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Awakening the wolf!

It was the dead of night, the moon was full and the stars were out over Konoha. The streets were full of people; late night drinkers, lonely bachelors looking for a brothel and, down one almost empty street, there was a young five year old boy running for his life. The boy's name was Uzumaki Naruto, and he was being chased because he was the unwilling container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The nine tailed fox.

Naruto spared a second to look over his shoulder at his pursuers and then he immediately picked up the pace as the mob of drunks got closer and closer. If he could just make it back to his apartment he would be safe, for now…

Naruto wasn't stupid by any means, he knew what he carried. After being called a demon brat for as long as he remembered, it wasn't hard to figure it out. He knew he wasn't a demon. After all, demons don't feel pain or sadness and he always felt sad after the pain that he received from his regular beatings, courtesy of the villagers. Once he found out about the Kyuubi attack on his birthday he was able to put the pieces together. He hated that the villagers could not see that it was a five year old boy, not the Kyuubi, that they were hurting.

Naruto was tired, too tired to make it to safety. He may have had amazing stamina for his age, but he was still only five. Naruto knew that he had to avoid the mob, to lose them as he ran through the streets. He dashed around a corner to his left only to find that he had run straight into a dead end alley.

Naruto felt the adrenalin leave his system as he gave into his fear and turned to face the villagers. Knowing that he was about to receive the beating of his life.

(Time skip: 1 hour later.)

A cloaked and hooded man, accompanied by a silver wolf, walked past an alley way. The wolf stopped and sniffed the air. The man, noticing that the wolf was no longer next to him turned and spoke to it, "What is it Silverfang? What do you smell?" The wolf began to growl.

The man seemed to sniff the air, "Blood, lots of it! Coming from that alley… Silverfang guide me." The wolf seemed to nod in understanding. Silverfang turned back towards the alley and followed the scent of blood to its source, which looked like it was a pile of bin bags. The man followed Silverfang closely and when they reached the pile of bags, he noticed the pool of blood that surrounded it.

The man looked closely at the bags, and he spotted a patch of blood stained blond hair. Silverfang dragged some of the bags off of the pile, which revealed the body of a young boy.

The man quickly leaned towards the boy and checked for a pulse, although he did not expect to find one… But he did, the boy's pulse was very weak, but it was there. The man efficiently and gently lifted the boy out of the rubbish pile and lay him down in a space so that he could try to heal him. The man's hands glowed green as he ran his hands over the little boy's body, healing him.

The boy's wounds began to vanish and when his body was patched up the man performed another technique to scan the boy's body to check for any internal injuries. The man cancelled the technique in shock, the shear amount of internal injuries that this child had. 'Who could have done this to a five year old!? I don't know any healing techniques that could help him… I'm amazed he's still alive at all!'

The boy's eyes flickered open; the first emotion that his eyes showed was fear. The man spoke quickly knowing that if the boy panicked it could cause even more damage to him. "Hey, don't worry. My name's Ryuu, Ookami Ryuu. I'm trying to help you." The boy seemed to calm down slightly, "So what's your name?"

The boy seemed to have difficulty speaking, but he managed to get out two words, "Uzumaki Naruto."

Ryuu nodded, "Okay Naruto, you've been really badly hurt and I'm doing my best to heal you, so just bare with me. OK?"

"Why? Why are you helping me? Why don't you hate me?!" Ryuu looked down at Naruto with pity in his eyes.

"I don't judge people for the burdens they carry. You do know what is inside you, don't you?" Naruto nodded, "That does not make you a demon, Naruto. You are a five year old boy who deserves to be treated like a hero." Tears came to Naruto's eyes, tears of gratitude flowed down his cheeks. Ryuu looked Naruto in the eye and sighed. "Naruto, I'm leaving Konoha for seven years to search for my family. I'm leaving tonight, and I was wondering if you would come with me."

Naruto's eyes widened, "Really? Could I?" As Naruto's excitement became larger he began to cough up blood.

"Take it easy Naruto, relax. You're still not fully healed. If you really want to come with me then there is a choice that you have to make. As far as I know, most, if not all, of my family is dead. I would like to adopt you, using a clan jutsu, and then train you so that, when we return, you will be able to take care of yourself. You won't ever have to endure a beating from the villagers again."

"So are you saying that you'll train me to be a ninja? And adopt me? But why? Why would you do that, for me?" Naruto just didn't understand why Ryuu was being so kind to him.

"We are both alone in the world, Naruto. When I die my techniques will disappear, I need someone to pass them on to, and I can't think of anyone else that I would rather have as a member of my clan. So, what do you say?"

Naruto seemed to think very seriously about Ryuu's offer. "I do want to come with you and I don't want to be alone anymore. I accept your offers, all of them. When we get back, I'm gonna prove that I'm not a demon. The entire village will see that my name is Naruto, not Kyuubi. I'll protect them all as their Hokage!"

Ryuu grinned, "I'll be honoured that a Hokage came from my clan! Before I can adopt you, I have to introduce you to someone. Silverfang come and say hello." Naruto got the shock of his life as a silver wolf seemed to appear out of nowhere, "Naruto this is Silverfang, my inner wolf."

Naruto raised his hand to stroke Silverfang's head, but he stopped and looked at Ryuu for approval. Ryuu nodded and Naruto petted Silverfang's head. "When I adopt you, the technique that I will use will draw out your inner wolf so that he will walk beside you, as Silverfang walks beside me. Your inner wolf is a part of you, so you will be able to hear his thoughts and converse with him, like you were talking to another person. He will tell you his name when the ritual is complete."

Naruto nodded and his eyes glinted in anticipation. Ryuu began to run through a string of hand signs and when he finished his hands were surrounded by a pure white light. He placed both of his hands on Naruto's chest and called out the name of the technique, "Ookami Clan Hijutsu: naibu no ookami no umare!" There was a flash of white light, and when it cleared there was a wolf pup lying down next to Naruto.

