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AUTHOR'S NOTE: By popular request from the loyal reviewers of My First Year as a Cullen, I bring to you Sin City Sinners, the inside story of the Boys' Vegas Trip. Please bare with me as I am in the process of writing it and may not be able to update as quickly as I do for First Year. Please be sure to let me know if I do a good job with the POVs. This is the first time I try to write from Emmett and Jasper's POVs. I'm not worried at all about Edward's. With that said … Happy Reading!!! P.S. Thanks to Jexena for the wonderful story name!

Vegas Bound


"A little less conversation, a little more action please - All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me - A little more bite and a little less bark - A little less fight and a little more spark," I sang to the me in the mirror as I brushed my damp hair. I could see Rose rolling her eyes as she messed with my suitcase. I spun around and smiled a toothy grin for her. "Come on, Rosie! You know you love my Elvis impersonations."

"If that's what you believe," Rose sighed.

"What are you doing with my stuff anyway? I packed it all last night."

"I removed all the sparkly and furry things."

"But why?" I whined.

"Do you want Edward and Jasper to burn them?"

"They probably would," I chuckled. "Did Alice rat me out again?"

"Of course. She told them how you were going to drag them to an Elvis show and then jump on stage and perform with the scheduled entertainer."

"Damn psychic sister!" I grumbled.

"Emmie, don't be that way," Rose purred, leaning heavily against me and twirling a finger in my hair. "You know Alice was only trying to keep you out of jail."

"Yeah, sure," I sighed. "But a human jail might have been fun!"

"I'll make you a deal," Rose whispered into my ear. "Behave yourself and when you get back, we'll play a little jailhouse rock with each other."

I smiled as I pictured what that would be like.

"EMMETT!" Edward screamed across the house.

"Sorry," I chuckled, not really feeling that way.

"I know you're not really sorry," Edward yelled from the other side of my bedroom door. "Could you just finish packing and get downstairs? Jazz and I are ready to leave."

"Sure thing," I told him.

I grabbed my bag and Rose's hand and we made our way downstairs. Edward and Jasper were both hugging their girls. I worried about Picky the most. She hadn't been away from Edward in a long time and she was so tender hearted. I hoped the trip wouldn't be too hard on her. She certainly had her brave face on as Edward pulled away from her. I could see in his face that he had mixed feelings about the trip. We fought a lot of the time, but I loved my younger brother very much. Bella had brought out all the best parts of him that he'd been trying so hard to hide from us.

"Let's get this party started!" I boomed across the living room, hoping to break up the sadness of leaving our mates.

Picky laughed just like I knew she would. She was infectious and she set Alice and Rose off right on cue. Jasper smiled and nodded at me. He had probably been having trouble lightening the mood by himself.

"I'll call you every night," Edward told Bella, holding her hands tightly.

"I know," she said, smiling up at him.

Jasper and Alice weren't speaking, but I knew they were basically telling each other the same thing with their eyes. I pulled Rose over to me and playfully growled at her. "I'm gonna miss you, my hot little mamma!"

"No you won't," she teased. "You'll be too busy gambling and checking out the hot Vegas chicks."

"I only agree to the gambling!" I chuckled. "You won't be in Vegas with me so the hot chick thing isn't possible. You make sure you rest up over the next four days for when I get home." I winked at her and she smiled coyly.

"Emmett," Edward warned as my thoughts began to focus on my homecoming.

"Sorry, Eddie," I chuckled. "Just saying goodbye to the wife." I kissed her cheek and whispered softly, "I love you, Rosie. I'll be home soon." She nodded and playfully pushed me away. My Rose always liked to be the strong, stoic one. Only I knew just how much of a softy she really was. And I would never let on to the others that I knew any different.

"Boys," Carlisle called as the three of us stood at the front door. We turned and faced our father. "I expect you all to be on your best behavior. I do not want to have to go down there and bail anyone out … Emmett."

"And why am I the one getting singled out in that sentence?" I asked with a huff. My entire family was chuckling at me. I smiled. I knew why. "Fair enough. I promise."

"Have a nice trip!" Esme said, hugging the three of us. "Drive carefully."

Jasper opened the door and waved one last time to Alice before stepping out onto the porch. Edward gave Bella a small smile and practically ran out of the door. I hoped he would get himself under control quickly. It would be a long ride if he made Jazz feel his anxiety of leaving the Squirt. I winked at Rosie.

"Girls, we'll be home before you know it! Start thinking of ways to welcome us home!" I said with a chuckle as I shut the door.

Edward was in the Volvo with the engine revving when I came around the side of the house. I added my bag to the open trunk and slid into the front seat next to Ed. I had won the coin toss for shotgun on the way up. I hated riding in the back unless I was with Rose. I smiled cheekily thinking about the last time I was in the Volvo with Rosie.

"Emmett, if you're going to think like that the entire trip, then I'm staying home," Edward snarled as he sped down the driveway.

"First of all, I can't help it sometimes. Secondly, you're looking for an excuse to stay and I'm not letting you. You need to spend some time with your brothers. Bella is perfectly safe. She's with Rose and Alice, two of the fiercest women we know. And Carlisle and Esme will be around too," I informed him.

