Here I am!! So I've been itching to write another new story, so here it is!!


"Ugh. S, why don't we like, throw a party or something?" Blair Waldorf asked her best friend, Serena Van Der Woodsen. "Uh… B, we aren't prepared…" Blair laughed. "I mean, just the inner circle." Serena raised her eyebrows.

"That includes Nate." Blair laughed again. "I can deal with him!" Serena sighed. "B, go get the food and stuff, I'll invite them." She picked up her cell and started making calls, while Blair told her maid to get the decorations set up, and then picked up her cell to call a caterer.

DING DONG!! Blair ran to the doorway and opened the door. The place looked great, the maid had done a really good job, and now the guests were here. The first one to arrive was—

"Nate. Welcome." Blair opened the door wide and Nate hugged her. She hugged him back and it was really awkward. Serena came and hugged him too. The hug was equally just as awkward.

"Blair, could I, uh, talk to you?" He asked. Blair shook her head. "No, Nate. It's impolite for hostesses to hide." Really, she wanted to say; No Nate. I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I'm falling back in love with you. She could tell he was sad, but it was true that it was impolite for a host to hide.

Soon after Nate arrived, guests trickled in. First Nate, then Kati and Isabel, then Chuck, then Dan. They were sitting around, wondering what to do. Then, Serena suggested Truth-Or-Dare.

"Great idea!!" Kati shouted. She then turned to Isabel. "Couples version!! Couples have to ask each other… like Serena has to ask Dan, Dan has to ask Serena, Nate has to ask, uh…" She stopped there. "Uh…" Nate stepped in.

"I have to ask Blair." He said simply. Blair looked shocked.

"B-bu-t, we're not together anymore!!" She protested. Chuck shrugged. "Too bad." She sighed. This was going to be a long night, and it had been her idea, so no looking back now.


There! I'm puttin' another one up soon, so don't worry! This is going to be one of my longer stories, along with GG: The Ultimate!!