The wolf pup looked Naruto in the eye, 'My name is Moonfang, and I am your companion forever.'

Naruto's eyes filled with joy, "Moonfang, my name is Ookami Naruto. As long as we're together no one will ever beat us!" Moonfang howled in agreement.

Ryuu laughed, "It looks like you two are going to be perfect partners! But you'll have to get to know each other later. We have to leave now, so that we can gain as big a head start over anyone who may try to find us. Naruto, do you think that you can walk?"

Naruto nodded, "I've always been a fast healer." Ryuu nodded.

"Well then, follow me! We'll get out of here and begin your training as soon as we're relatively safe. Were going to be heading towards Wave country, it's a small place, so it should be the last place that someone will look for us. We'll stay there for around a year and then move on." Naruto nodded and struggled to his feet, he tried to take a step and he almost collapsed again.

Moonfang prodded Naruto's leg with his snout, 'You can do it Naruto, just as long as you never give up.'

Naruto grew steadier on his feet, "Arigato Moonfang, from now on my nindo is to never give up!"

Ryuu smiled, "I'm going to have to carry you for now Naruto, just until we reach the forest." He picked Naruto up bridal style and turned to Silverfang who had approached Moonfang, 'I'll be carrying you too pup, you're not fast enough to get past the gate yet,' Silverfang lowered his head and gently picked Moonfang up in his jaws.

Ryuu and Silverfang moved quickly through Konoha, going from shadow to shadow to hide their presence, until they arrived at the main gate. There were two chunin guarding the gate, Ryuu placed Naruto down before running through a set of handseals, "Ookami Clan Hijutsu: kaori no za yuugao." A small flower started to grow out of the ground in front of the chunin who looked down, the flower let off a beautiful aroma which caused the guards to collapse. Ryuu picked up Naruto again and both he and Silverfang ran through the gates of Konoha and out in to the forest.

"Hey, Ryuu-sensei, what was with that flower? How come those ninja fell down? Will you teach me that technique?"

Ryuu laughed, "That flower is unique because it can only survive in the moonlight, it is very rare but the technique that I used is capable of causing one to grow and release its rare aroma. The aroma has a strong genjutsu effect that only well trained medic ninja or genjutsu masters can dispel. If you really want to learn this technique then you'll have to work on your chakra control, I'll teach it to you when I think that you're ready."

Naruto nodded in understanding, "Ryuu-sensei…"

"Yes Naruto?"

"What's genjutsu? What's chakra control? What happens to the flower when the sun comes up? Does it die? It isn't that good if you can only use it at night…" Naruto seemed a little disappointed.

Ryuu sighed, his ears were starting to ache, "A genjutsu is an illusion that ninjas use, chakra control helps you do techniques better, yes the flower does die when the sun rises but because strong ninja normally do missions during the night the technique is very useful and you have to be strong to use the technique to its maximum potential."

Naruto thought about what Ryuu had said before launching into some more questions, "Does the flower only smell if you use the technique? How come? What's maximum potential mean? When are we stopping for the night? I'm tired!"

Ryuu was struggling to keep his cool, but he wasn't an elite ninja for nothing. He had perfect control over his emotions, "No it gives off an aroma naturally as well, but only during the night of a full moon when the flower is at its strongest. Maximum potential is when something is done in the best way that it can be done in. We'll stop soon, but I want to put some more distance between us and Konoha first."

"Sensei…Why is the flower stronger when the moon is full? How do you get better at chakra control? Haven't we got away from Konoha? Why can't we stop now?"

Ryuu's eyebrows started to twitch, 'Calm down, remember he's only five years old, calm!' Ryuu repeated those words through his head as he slowly regained his sanity; which was made a lot harder when he heard Silverfang laughing out loud through their mental link. "Because the genjutsu caused by the flower is so strong it needs a lot of chakra to release its aroma, the flower gets chakra from the moon so the fuller the moon is the stronger the flower becomes and the more likely it is to release its aroma. We'll talk about your training schedule later once we've stopped and yes we have got out of Konoha but it will not be long before someone finds those two ninja and then when someone finds out that you're missing the Hokage will put two and two together and then he will send ninja after us. So we need to get as far away from Konoha before we stop for the night." Ryuu sensed another question coming from the kid he was carrying and he spoke before Naruo could voice his query, "Naruto, can you wait until we stop before you ask anything else, I need to concentrate on where we are going for now." Ryuu thanked Kami at the silence that followed.

(30 minutes later)

After travelling as far as he could manage Ryuu had found a well hidden cave that would be perfect for a place to stay the night before moving on in the morning, "So Naruto, what did you want to ask me?"

"What's chakra Ryuu-sensei?"

Both Ryuu and Silverfang face dropped and Moonfang sweat dropped. Ryuu recovered fast, "Don't you know anything about being a ninja?"

"Nope!" Naruto said with a massive grin.

Ryuu just stared at him with his mouth open for almost five minutes before snapping out of his shock, "Fine, then I'll start at the beginning…"

It was going to be a loooong night!

Jutsu Library

Ookami Clan Hijutsu: naibu no ookami no umare: Wolf Clan Secret Technique: Birth of the Inner Wolf

This technique is used to make a person's inner wolf appear, anyone that has this technique used on them automatically becomes a member of the Ookami Clan.

Ookami Clan Hijutsu: kaori no za yuugao: Wolf Clan Secret Technique: Aroma of the Moonflower

This technique allows the user to summon a rare and beautiful flower that can only live under moonlight, and causes it to release an equally beautiful scent that casts a genjutsu over anyone who inhales it (only usable at night).

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