"Just try to block your thoughts if you're going to think those things," Edward sighed. He pulled out onto the highway and we sped toward Anchorage to catch our plane. We had thought about driving, but it would add days to the trip and none of us really wanted to stay away from the girls any extra.

I started messing with the stereo, trying to find a good station. "No country," Edward warned.

"I know, I know! You don't have to tell me that every time I'm near something that plays music. I'm a vampire for God's sake! I can't forget how much you hate country," I said, rolling my eyes. "I wished Bella liked country. I bet that would get you to give it a chance."

Edward laughed loud and long. "I may love Bella more than life itself, but I wouldn't listen to country for her either."

"Oh, yeah! What if her life depended on it?" I teased. Edward's face turned to that stone façade we all hated. I tried to figure out his change in mood. I shrugged, not having a clue. "Ed, I was just teasing. I didn't mean anything by it."

"I know," he said quietly.

"What's wrong with you? Bella's one of us now! What the hell are you so worked up about?" I asked, a little miffed. Sometimes, I wondered if he wouldn't be able to worry himself to death over her.

"You don't know what today is, do you?" He questioned, turning to face me.

"June fifteenth," I replied, still confused. "So?"

"Emmett," Jasper called from the backseat. "Think about it."

I sat quietly for a minute or two. What's so important about today? It's no one's birthday. It's not a wedding anniversary for anyone. I don't think any of us were changed today. What had happened on this day? And then it clicked into place.

"Exactly," Edward sighed.

"Edward, I totally forgot," I apologized.

"I know, Emmett," he replied with a small smile. "It's harder for me to forget. I know she's at home, perfectly safe, but part of me wants to turn around and make absolutely sure."

"She's spent a lot more time as a frail human danger magnet than as a vampire," Jasper announced. "Edward still feels the need to protect her and worry about her."

Edward nodded his head. "I am trying."

"We could have picked another day," I offered.

"No, Emmett. Today is a good day for it," Edward said, smiling completely. "This day should be remembered for something other than the near death of my lovely wife."

"I'm glad I was nowhere near you when she grabbed that rock. I would have been useless feeling your panic," Jasper chuckled.

"Give Squirt a break!" I defended. "She was human. She couldn't properly understand the indestructibility of our vampire selves."

"She is amazing," Edward mused. "I worried about her change so much. About how it would affect her personality." Edward laughed loudly. "Being a vampire hasn't really changed her at all. It's Alice and Rose that have effected the most change in my Bella."

"They love her," Jasper said. "Alice couldn't love Bella more if they had been blood sisters as humans."

"I know it took her some time …" I chuckled. "…but I always knew Rosie would come around and love Bella just as much as the rest of us." We sat quietly for a moment. "Okay! We need some rules here."

"Rules?" Jasper questioned.

"Yes! This is supposed to be a manly trip to Vegas. We are not going to spend it sulking over our girls! Rule number one! No talking about the girls," I announced.

"That's not going to be possible," Edward chuckled.

"Don't make me have to have consequences for the rule breaking!" I warned. Jasper and Edward just smiled at me. "Rule number two. No wandering off on our own. We are going on this trip to hang out together and that's what we need to do. We have plenty of time, so all of us will get to play the games we want, but we'll do it together."

"No card games," Edward said, shaking his head. "I'm not helping to cheat."

"Who needs you to cheat?" Jasper chuckled. "I can just sit there and see who's cocky and who's nervous."

"Rule number three," I said with a toothy grin. "No using our powers unless absolutely necessary."

"Damn It, Man!" Jasper yelled. "You are quickly sucking the fun out of this trip!"

"Be an honest gambler for once in your undead life," I quipped to my emotional brother.

"I have a rule for you," Edward said with a smirk. I turned toward him. "Rule number four. No joining the paid entertainers on stage or the floor or anywhere else. You can watch, but you cannot join in."

"Damn!" I hissed.

"If you two get to make rules, so do I," Jasper huffed. "Rule number five! Only one thirty minute phone call to your mate per day!"

"No way!" Edward roared. "I am not going along with that!"

"How much time would you go along with?" I asked.

Edward considered it closely. "One hour."

"Fine," Jasper agreed. "One hour, but still only the one call per day. And you can't break it up into two thirty minute calls."

"What if they call us?" Edward asked, looking for loopholes.

"You have five minutes and they can't hang up and call right back," Jasper said.

"Okay," I said. "I agree with that."

"Yeah," Edward sighed, not really liking it at all. I gave my brother credit. He really was trying to have a good time with us. "Thanks, Em," he whispered.

I smiled to myself. No privacy with psychic siblings around, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I started flipping through the channels on Edward's stereo again. I finally found a song I liked that he would let me play. I couldn't help myself! I started singing along. Jasper decided to join in just to annoy Edward, I'm sure.

