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The sickening feeling of dissaperating was conjoining with many others; despair, desperation, loss, and hysterics. Harry, suddenly managing to grasp control, ran as far as he could. He was placed on a single field. No towns, no buildings, no people; just hills; just country side. His head thrashed wildly from side to side, he was nowhere he had ever seen. The burrow, the warm burrow His mind concentrated, the total straight down to business-Harry was up to bat. Dissaperating was one thing, but controlling his thoughts was another. He couldn't think of Ginny now, he could only think of doing one thing at a time before it was too late. He wasn't supposed to let his mind wander from his goal. First he had to get a wand and warn the aurors...hell, anyone who was close as possible...as fast as possible.

He was now on the front porch of the burrow, the scent of freshly baked bread and broiling soup assuring him he was at the right place. He didn't bother to knock; he barged through and headed directly to Mr. Weasley who sat at the kitchen table.

"Molly, it needs more pepper" Arthur told his wife; she nodded seriously, tossing some more in the boiling pot. "Harry! To what do we owe this pleasure?"

Their happy faces were something Harry missed, but the look on his own disrupted them immediately. "Harry, good Merlin, what's going on?" He asked abruptly, Molly now joining his side, looking just as concerned.

"Alert the aurors, the ministry, everyone you know. I need someone's wand, I have to go back" Harry ranted, now trying just to keep his voice from quavering. "Dolohov has Ginny" He began; Molly and Arthur's features were nothing short of horror. "Mulciber's there too, they want our baby…" Harry couldn't quite stop himself; his hands shook as he grasped the table. "And I don't know where they are…there was just candles, cauldrons, and it was dark…they told her they were going to bring her to the backroom…that she would be no use anymore after the baby…"

Mrs. Weasley, being her good-natured self, ran over towards Harry and clutched him tight. This was worse than the battle by a long shot. The picture of Ginny screaming in horror when awakening and realizing Harry wasn't by her side. When she finds that random death eaters were the ones to first set hands on their child. The face of his love when, like his mother, was suddenly shot with the killing curse...NO His mind did not allow this; he was going to do something...had to. Harry shrugged Mrs. Weasley off his arm, now joining Mr. Weasley who was across the room.

"Harry" Arthur began monotone, tapping a dragon-scaled wand in his left hand. "I will alert the others…do what you have to. I know you well enough to know that we cannot restrain you from doing the irrational. But," He trembled, swallowed. "Just make sure our Ginerva is safe"

Harry stared into the man's wise eyes, took the wand and shook Arthur's arm in gratitude.

He was off; not knowing where he was going or what he was doing. He left their house with a pop, but not before hearing the strained screeches from several new redheads: "Harry, no!"