A/N: Here's the first Inuyasha story I've made since I was around 8 years old. Mind you none of them were any good but I felt I wanted to see Sesshomaru as a father. You don't see that much without it happening to be in an epilogue.

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Summary: Kagome is married and pregnant, again, with Sesshomaru's child. When they see their daughter, Sarah, falling in love with an old friends son, they realize some deeper issues their family has. Can they all get to the root of their problems without breaking up their happy home?


Sesshomaru was on his way home with Kagome from work in the early afternoon. It was good at times to be the owner of a large establishment. Knocking off early at times always had it's benifts. His youngest and only baby girl, Sarah, would be back from high school within an hour and a half, his wife was in heat, his company was running smoothly with little to no difficulties, his two elder children, Taro and Raiden, were coming to dinner. Everything was perfect in his world, for the moment, and he decided to enjoy things while they lasted.

Kagome was wearing a short skirt and a special suprise for her husband underneath. Even after twenty-three years of marriage she had the body of a teenage girl, something she'd passed onto her not-so-little baby girl. It didn't suprise her that she still had her figure. Being a miko, and mated to a demon, she'd have her killer looks for a very, very, long time.

She was happy for the moment, excited to see her family all together again, and ready to be laid by her sexy husband. She knew how Sesshomaru was feeling, ready to rip off her clothes and take her like the beast in him called for. She shifted her legs to cross high at the thighs and teased him with her sigh of satisfaction.

"Soon, Kagome, I'm going to pull over on the side of the road to take you, and I won't give a damn if we get arrested for it," he growled. He was rock hard.

"Hurry home and we won't have that issue, Sessho-kun," she whispered huskily into his ear, leaning over the center consil.

He loved her voice. In fact, that was what first attracted him to her. He'd been dragged to a bar by his buddy, Koga, and he'd sat through countless horrible renditions of very popular songs. He was grabbing his coat to leave when her voice dragged him back into his seat. It had taken a lot to convince her that he was a real talent scout, and even then she'd wanted nothing to do with him. She'd been focusing on her english classes and had planned to fly to America to persue a career in Hollywood. Sesshomaru was able to coax her into a demo and it was off from there.

They spent more and more time together and manager and client, then eventually the sexual tension had brought them to bed. They were the hottest couple in the tabloids for the longest time before Sesshomaru was able to pay them off. He'd been a co-owner then, with a bastard of a man named Naraku, who was a criminal that just couldn't be patient enough to see how well their company was doing, quickly selling his half and all rights to Sesshomaru. Kagome let her career fly soon after and actually convinced him to marry her!

He snapped back to reality when a hand reached over and rubbed his inner thigh.

"Sesshomaru..." she bit her lip, her breath raspy with need.

He was relieved to pull into the parking lot of his house... er... mansion. The lived in a mansion that could spaciously house twenty people, each with separate baths. There was a gallery, a ballroom, a dining room, a court yard, a stable, a six car garage, a large field, an indoor and outdoor pool and much, much more. To say the least, they had it all, and at the moment, Sesshomaru could care less about what else there was. He wanted -no, needed- his wife, anywhere with a surface to pin her against.

Kagome wasted no time in bringing him inside, making him wait until they got upstairs and into the bedroom before letting him loose on herself. She knew he wouldn't be gentle with his beast pulling at him as it must have been since she'd sashayed into his office that morning to deliver a message from her appointed manager. She hadn't really needed to, she just wanted to tease him.

She giggled when he threw her onto the bed, using his demon claws to shred her clothes off. With an effort, she ripped his clothes off with her hands and scraped her teeth along his neck.

"Hurry," she whispered, arching against his hand as he cupped her sex.

She moaned and gasped as he roughly brought her over her first peak. They were both panting and sweating, neither wanting to draw out the pleasure. With a slight shift of her position, she was able to reach down to stroke his firm, erect member. She smirked at him when he shivered.

"Please, Sesshomaru, I need you inside of me, now," she begged, whimpering slightly as he caressed her breast.

