Lionheart: I decided to make another time travel story. Hopefully, this one will be better than the last.

Changing The Past

Summary: Eight years have passed since Naruto first achieved the Genin rank. Now, at age twenty, he is one of five remaining Konoha ninja. Since the defeat of Akatsuki, and Sasuke's return, Konoha and Sand have been at war with the remnants of the Sound ninja, led by Kabuto, along with the entire shinobi nations from Cloud and Rock, who wish to see the end of Konoha. After years of fighting, only Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, Lee, Shikamaru, Temari and Gaara are left. They now fight a guerilla war with shinobi sympathizers from around the world. But, another fate lies in wait for these brave shinobi.

Chapter 1: The Last Day of Fighting

Two men sat upon a small log, situated on a hill. Below them, the sounds of fighting and explosions filled the otherwise peaceful forest. Fire jutsus burned away trees, leaving charred stumps, while earth and lighting jutsus scorched and mutilated the land. And in between all the chaos, dead bodies littered the battleground, creating a river of blood.

The first of the two men, a young man with a scar over his eye, and his hair pulled back spoke.

"Lord Hokage, I don't see how much longer we can keep this going. Even with the reinforcements from Sand and Waterfall, Cloud and Rock still outnumber us. And then there is that Kabuto character killing our best men left and right. We need to do something now!"

The young blonde Hokage stared up into the bright blue sky, taking in a breath of air. He appeared relaxed and calm, but inside, a terrible sadness filled his heart. Too many friends had died because he had been unable to save them.

"Kakashi-Sensei, Pervy-Sage, Old Lady Tsunade, and all the others…they're all gone. How…how did it happen? Tell me, Shikamaru!"

Shikamaru sighed, 'How troublesome.' He sympathized with Naruto. He too had lost many of his friends; Asuma, Chouji, Ino, and others. Many of them had been killed during the surprise Sound invasion three years ago. Asuma had been killed long before that by the Akatsuki member Hidan. He knew very well how painful it was to lose those close to the heart.

"Listen, Naruto," pleaded Shikamaru, "right now, everybody is counting on us. They're fighting below to give us a chance to think of a plan. This is no time to be thinking of the past."

Naruto slammed a kunai into the ground, "DAMNIT SHIKAMARU! I know that! Just give me some time. I need to think."

Shikamaru groaned, "Forgive me, Lord Hokage, but, this is necessary."

Naruto looked up just in time to see the backhand coming. It struck him right across his cheek, though not hard enough to hurt him. Still, it stung, and left a bright red spot where it landed. Rubbing his cheek, Naruto stated blankly at Shikamaru.

"I'm sorry Naruto, but you need to wake up. The time of "thinking" is over. We need to do something now. I know we've lost a lot of good friends, but right now, we need to act as Shinobi and as friends. We need to fight to keep Konoha alive and avenge the deaths of all those who died protecting it. As Hokage, you need to snap out of it, and get into it."

Naruto blinked. Shikamaru gulped. "Shikamaru," said Naruto, calmly.

Shikamaru tried to smile. "Y-yes L-lord Hokage….?" He was too late to see the punch to the stomach. The genius strategist clutched his stomach, before falling to the floor. Naruto stood up and pulled him up. To Shikamaru's surprise, he was smiling, "You're right Shikamaru. I don't know what's wrong with me. I guess I was just blaming myself so much."

"Hn, your as troublesome as ever," replied Shikamaru. Naruto laughed, "Now that's a word I haven't heard out of you in awhile." Shikamaru grinned, "Once a lazy bum, always a lazy bum."

Naruto smiled, "Thanks Shikamaru. Okay, I have a plan."

Shikamaru stared. "A-are you kidding me? W-what plan is this? I thought you were brooding. When did you have the time to come up with a plan?"

Naruto scratched his head, "Well, actually, Kyuubi and I have been talking about it for awhile. I decided it was too dangerous to attempt until the very last moment. I think we're about there. You and I both know the sand reinforcements won't hold. Especially since grass just joined the conflict."

"So what's the plan? I hope it's good."

"We're going to use a time travel jutsu to return to the time when we first became Genin. And…we're going to stop this before it even starts."

Shikamaru shook his head, "You're very funny Lord Hokage. Great joke." Shikamaru tried to laugh, but he noticed Naruto had a serious look. "You're…you're really serious?"

Naruto nodded, "Dead serious. The problem is it takes an hour to prepare. And I don't think those sound and cloud guys are going to sit back and let us perform it."

"Well, I can see away around that….assuming this is reality we're talking about here. How many ninja do you need to perform the jutsu?"

"I'm not performing it. You are…along with Temari and Sakura. You three have the ninjutsu abilities after Neji, Sasuke, and I. And not to mention, you three are our most valuable assets as our strategists and medic. So, while you three do the jutsu, we're going to make a last stand along with Lee and Gaara."

