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Title: A Dying Hope 2/2

Beta: TheRandomScribbler & oli

See disclaimer, summary and warning in chapter 1.

A/N: Written for OAA Prompts: Prompt #97: Promise

The voices. He could hear them as they came nearer, but could not identify them. The pain was a distraction, leading him away from the sweet elven voices.

"Aragorn…" he heard, but he could not connect the voices to their owners.

He could feel hands checking his wounds, and then suddenly felt as though he was flying, as the ground seemed to disappear beneath him.

Aragorn believed that what he heard were the soft voices of his family, trying to reach him, that they had come for him.

The man finally gave in to the darkness, let it engulf him, and fell into a restless sleep, the pain still throbbing in his side.

He did not hear the voices that were seeking his health and fearing his death; he was oblivious to what surrounded him.

He never felt how his body was moved from the pool of blood, moved upon the horse, and then laid gently upon the feather bed, cleaned and bandaged.

"Aragorn…" the voice kept calling, seeming never to give up.

"Do not run away from us… all of us need you… I need you…" the voice seemed touched the man's senses. Aragorn tried to stir but found it immensely difficult to open his eyes.

"I do not know what will I do without you… mellon-nin, and I do not wish to lose you…" the voice seemed to Aragorn, seeking solace, relieved to find him alive.

Aragorn wished to say anything, and could feel how a hand moved slightly near to his mouth as if to hush him from saying anything he has on his mind.

"It is all right, you are safe." The voice confirmed to him, and all Aragorn could see in his mind were black dots and the voice was fading and blurred to his ears or so he believed so.

"Sleep…" the voice told him, and Aragorn found himself falling into a peaceful sleep, with the feeling that the he was never in any pain.

Few hours later, Aragorn woke. The pain cornered him as he tried to move, and he fell stiffly back to bed.

"Awe…" he mumbled. He moved his hand blindly and found it touching the bandage that covered it.

An elf stood near his bed.

"Promise me, Aragorn, that you will never be so foolish again." The elf came closer toward him as he stared into the man's hazel eyes.

No response came from Aragorn. The man found himself staring at the elf, not certain if it was fear or concern that he saw in the elf's face--or maybe a very old promise – to keep him safe.

"Promise me Estel…" the elf insisted, never moving his eyes from the wounded man.

"I promise." Aragorn said. Relief shone in the elf's eyes. He closed his eyes, and tried to concentrate on anything besides the pain.

"Rest," the elf commanded softly. "You will only damage your side further. You need rest and to heal."

Aragorn nodded as sleep's sweet fingers ensnared him and he became lost to blissful peace.

End of this Prompt.