"Have you sent teams out?" Fenrir demanded to Connor as an elderly Shaman dabbed his shoulder with wet cotton wool.

"Yes, Alpha. We sent-"

"How many have gone out?" he hissed as she dabbed it with their own mixture of Anti-Silver Serum - the dagger Harry used was pure silver. "Merlin, be careful, Cole!" he snapped.

"Fenrir." She said disapprovingly in a motherly tone. Fenrir just looked back to Connor.

"We sent out all the males - even the subs - and all the female dominants. We still have a few female subs left to watch over the cubs and Elders."

"Good, good. Go out yourself and I'll join you soon."

"No, you won't, Alpha. This needs to heal before you can even lift anything." Cole said sternly, exerting her authority over Fenrir - Shamans and Elders were above even Alphas.

"I'm fine, Cole."

"You were stabbed with a pure silver dagger into your shoulder and you've damaged ligaments. You are in no condition to go hunting."

"My mate was taken, again, by one of her rapists! I need to find her!"

"Fenrir!" she snapped. "You will spend the night in here, under my watch to make sure you don't 'wander' off anywhere, and then tomorrow when your arm is better, you can go and look." She said reasonably, but Fenrir didn't want to hear it.

"Tomorrow?! My mate could be half-way around the world by then!"

"I'm not hearing any excuses, Fenrir. You're staying here." She said, picking up her wand discretely.

"No, I am certainly not. I have to-" and then he was asleep.


Hermione awoke groggily. She ran her hand over her eyes and turned her head to see an asleep Harry with his arm around her waist. She smiled softly. He'd been so good to her. He helped her when Fenrir first kidnapped her, healed her after Greyback had his sadistic way with her, fed her when Greyback didn't.

Greyback. Just thinking about him made her cry and she sniffing had obviously awoken Harry.

"Love?" he asked softly. "What is it? Was it Him again?"

"Yeah." She cried gently, burying her head into his chest and wrapping her arms around him. He pulled her closer to him and kissed the top of her head.

"It's okay now, love. You can move on. It was just a nightmare."