Shikamaru shook his head, "Are you kidding me? I don't even know how to perform the jutsu. We should retreat and find a better spot so you can do it."

Naruto smiled, "Now, Shikamaru, you know as well as I that there is no way off this hill. We're surrounded, and there's no point denying it. So, just wait. Summoning Jutsu!"

A small red fox appeared next to Shikamaru. The fox stretched before looking up at Naruto, "Ah, Naruto, have you decided to use the jutsu then?" "That's right," replied Naruto, "you're going to show Shikamaru here everything okay? I don't know how long I can hold them back, so you hurry okay."

The fox nodded and then bounded over to Shikamaru, who was looking suspiciously pale.

"Don't fail me now, Shikamaru," said Naruto seriously, "I'll send Sakura and Temari up. Oh, and hurry please. Send up a flare when you get it going. No, no questions," said Naruto, cutting off Shikamaru, who had opening his mouth, "just do as Koretsu here says, and everything will be fine. Good luck Shikamaru. Now, I think it's time I made an appearance."

Naruto vanished, as Shikamaru groaned. Koretsu opened a scroll, "So, this is what you do." Shikamaru took a look and sweat dropped. He was going to kill Naruto if he ever saw him alive again.

On the Battlefield

Around the hill, four battles were taking place. The Sand Jounin held the north side. Ninja from the hidden Waterfall held the South and East Sides. And on the West sides, the remaining Konoha ninja and Gaara took on the main invading force.

"TAKE THIS!" A grass ninja fell to Sasuke's Kusanagi blade, adding to the enourmous pile, the Uchiha had managed to cut up so far.

"Nice one, Sasuke," shouted Naruto, who had just finished wiping out a wave of Sound ninja, with a wind jutsu. Nearby, Lee and Neji were panting back to back, grinning at the success of their contrasting Taijutsu abilities. Around them, several dozen sound and grass ninja lay dead or incapacitated. Closer to the base of the hill, Gaara used his sand to quickly stop the faster ninja, who were desperately trying to control the hill.

The five Shinobi regrouped near the base of the hill on the west side. "Damn, I'm wasted," grunted Neji, "how long is it going to take for Shikamaru to complete that jutsu?"

"No, idea," replied Naruto, "but we hold until that flare goes up. Oh boy, look! There comes another wave. Okay, we're changing tactics, It's been forty-five minutes so far since we began our stand. If we hold back any longer, we're dead, so go ahead and use whatever chakra you have left. Leave this entire side to me. Go and back up those poor waterfall ninja on the other sides."

Sasuke wiped blood off his mouth, "Naruto, there's no way you can defend this entire side. Let me stay with you." Naruto shook his head, "No Sasuke…you're needed elsewhere. Besides, I won't be alone. Just watch. Summoning Jutsu!"

A large red toad appeared behind Naruto. The ninja recognized it as Gamabunta, the greatest of the toad summons. "Hah," cried Lee, "that's our Hokage. Even now, he still has the power to summon him."

Neji smiled, "Let's go!" He vanished along with Lee and Sasuke. Naruto nodded to Gaara, "Don't worry Lord Kazekage, I'll be fine." Gaara nodded, "You better be Naruto Uzumaki, or I'll drag you back and sand burial you." He too vanished. Naruto laughed, "Something to look forward too then."

"Oi! Kid," boomed Gamabunta, "I've been dying to get some revenge for Jiriaya. Let's go kill these guys." A brief look of sadness passed Naruto's eyes, as he remembered the perverted sage that had meant so much to him. A look of killer intent soon replaced it, as blue chakra covered him, "Oh yeah!"

Charging head-on, Naruto quickly performed some hand-seals before shouting, "Fire Style: Shower of Flames!" Fireballs soon appeared in both his hands, before the Hokage began spinning like a top. Two red lights marked the fireballs, as they too spun. As the wave of sound ninja broke through the trees still standing, Naruto suddenly began rapidly shooting fireballs out towards the mass of ninja approaching. Explosions filled the field, as the fireballs burned the flesh of the helpless sound ninja. Meanwhile, Gamabunta caused confusion, bouncing through the ranks and using his sword to slice up attackers.

This continued for a moment before a quicker ninja broke through Naruto's jutsu and tackled him to the ground. Flipping back onto his feet, Naruto looked at the man. It was Kabuto. He had finally dropped his Konoha headband for a Sound one. He now looked at Naruto with amusement.

"Naruto, I see you're still as fascinating as ever. Where are your little friends? Are they dead…don't tell me you're the only one left? Couldn't protect them?" Naruto waved away Gamabunta, who had appeared behind him. "Go block the rest of those Sound ninja. I don't want any interruptions before I kill this guy."