With a nod, he grasped her hips, pulled her to her knees, and kissed the back of her neck. He grabbed his erection and brought the tip to her sopping, burning, core. Her breath hastened as he slowly entered her. She was always so small and tight. He loved it!

"Moan for me, Kagome. Scream my name as you climax. I want you to tell all who hear that you're MY bitch!" he growled, his eyes tinting red as his beast began to take control. He started thrusting, careful to not hurt his precious mate, reveling in every little noise she made for him.

Her voice sounded the best to him, not when she sang, spoke, whispered, or moaned. It was when she screamed for him that her swore her voice could harden a dead man.

"Oh, Kami! Sesshomaru..." she moaned languidly. "More, please!"

It was all he needed to grab her hips tigh and start to pound into her with the speed and force of that of a demon. Nothing pleased her more. Well, maybe his trash talk, but it was a close call-

"Sesshomaru!" she exclaimed as he reached to press his fingers to her little button of pleasure. He continued to rub it, grunting each time her muscles clamped around him. "Yes! Kami, yes!"

He knew she was going to lose it soon and that he wouldn't be able to hold back his own climax. He started pressing harder on her clit and thrusting deeper, feeling the pull with every clench of her lower abdominal muscles. She was gasping, a little hitch in her breath each time she was pushed forward by the power of his demonic speed.

"Come with me, Kagome-chan. I want to feel your inner walls milking me of my seed as we proclaim our union aloud. I want to see your body contort in pleasure. I want to hear your cries as you arch high and trap my hot cock inside of you."

She obeyed. Not long after he'd spoken, she gasped and arched high as he'd told her. She shouted his name for all to hear, his ears ringing from the sound but he shrugged it off as she held him tightly to her vaginal walls.

Before they finished, he bore his elongated teeth down upon her neck, into the mark he'd placed on them the very first time they rutted. She was pretty pissed when she'd found what it meant but he knew she was his from the beginning.

"Sesshomaru!" she shuddered as she came down from an incredible climax. He collapsed on top of her and released his teeth from her neck.

"I love you, Babe."

"I love you, too," she shifted onto her side to give him a sweet and slow kiss. He was always touched by those little gestures. "We should probably get showered and dressed before Sarah gets home from school," she reasoned weakly as he nuzzled her neck.

"Not just yet. I can't seem to stop my hands from taking complete advantage of you. I hope you'll forgive me," he said as he caressed the curve of her hip and gently slapped her lower cheek.

"Well, I can't blame you if they take over again. I really hope they don't..." she leaned over and whispered a very naughty activity.

"Well, we'll just have to see what they do," he replied and lowered her back onto the sheets.

Sarah was in the passenger seat of a very hot sport's car. Her first crush, and now boyfriend, Bankotsu, was taking her home in the car he'd just gotten from his parents. Bankotsu was a funny character, a bit of a jock and very popular. For the longest time, Sarah couldn't even imagine talking o him, much less having him walk up and ask to court her.

She was very intelligent but not very social. She rarely talked to anyone but her best friend and neighbor, Koji, unless it would affect her grade or they insulted her family. She didn't mind people picking on her. She was used to it, being the only half-demon in her family. She expected it.

"What're you thinking about, Baby?" Bankotsu asked in the concerned voice that first caught her attention many years ago.

"Nothing important. So, have you thought about what we're going to do later?" she asked carefully. Her stomach was raw with nerves.

"I have, actually. Do you like music?" he asked.

"Yeah," 'My father owns a recording studio, duh!' She liked him, but he wasn't too bright.

"I know a teens club in town that rocks. You interested?"

"I don't know how long I'd be able to stay. My brother's are going to be home tonight and they havn't been back in a while so I don't know..." she sighed. "I'm sorry. They're important to me," she said, expecting to be pushed out of the car. "I can walk from here..." she'd rather not embarrass herself and cry in the first place.

"What? Why would you want to walk?"

"You're not upset?"

"I'm a little dissapointed, but I'm not mad. Believe me, Sarah. I know how important family is to people," he grasped her hand and brought it to his lips. Her suprised gasp made him smirk. "I take it no one has taken the time to romance you."

