Bella's POV

"NO!" I screamed as Edward left, "DON"T LEAVE ME!" I was in so much pain right now, because I thought that he took me into the woods to tell me that he knew, that he knew that I was pregnant! Then I heard a sinister laugh coming from afar. It was Victoria.

"Heh, Edward finally left did he? Good." Then she forced her teeth into my neck. I felt the pain coming, it felt like swords were piercing through my whole body! Then Victoria was gone. I was going berserk! I didn't know what to do! What about Charlie! What about Renee! My life was crumbling to pieces. I went home and was glad that Charlie was asleep, so i got some money and left a note to Charlie,

Dear Charlie,

goodbye, i am sorry, i love you and mom so much.

love Bella.

If a vampire could cry, i would be crying right now. I ran my way to the airport and bought a ticket to Italy...it was the farthest place i could think of. The woman gave me my ticket and I got aboard the plane.

14 hours later...

I was in Italy. I went to a hotel and went to get a room.

"1,340 per night Miss." the man said. WHAT! that was so friggin expensive! In my mind, i thought, "Can you please lower down your price at least!"

"I'm sorry, i made a mistake, how about 200 a night?" he asked. I smiled, then he blushed.

"Thanks!" i said. I could control people's minds. As soon as i was in my room i went to teh bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw myself. I gasped. I had long reddish brownish hair and my eyes were sapphire! My lips were full and lush and my skin was way paler than before. I think i might like living in Italy...

Next Day

I was searching for a job, i needed the money! I was looking and looking but there weren't any open spaces! then someone bumped into me. Then i was on the floor.

"I'm sorry...that was my fault." it was a guy. he held out his hand and i grabbed it. He pulled me up and smiled.

"It's okay, i wasn't paying attention." Then his eyes became curious.

"what is your name?" he asked.

"Isabella Swan." i said.

"AH! Carlisle has been talking about you!" he said."I am Aro!" he smiled.

"Aro..." i said.

"So, how is Edward doing lately?" he asked. That hit me. I was so mad! Before i realized, he was on the floor, screaming and his hands were on his head. I stopped. He sighed and got up.

"Isabella Swan..you are something. May you join me for lunch?" he asked. Edward wouldn't approve of this, so i said, "I'd love to." We were in this huge house, which was more like a castle. We were in his room he had said. Then he said to me, "Would you like to join us..the Volturi?" My eyes popped.

"Volturi?" i said. Edward told me that they were the highest of the high. Like royalty. Edward would hate me if i said yes.

"Yes...i would." I said smiling. Then he smiled too.

"Don't worry about the baby...i know." he said politely."Oh, since you are part of this family, you will always be at my side, like my right hand lady...just like Jane." he said.

"Jane?" i asked. Then a girl came throught the doors. She was small and tiny. But she looked like an angel.

"ARO!" she said.

"JANE dear, you came!" he said. He hugged her and then she looked at me.

"This is Isabella...she is part of the family and will always be at my side just like you to Caius." he said. Then she smiled.

"Welcome, Bella!" she said smiling, i smiled back and she hugged me. Then a man came through the doors.

"Caius! Look, it is Bella, she has join us!" Aro said. Caius smiled plainly and nodded and signaled for Jane to come with him. Then they were gone.