Gamabunta quickly vanished, leaving Kabuto smirking. "I see," he said, blue chakra appearing around his hands, "we'll see who does the killing Naruto."

Anger flooded Naruto's mind, as he charged. A Rasengan had already forming in his hand. "Rasengan, eh, Naruto? Haven't learning any new tricks? How disappointing."

He quickly dodged Naruto straight charge and use his chakra to slice through him. Naruto disappeared with a puff of smoke. "Sorry, that was a shadow clone," said Naruto, who appeared behind him. Kabuto scowled, as he dodged yet another Rasengan attempt.

Landing, Naruto quickly closed the gap between him and Kabuto and performed a series of hand signs along the way, "Wind Style: Spiraling Tornado Jutsu!" The wind ar,ound them picked up as a mini tornado sped towards Kabuto. The Sound ninja too performed a series of handsigns before hitting the ground, "Earth Style: Mud Wall Jutsu!"

A wall of mud formed, blocking the wind from progressing. Unfortunately, the wall was not Naruto proof, as the Hokage simply maneuvered around it, and punched Kabuto from behind.

Kabuto landed on his feet, and wiped some blood from his face. He was no longer smiling. "You will die Naruto. I was hoping you would entertain me for awhile." Naruto grinned, "Nah, I've had enough of your mind games. Oh, by the way, thanks for walking right into my trap."

Kabuto's eyes narrowed, "What trap?" He then noticed the trail of blood around him. It was formed into some kind of symbol. "That's my five elements jutsu I created. I need to make a special sign with my blood before I can use it, but that's okay. And you can't move now, can you?"

Kabuto looked at the shadow connecting him to Naruto, "Shadow Bind? How clever. My view was temporarily blocked from my mud wall. You then sent a shadow clone in to punch me to this spot, where your jutsu was just waiting to nab me. So now what Naruto?"

Naruto gave a grave look, "You'll see. Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Five Narutos appeared around the sign, shaped like a pentagram, one at each corner. All five raised their fingers and shouted, "THE ELEMENTS FIVE! EARTH!"

A rock materialized above one Naruto's head and quickly crashed into Kabuto. The Sound Spy gave a shout of pain, as blood smeared his face.


Similar to Naruto's first wind attack, the wind picked up, until a mini-tornado could be seen. Slashes from the wind quickly covered Kabuto's body, tearing up his clothes.

"NOW! FIRE!" Another Naruto raised his hands and a massive fire engulfed Kabuto, though it was not hot enough to kill him.

"WATER!" A large wave of water crashed upon Kabuto, dousing the flames, and leaving him soaked.

"AND FINALLY…LIGHTNING!" As lightning began to form in Naruto's hand, he spoke.

"It seems," began Naruto, "that I was finally able to fight you without one of your buddies to bail you out. I should have killed you yesterday…you're lucky you got me all riled up. It's a mistake I'll fix now. You should have known you couldn't defeat me Kabuto. Not after I killed Pein. You saw…it took me five hours…five hours, but I killed every last goddamn body of his. You're a piece of cake compared to him. You managed to kill Kakashi…so as my final act for him, I'm going to kill you, with his jutsu."

Kabuto chuckled through his pain. He was soaked, but still, he had no fear and showed no signs of pain, "so you shall. But you'll never get rid of me Naruto…I'll remain in your heart forever. Even if my physical shell is empty, my spirit will haunt you for the rest of your life."

Naruto scowled, "CHIDORI!" Kabuto made no attempt to struggle as the lighting blade struck his heart. He died with a smile on his face. As Kabuto collapsed and the pentagon sign vanished, Gamabunta landed nearby, "Hey brat. I've reached my limit. Take this scroll with you so you'll be able to call upon me when you return to the past."

"You knew?" Gamabunta laughed, "A toad always knows. Remember that," he said, before vanishing. Naruto laughed, "I suppose so. Maybe that's why Jiriaya was known as the Toad Sage. He always seemed to know what was going on."

"THERE YOU ARE!" Naruto looked up. Neji waved at him. Above him, a bright flare was being shot up. "HURRY Naruto! They've activated some kind of portal. It closes in thirty seconds. Everyone else has gone ahead!"

Naruto turned back towards the forest. Another wave of sound ninja were approaching. Quickly, Naruto fled up the hill, though he wasn't through quite yet. Performing hand signs along the way, he shouted, "Earth Style: Swampland Jutsu!"

The base of the hill quicly turned to mud, causing the oncoming ninja to slide and trip. At the top, Naruto looked back down at the cheering remainder of his allies, rooting for his success. He smiled and waved back. "I'll make sure to change all of this," he promised. "Kakashi Sensei…Pervy Sage…now you're both avenged. See you again," he said, cheerfully, before jumping into the blue portal.