"There hasn't been anyone else to try," she said softly. He stopped at the sign and turned his head to her.

"There hasn't... I'm your first boyfriend?" she nodded, and he brought both of her hands to his lips. "I'm humbled. But I'm curious to know how people can ignore such beauty, inside and out."

She smiled, something she did less and less often now.

"I think you should get me home."

He gently cupped her face and brought her head closer to touch their lips together. She gasped and slowly joined into her first and sweetest kiss.

"I've admired you for a long time, Sarah. I'm glad that I can show you what real men are like." She pulled back and was too lost in her own world to see the smirk on his face.

Soon she was back and he gave her one last kiss before driving off. She was floating on air before she realized the full situation.

She gave her first kiss to her first boyfriend only hours after they got together. What would people think? What would Momma think? And how would Papa look at her anymore? She pressed a hand to her stomach before stepping into her house.

"Young Sarah-hime, welcome home. How was school today?" their trusted butler Jakan asked her. He always called her princess, and it was usually enough to brighten her mood so she oblidged. She gave him a watery smile and nodded as he watched her remove her shoes and slip on her indoor sandals. "Are you ill, Sarah-hime?"

"No, I'm fine, Jakan. I swear!" she said, holding up her hands. "Are Momma and Papa home?"

"They're up in the study. Are you sure you're feeling well? You look a tad pale. Should I warm you some tea?"

"Tea would be lovely, but I'm not sick. Thanks for worrying, though," she kissed his cheek, another affection she'd started to lose the habit of, and started to the upstairs study.

Kagome and Sesshomaru were sending long looks at eachother as they were supposed to be working. Neither had heard the footsteps at the door, but heard the soft knock.

"Momma? Papa?" Sarah asked, cracking open the door.

Kagome smiled at her as she looked her over. It never ceased to amaze her how much they looked alike. They had the same hair color, but Sarah's was straight as a pin, the same build, hips, breasts, ass, and all. They generally had the same skin complexion unless Sarah was getting ill. Being a half demon seemed to take a lot of energy from her immune system. She had always been susceptible to illness around her. One of the few differences was height. Sarah was as short, if not shorter than Kagome had been in her teens. She would likely grow out of it, but the short height gave her an all too innocent look, along with her obvious insecurities.

"Come in, honey. Have a seat," she said, petting the spot between her and Sesshomaru. Something was upsetting her baby.

"I'll be out of your way in a few minutes," she said, nerves jumping violently in her stomach. "There's a ah... new development at school," she started, stepping just inside the room.

"Did something happen?" Sesshomaru asked, pausing in his work on the laptop.

"Not a bad something, at least, I don't think it is... You know that guy I used to talk about all the time? Bankotsu?" they nodded. "Well, he came up to me today and... a-asked me out."

Kagome jumped up with a gasp of pleasure and ran over to hug her.

"That's wonderful! You said yes, right?" when Sarah nodded, cautiously, she pulled her underweight daughter into a tight embrace. "Isn't this wonderful, Sessho?"

He snorted, obviously displeased. Sarah frowned and stepped toward him as soon as her mother let go.

"I promise I won't do anything with him, Papa. I'm not like that and you know it. Maybe he can come over for dinner and you could meet him?" she asked, her hands clasped together in front of her. He could never resist the puppy eyes.

"Alright. And Sarah? I trust you completely, but no man will ever be good enough for my baby," he said with a light smile and a wink that earned her own.

She quickly stepped over and hugged him, nuzzling her nose into his neck to show affection in the best way she could think of. He did the same before she ran over to hug her mother and hurried out of the room.

"She was physically ill because she was worried what we would think about her having a boyfriend," Kagome sighed and returned to her seat next to Sesshomaru.

"I don't think that was all. She's been throwing up almost everything she's eaten in the last week. She doesn't want us to worry about her so she hides her ilnesses until she can't anymore. Our girl's very independent and she's very insecure."

Kagome snuggled into his arms as he leaned back on the couch. He let off a low rumble to comfort her and tried to figure out when Sarah had gotten so vulnerable. When he heard the screetch of tires and Sarah rushing downstairs, he knew his sons had gotten back.

