes were also a deep brown, but also a tinge of red. Her sad life had made them so.

Her life was sad, but not uncommon for a woman of the sea. Pirates kidnapped her mother and her along them to live and train as one of them; her father being a gypsy king was most often sought out by the law of Paris and was burned alive at the stake. Due to her hard life at sea, she learned to fight, kill and hate men. As she got older, she left her life as a pirate and wanted to come back home to Paris and claim her right to her father's crown, not as a king, but queen.

Of course no one on this tiny vessel knew that, all they could tell that she was a woman not to trifle with. The sound of bells could be heard from the Notre Dame cathedral sounding that it was midnight…the sounds of the bells were like a welcome home sign, wither it was good or bad…that was a different story.

"Paris, the pit of the world." She said scoffing at the sight of Notre Dame.

A couple next to her, obviously newly married scorned at her and whispered among them words of love and how Paris was the city of love. Turning to the couple, Kara smiled her half smile replied, "Love? There is no love in this world…especially in Paris. Why not go to London? I hear people kill for love there, your more likely to die from love here." And with that she walked away, her boots stomping with her to the dock where she was to get off. As the people giddily got off the ship, Kara jumped down from a small distance of the ship to the cobblestones. It hurt her feet due to the heel in her boots, but she shrugged it off and headed right towards Notre Dame.

As Kara lingered closer into the core of Pairs, she could no longer smell the comforting smell of the sea, or the gentle rock that the ship provided. Beggars asked for money; whores trying to get a young man for a night; and of course guards doing their nightly rounds. Being careful not to catch their attention with her attire, she went to the nearest beggar and gave him a few coins for the cloak on his back. Of course wanting a drink or a good whore, the man happily took her money and surrendered his cloak and ran off for some fun. Wrapping the smelly garment around herself, she passed a few guards who barely lifted a eye, and continued her way to the place of sanctuary. As a child way back then, her parents had told her about the sacred place of Notre Dame where no one can touch you…hopefully that still applied.

As she neared her destination, a guard was blocking her entrance but Kara didn't think it would be a problem until he stopped her.

"Pardon miss, but no one enters the cathedral at this hour." The guard eyed her suspiciously. "What is that you have hidden in your cloak?" he said drawing his blade.

Giving him her mischief eyes, she smiled and walked into his body,

"Just some silver sir." With that, she plunged her hidden dagger in her corset into the man's gut. He made a pitiful sound and collapsed to the floor. If the man was dead or not she didn't care, she simply wiped the blood off her dagger on his shirt and continued into Notre Dame, not knowing that someone was watching her.