This just popped into my brain and I really wanted to try doing drabbles and this is just perfect for drabbles.

WARNING: This has a man hitting on another man and the start of a bad pick-up line.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto nor the pick-up line. I have no idea where the line came from.


Chapter 1 The Uchiha In You

Naruto sat at the bar sipping a Cherry Coke, he wasn't very fond of alchohol or the disassociative feeling it induced. Not to mention he did enough stupid things when completely sober, he did not need to get drunk. 'Why do come to these places again?' He saw Sakura dirty dancing with a total stranger from the corner of his eye. 'Oh yeah, that's why.' After a mission Sakura had a habit of getting too buzzed for her own good and pratically draping herself over gorgeous strangers so Naruto had developed the habit of accompanying her and making sure she didn't get hurt or do something she'd be regreting in the morning.

Unfortunately this had an irritating side effect for Naruto, not only did Sakura smack him around when she was drunk but for some reason people were constantly hitting on him. He really didn't understand why they were so interested in him. He sighed and leaned back against the bar to watch his female teammate as she dipped and writhed to the music. He felt someone come up to him and heard them clear their throat, "Hello, may I ask you a question?"

Naruto's eyes widened as he recognized that voice and he turned his head to see Uchiha Itachi standing there. The infamous former missing-nin had been found innocent of the Uchiha massacre, the real culprit had been the clan's founder Madara. He'd returned to Konoha and a couple of his fellow Akatsuki members had followed him requesting to become Leaf shinobi. Now the elder Uchiha was standing before him with a look in his eyes that Naruto recognized all too well. 'Oh you are KIDDING me!' Naruto felt an impish impulse to mess with the Uchiha so he tilted his head and met Itachi's eyes, "You just asked me a question but go ahead."

Itachi smirked, "I was just wondering if you had any Uchiha in you?"

Naruto nearly rolled his eyes. 'Oh Puh-lease, that one is waaaay to overused. Now how to mess him up? Got it.' A smart-ass grin spread across Naruto's face, "I used to have Uchiha in me but then I put him out. Anything else you want to know?"

Naruto watched facinated when Itachi turned red, an unheard of happening, as he caught Naruto's implication. The Uchiha turned and walked away without another word.

Naruto saw Sakura walking out with a random guy and went to drag her back from the brink of a one-night-stand.

I had fun with this one. And yes there will be more but not with Itachi. Oh and before anyone complains about the length, it is a drabble it's meant to be short! Sorry I got a complaint about the length on MxM. Please review?