"Raiden and Taro are here," he told his wife and imediatly felt the rush of joy she felt.

"Let's go greet them," she said, practically pulling him off of the loveseat. He grinned. Some things would just never change.

"Taro!" Sarah yelled before jumping into his arms, literally. He laughed and spun her around.

"So how's my favorite little sister?" he asked, setting her down to take a look at her. He didn't like how cadaverous looking she was, but he could only grin and pull her close again. She loved the feel of the gray sweater he wore.

"Hey, save some love for the rest of us, Bro!" Raiden said, stepping in, his sweater the same but in a deep blue.

Her twin brothers were as tall as her father. She was envious of that and could only hope her height, or lack of, was a short term thing. No pun intended. They both had their father's silver hair and the shape of his eyes as well as the delicate, but not quite feminine, facial structure. Taro had a more mature look to him, not unexpected as he was the mature one. Raiden was still a kid at heart and that's what she loved about him. They both were her salvation.

She loved seeing her family together to draw what the four members look like as a group.

"Taro, let me go!" she said, giggling. He sighed dramatically and released her, pushing her into Raiden's arms.

"Aha! I told you, Taro," he said, grinning at his brother over her shoulder.

"Told him what?"

"That you missed me more. You've gotten used to not having that loser around. You've always loved me more so you're still coping with the loss." She elbowed him and then pulled him close.

"I miss you both. Both of you should be here, at home where you belong," she said, suddenly sad.

"Ready to lose another game of checkers already? But I've beaten you countless times," Raiden said, pushing her back to give her his own inspection. "How long have you been ill."


"Don't you dare tell us you're fine," Taro said, planting a firm hand on her shoulder. He was afraid that the mere weight of it would crush her.

"It's just a stomach virus. It'll pass," she said, defiantly.

"Have you gone to see a doctor yet?" Raiden asked.


"Set up an appointment?" Taro added.


"Then there's no way we're going to let you get away with this." Raiden placed his hand on her forehead and sighed at his brother. "She's clammy."

"You'd figure she'd learn by now that both her aura and her looks project how she's feeling," Taro shook his head.

"Oh well," Raiden said and lifted her into his arms.

"Knock it off, you dorks. Let me down! I have to call Bankotsu-"

"That kid you've been crushing on since ever?" Raiden raised his eyebrows and she sighed before she told them the same she'd told their parents. "Alright! Nice job, little sis!"

"I don't like the sound of him. I think Raiden and I should have a before dinner chat with him," Taro suggested, completely against the idea of his sister dating.

She ignored his suggestion. "I think you will. He's really sweet, and when he kiss-" she gasped and shut up, looking away.

"He kissed you?" Now Raiden had the harsh edge to his voice. "Maybe we should have a nice little chat. In fact, I think we should give him a little prep talk on the phone." He didn't think his sister would get into a serious relationship with a retarded pretty boy. She was too smart for that.


"You didn't tell us that part, Sarah," Kagome said, pouting. Sesshomaru scowled at the ground in front of him before stepping up to greet his boys.

Raiden dropped Sarah unceremoniously to hug Kagome, lifting and spinning her much like Taro did Sarah.

"Still as beautiful as ever, Momma."

She grinned and kissed his cheek before he let her down. Sarah was still scowling at him from the floor before Taro hauled her up and planted her on her feet.

"Thanks Bro," she dusted off her pants and slightly bowed her head to everyone. "I'm going to call Bankotsu and see if he wants to join us," she said and hurried up the stairs.

"I'm really worried about her, Momma," Raiden said, watching her go up. "She's going to get her heart broken. I heard some rumors about him and his family and none are pretty."

"If I may," Jakan said, appearing from behind with a silver tea pot on a cart with biscuits and cookies. "Would you like to discuss those rumors over tea in the parlor?"

"Yes. Thank you, Jakan." Sesshomaru said absently, following his family into said room. As soon as they were settled, he took his tea, sat back, and awaited his son to tell him all he knew.

