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Ginny Weasley, now in her seventh year with her boyfriend Harry James Potter, paced down the steps of the castle. She was rewinding the speech in her mind that she was going to give him, but it never seemed to click. She was a very picky person when it came to oral presentations.

She saw him stride over to her with certainty and leaned down for a kiss. She returned it with passion but then turned away.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, concern filling his sea green eyes. She looked down at her feet and muttered. "I have something to tell you" He bent his head in question and let her continue. "W-gon-a-hav-ba-e" He laughed. "What?"

Ginny got up and moved to a near by window and let out a sigh. "This is harder than I thought"

He moved over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and watched a near by crow perch on the outside windowpane. She leaned her head on the cold glass and exhaled, fogging up the window. "We're going to have a baby"

He let go of her waist instantly. She left her head on the glass, anticipating this reaction. The crow cawed excitedly, like it heard every word she said. Was it possible it could? The crow pecked at the window and flew away. Ginny knew somewhere inside of her that she would be seeing that crow again sometime soon.

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Hint: Is the crow evil? ;)