"So come on baby, get in - Get in, just get in - Check out the trouble we're in - You're beside me on the seat - Got your hand between my knees - And you control how fast we go by just how hard you wanna squeeze - It's hard to steer when you're breathing in my ear - But I got both hands on the wheel while you got both hands on my gears - By now, no doubt that we were heading south - I guess nobody ever taught her not to speak with a full mouth." .(Nickelback – Animals)

On the last word, Edward flicked the radio off hard. Jasper and I burst out laughing. Edward's face was priceless! I couldn't believe it! He and Bella had been married for months now and he still acted like a damn prude at times!

"Come on, Eddie! What was wrong with that song?" I chuckled.

"Yeah, Edward. You should have been paying attention to it," Jasper urged. "It might give you some ideas for when Bella's free to ride around in the Volvo with you."

"Oh, Jasper," I said, making my voice sound serious. "Edward would never sully the Volvo in such a way."

"Yes, how silly of me to forget," Jasper chuckled. "Bella just barely beat out this car for Edward's love and affection."

"And the two of you actually wonder why I choose to spend my time with Bella instead of you," Edward snarled.

"We're your big brothers, Ed! What else are we supposed to do besides torture you?" I asked. "Besides, you're the one who cut the radio off."

"Fine!" Edward hissed. He turned the radio back on. "Sing away." He grumbled, probably hoping I couldn't hear him. "Stupid singing vampire brother who doesn't know when to shut up."

I only smiled. That little remark would come back to bite him in his prude butt later on. I'd let it go for now. With Edward's driving, we were at the airport in no time. We boarded the plane quickly and took our seats. Jazz sat near the window to stay just a little further away from the humans. He was a lot better at controlling himself for all of the practice with Bella, but he didn't always trust himself. I made sure I let myself feel as much confidence as possible so Jazz could share in it. I knew my brothers saw me as the big kid without a care, but it didn't bother me. They worried and panicked enough for the whole house. Someone had to be the tension breaker.

Edward sat right across from us. I could see in his face that he was thinking hard about Bella. It was going to be a long plane ride for him. I hoped he wouldn't let out the masochist side of himself and dwell on his last plane ride without Bella.

"I'm not, Emmett," Edward whispered suddenly. Oh, right! Mind reader! "I'm just missing her. I'm not thinking any bad thoughts."

"Would you really tell me if you were?" I asked, leaning across the aisle to see his face better.

He turned and grinned at me. "You wouldn't need me to. You've got our own personal lie detector sitting right next to you."

Jasper piped up, "I'm not allowed to use my powers. It's a rule! And Edward needs a consequence for using his on you, Emmett."

"The rules are for Vegas," Edward argued. "We aren't there yet. And you know that Emmett thinks as loud as he speaks!"

"I have a deep voice!" I defended.

"Who wants to bet on the first of our ladies to call?" Jasper asked with a wide grin. "My money's on Bella."

"She's got Alice and Rose with her. They'll never let her crack," Edward chuckled. "I bet Rose calls first."

"Rose is not that type of girl," I laughed. "She'd never call just to say she missed me. She'd wait and show me when I got home. My money's on Bella with Jazz." Edward smiled a very toothy grin at me. He knew something I didn't! I could tell. I leaned closer to Jazz. "What do you think he knows? He only grins like that when he's in on something we aren't."

Jasper checked out Edward and then leaned back. "I haven't got a clue. But he's radiating smugness. We may just be in danger of loosing this bet. Maybe we should set some terms."

"I think you're right," I said. I turned toward Edward. "What are the terms if we take this bet?"

"Winner gets to pick the first game we play in Vegas," Edward stated.

"And loser?" Jasper asked.

Edward smiled wickedly and Jasper and I exchanged a nervous glance. "Loser …" Edward said, before pausing and smiling again. "…loser pays for the first night of gambling."

"Ouch!" Jasper chuckled. "I bet that's going to be an awful lot of personal cash."

"Not unless the non-losers lose on purpose," I said. I looked at Edward. He was still smiling. I knew it melted Bella's heart, but it gave me the creeps! Bella had no idea just how sneaky and underhanded Edward could be when he wanted.

I shivered, remembering the last time I had truly angered Edward to the point of no return. It was maybe a month before Bella came to Forks. I had pulled a prank on Edward in the school cafeteria to get back at him for making me lose a bet with Jazz. Saying that Edward hadn't appreciated my prank was like saying Bella's blood only smelled a tiny bit good to my brother. As his revenge, Edward had put pink hair dye in my shampoo. He'd also hid all of my clothing and left me a pink a shirt and pink pair of golfer's pants to wear to school with some very ugly white golfing shoes. After that day, I never wanted to see anything pink again. I hated the color so much that I even threw out all of Rose's costumes that had pink in them.

"Why are you disgusted and terrified?" Jasper chuckled.

"The pink incident," I whispered. Jasper chuckled again. He remembered it.

"Think about something else then," Jasper ordered. "You're going to make this plane ride unbearably long if you continue with those thoughts."

I pictured Rosie happy to see me when I got back home and smiled. Jasper relaxed next to me and nodded his head in thanks. I was probably being nervous for nothing. Edward was a good bluffer. He had no reason to think Rose would be first to call. I shook my head. I just wasn't going to worry about it. We were in the air and on our way to Vegas. This was going to be an excellent trip!