"He comes from a bad family. Rough past and all, but not because he couldn't get out and whatever, but because he chose to. I've heard how he toys with women and toss them aside, the same as his father did with street whores. I'm also told he was accused of rape but the court found him not guilty. The victim moved away and told no one why. Appearently, from the psychologist's report, he does is because he thinks all women are whores and deserve to be punished."

Sesshomaru was very upset about this, his face reflecting nothing as he went into deep thought. He didn't hear the vicious heaves that were now coming from upstairs with his mind distracting him, but the boys did.

Sarah was hunched over the toilet as soon as she hung up with Bankotsu. The nerves and the stomach virus were enough to push up the crackers she'd eaten for lunch and a ton of acid. Her throat burned, her eyes watered, and she was waiting for the next roll of her stomach to hopefully finish the job. She didn't want Bankotsu to come and find her sick. He'd just politely back off.

"Stupid me, stupid me!" she cursed herself, holding her stomach and rocking slightly. "I just had to get myself worked up over a guy and now I'm probably going to throw up at the dinner table. That'll impress him."

"The last time I heard you talking to yourself was that big nothing fight you and Koji had," Taro said at the bathroom door.

"Bro, what're you-"

"We came to check on you. We heard you throwing up and it sounded painful," Raiden said from behind him.

"Just a few dry heaves. I think-" she broke off and held back her hair with one hand to puke. Taro moved over and stroked her back,grabbing her hair himself so she could brace to fight the heaves.

"Momma has already scheduled an apointment tomorrow," he said and tucked her head onto his shoulder.

She snuggled in and breathed in his soothing cologne. She didn't care that she had company coming in an hour. She let Taro lift her up and place her in bed, Raiden hurrying to get her some rinse water. Sarah couldn't help but feel loved around them. They seemed to understand her a lot more than their parents, not that she could blame them. Neither parent knew how hard it was to be a half breed, much less a miko half breed in the current world. She curled into Taro's arm as he pulled the blanket over her shoulder.

"I gotta be up b'fer Ban..." she was dead asleep.

"I think we should make her quit that job. She's exhausted," Raiden said.

"If we don't let her do that, then we'll be taking away all her freedoms. Trust me, Bro. I know what I'm doing."

Sarah was up only minutes before Jakan announced that Bankotsu had arrived. She quickly smoothed out her hair and clothes before rushing downstairs to greet him. She wasn't suprised that he was taken into the family room for interrogation before dinner.

"We've heard you play sports," Sesshomaru asked, sipping tea. "Which ones?"

"A bit of a lot of things, really. Nothing in particular that I'm outstanding at," he said modestly. In what might have passed as a nervous gesture, he glanced around and saw Sarah as she walked into the room. "Hello, love. I heard you weren't feeling well. Are you better now?" he stood and stepped over to check her face.

"I'm fine," she said and gave him a hug before scowling at Raiden. He only shrugged. "I hope my family has been polite," she aimed another look at Taro. He shrugged as well.

"Of course," he said and smiled at her. She couldn't help but smile back.

"I beg your pardon, Master Taisho," Jakan started. "But dinner is ready and waiting in the dining hall."

"Thank you, Jakan. Well, let's show our guest to the dining hall," Kagome said and grabbed onto Bankotsu's arm to hurry him along.

As soon as her mother was around the corner with him, she stopped to glare at her brothers and father.

"Do you want him to hate me?" she shook her head. "Don't answer. I know you guys don't approve but can you please not scare him off? If he decides to break things off it's one thing but if you scare him off do you realize the power he has at school? I like being ignored. It's better than being made fun of," she said and moved to catch up.

"I didn't realize she felt so strongly about this," Raiden admitted.

"Nor had I thought that she'd thought it through. I guess we have to trust her about this and back off, then, huh?" Taro said. He looked at Raiden, a mischevious look in his eyes.



Sesshomaru grinned at his sons and wrapped companionable arms around each of their shoulders before pushing them toward the dining hall.

Dinner was a neutral area for all, no serious inquizitions and nothing really personal. They kept talk basic for a while before the boys started to talk a bit of business. Being major assets to the company, Sesshomaru liked to keep informed of the progress of everything his sons were working on.

Taro had been to college and had become an accountant. He took care of billing and kept up with every money detail. Every two weeks, he did a check up to make sure there were no crooks in the company trying to embezzle any funds.

Raiden was a top manager and producer, as well as a song editor for the writers. He was basically an overseer of the people who worked directly for the singers. He also did damage control with the tabloids and papers. He might be called supervisor but he was very likable and friendly. A lot of singers respected him and slept with him. Both were common knowledge as he was a heart throbbing lady's man.

"Less and less singers are righting their own music now, Papa. The writers deserve a bonus for all the work they're shelling out," Raiden said, hinting to Taro.

"I think it'd be cheaper to throw a company get together in celebration of sucess. If we gave bonus's to the writers, we'd have to give them to the singers and managers and so on and so forth."

"I think Taro's right," Sesshomaru said. "But we'll make it worth their while to come. We're in the clear and we've plenty of spare funds to throw a party. I'm sure the two of you can put something together," he said and turned his attention to Kagome. "We havn't done anything extravagant in a while and it's time to throw some publicity our way. I'm sure you can handle that, Raiden."

Sarah brightened instantly. Parties meant she could help with the family business, something she rarely got to do, seeing as she was only just turning sixteen in a week. When she saw Bankotsu's slightly puzzled look, she blushed.

"My father owns and runs Taisho productions. How do you think we can afford to live in a place like this?" she said, her nerves starting to kick in. How would he react to her not telling him before?

"That's way cool... but if that's true, then your mother is Higurashi, Kagome!?" he said. "I never made that connection before."

"Because my last name is Taisho. I look too much like my mother for people not to make the connection," she said, tucking her long bangs behind her ear.

"I have a bunch of your CD's, if not all of them!" he said, his fandom taking over.

"Bankotsu, you can't tell anyone. If word gets out, I'll have to be home-schooled, and I don't want that," she pleaded. "Please don't tell anyone, at all, even Jakotsu!"

"Okay, okay. I won't, Baby, I promise," he kissed her cheek and grabbed her hand. The men glared and Kagome sighed.

"So, who wants dessert?" she asked, smiling.

After dessert, Sarah gave Bankotsu a quick tour of the downstairs, her brothers close in tow. Bankotsu ignored them and held her hand as she lead him through a little of her past. When they reached the gallery again, Bankotsu and Sarah were both ready to hurt her brothers. They continued to pull the apart while they pointed out random objects and insulted both of them with obnoxious questions.

"I'm going to head home now," he said, giving her hand a squeeze.

"I'll walk you to your car. Alone," she emphisized with a look towards her brothers. They gave her an innocent look and took a step back, watching her close the door firmly behind her.

They couple were quiet until they reached the driver's side of his car. As sarah went to speak, Bankotsu smoothly wrapped his arms around her waist and pull her her close. She was faintly red as he tipped her chin up with one hand and looked deep into her eyes.

"Ban-" he shook his head and bent it to attatch their lips. She was still, for a moment, before she brought her hands to his shoulders and stood up on her toes to press harder.

He fisted his hands on her back. Their were too many people here for him to take her now. This whore could be punished soon enough. With a reluctant sigh, he pulled back and she the glazed look in her eyes. She was definately a top whore.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Sarah."

"What?" she blinked and then flushed. "Ah, yeah. Sure," she said, stepping back.

He chuckled and got into his car before winking and driving off. As he drove out, another nice car drove in. Koji's camero. Sarah waved as he pulled up and rushed to hug him.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked. She hadn't been this happy or excited in a while and he wanted to know what did it.

"Taro and Raiden are here, and Bankotsu came up to me and asked me out so he was here, and Papa's company is throwing a party, and I'm going to the doctors tomorrow, which isn't really exciting but-" she sucked in air and giggled. "Today has been fantasic, Koji!" she smiled and was practically glowing. That was a nice look for-

"Bankotsu asked you out?" he growled and bared his teeth at the entrance where they passed.

"And he gave me a good-bye kiss. It was just like- Wow!- and then he was pulling away in the car. So now you're here and my brothers are here," she sighed dramatically and shook her head. "And hell breaks loose."

"Why would he just come up to you and ask you out when he's never shown any interest before?" Koji asked, following her to the door. She was too distracted about the thought of the kiss to hear the edge in his voice.

"I don't know, but I think I'm in love," she said and laughed at his blank face. "Or I'm dreaming," She started for the stairs and turned around just as he was about to pinch her. "Don't even think about it."

"If it isn't our favorite punching bag," Raiden said as he leaned on his brother's shoulder.

"How's it going, loser?" Taro asked, his eyebrows raised in challenge.

Koji grinned before he ran over and tackled him. Sarah laughed and was caught off guard when Raiden tackled her, being careful not to hurt her delicate form. She growled playfully and kneed his hip to twist him onto the floor and pin him. With a self-satisfied grin, she looked over and saw Koji and Taro still rolling around. Despite Koji being near seventeen, he was just as tall as her brothers. His hair was the same as his father's except for style. Koga had a mullet that made all the lady's swoon. In the t-shirt and vest he almost always wore, he was to die for. Not that she liked him like that or anything. She was like another brother to her-

"Omph!" Raiden had played upon her distraction and she was now squashed below him. "Grrr..." she scowled at him and grabbed the thumbs that rested on her shoulder, slowly bending the back.

"Ow ow ow ow. I give! Let go!" he said, sitting back.

Sarah let go only when she was certain he wouldn't pin her again. Instead, she jumped up and attached herself to his back. She bit gently at the edge of his shoulder and felt him hook his arms below her legs, trapping her there as he stood up. She laughed and hugged him tightly.

"It's good to know that when you pounce on an enemy you'll hug him and say good job," Sesshomaru teased as he and Kagome started down the stairs. They had been in the bedroom when Sesshomaru heard Koji's car. He wanted to talk to the boy and get as much information about Bankotsu as possible.

"Of course! You know, it's always fun to give the enemy a false sense of security," Sarah replied before shifting to kick in behind Raiden's knee and bring him down. She laughed while he let go and cursed under his breath. "I could have made it a real fight and used claws," she smiled as she said it so he let it go and brought her down to sit in his lap while Koji and Taro continued to go at it. "C'mon Koji!"

"Kick his arse, Taro!" he knew not to curse in front of Kagome. He'd eaten a whole bar of soap for that over his lifetime.

Koji was above Taro and had him pinned in a spread eagle position. Taro growled at him, Koji growling back, before nudgeing his leg free and attempting to knee him... where the sun doesn't shine. Sarah laughed and Kagome, Raiden, and Sesshomaru winced, ready to see Koji drop. To their suprise, Kojiwas able to shift quickly and roll Taro into a locked position on his side before grinning over and winking to Sarah.

"Nice work, Koji," she said and wriggled out of Raiden's lap.

"Thanks to you. And I mean, really thanks to you. I don't think Taro was going to hold his knee back," he shuddered and she laughed again.

"You just gotta love this guy," she said and ruffled his hair as he stood up.

"No, you don't," Taro said, lifting himself from the ground.

She played good little sister for a moment and asked if he was okay. In answer, he threw her over his shoulder and started out back.

"Taro, what're you... No!" she realized where he was going and started struggleing out of his hold. "No, no, no, no, no! I don't want to get wet!"

"Should have thought of that when you cheered for Koji."

"No! Go, Taro! Taro, Taro, he's our man-" she gripped his sweater and belt as he slide the glass door open. "Please, please, please, don't." She was grinning now, looking up to see Koji and the rest of her family grinning back.

When he grasped he hips to push her in, she pushed between his shoulders and pulled on his belt to take him with her. They both came up laughing, hearing everyone else laughing at them. With a quick glance at eachother, they both jumped out of the pool and over to hug the spectators.

A/N: I know there's not a lot of actual Sesshomaru/Kagome in here, but that's how I want it to be. I want it to be about the kids and parents interacting, but to do so, you have to understand the kids better. Please let me know how I did!