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The Way Fate Meant It To Be

Chapter 1-A Visitor in the Castle

Eagle, commander of the Autozam airship was quietly preparing for his little late night adventure. His companions Geo and Zazu were both in bed...Geo was probably dreaming about candy while Zazu was most likely dreaming his age and as short as him. He didn't want to bother them with the fact that he was going out because they were not going to let him go, and this was urgent before he fell into eternal sleep.

He threw his commander's cloak on and put his right glove would prove helpful in times of need. He cast a glance about the room to make sure that nothing was forgotten. He couldn't carry big weapons on this be discovered more than soon if he was caught and had to drop all his weapons. He nodded with satisfaction and made the "body" under the covers look more real so that Geo would at least be deceived for a little while.

Eagle left his room quickly and darted in and out of each room. His sense of hearing was beyond compare. He could hear a footstep in the next hall and tell by the sound of the controllers whether Geo in the control room was all right when it was rooms away from the central commanding room. By using his hearing and taking his art of concealing himself, he avoided everyone who was still awake and patrolling the ship. Before he went to bed that evening, he had made sure that the FTO was unlocked and ready for launch. Then he had made sure that Geo's GTO was locked and changed the password so that he could not follow him. And Geo would never be able to follow Eagle using the ship, it was too large and would take great damage going through the castle's shield.

He got into his mashin as quiet as a mouse. Everything had been checked and rechecked by Eagle himself so that no system failure would occur when going through the shield of the castle.

"FTO, go," he said, sending the mecha zooming into the air. He scanned the castle to check for a weak spot in the shield. There was barely any. The mage of Cephiro was better than he thought. Oh well, he might as well just charge it.

Eagle was kind at heart. He knew for a fact that the living quarters for the citizens of Cephiro was in the eastern region of the castle. He did not wish to scare or harm anyone that would be about with the sound of his FTO and decided to charge it where the shield was only a little above the throne room.

The FTO blazed its way to the castle. There, it paused a moment as Eagle, inside, was concentrating all his mental energy on a shield that would protect him as he went through the castle's shield. It really didn't matter anymore how much mental energy he used anymore...he was going into an eternal sleep someday, and why not become the pillar by using all his powers as soon as possible?

Then he charged.

* * *

Master Mage Clef of Cephiro who had served the late Princess Emeraude awoke with a start in his king sized bed. He felt a presence outside of the castle. It was trying to get in by forcing its way through the magical shield that Clef had put around the castle. He hopped out of bed and tossed on his cloak and hurried to the closest bedroom.

Clef rapped on Lantis's door with his round headed staff. Obviously, he was still on his nighttime patrollings of the castle. Maybe he'll see the intruder, but it was not good to take chances during a time of war. Clef then hurried on to the next guest bedroom. It was one of the Magic Knights'.

This time Clef rapped louder than he did on Lantis's door because he had given the Magic Knights a sleeping potion earlier that evening so that they would not be troubled in their sleep with nightmares, but it also put them into a deep dream.

Hikaru Shidou had fallen asleep a long time ago due to the sleeping potion the mage had given them, but she woke up at the sound of knocking at her door all the same. She groggily groped for her cloak and staggered to her door. Who would be needing her so late?

It was Clef.

"Clef! What are you doing up so late?" she asked with shock. The mage was not feeling well these days due to the fact that he used most of his mental energy protecting others, especially the citizens living in the living quarters. It would do have no good to have him walking around so lately at night. "You need your sleep, Clef! Did you need me?"

"Hikaru! Hurry! There's someone trying to invade the castle! It's the presence of one from another country! You must hurry! I feel the presence getting closer and closer...right above the throne room! Hurry! I will wake the others!"

Hikaru did as told. She didn't need a second bidding to fight when other countries and people were attacking her beloved world of Cephiro. She nodded and stumbled out to the corridor. Then she raced to the throne. But nobody was there...luckily. She ran outside and saw where the trouble was. It must be the commander from Autozam. You could tell from his mashin. She summoned her own mashin, Rayearth. "Rayearth!"

The Rune-God obeyed her call and within minutes she was "inside" the Rune-God. She flew up to where the other mashin was and eyed it levelly. "What are you doing here, Eagle of Autozam?" she asked harshly.

By that time, Eagle had gotten through the shield and was ready to collapse. Most of his mental energy was spent and he could no longer focus, but after seeing the Rune-God arrive, he was determined not to collapse in front of it and make a fool of him. Afterall, he was the commander of the Autozam ship and commanders don't give up so easily. "I am here to find the Proof of the Pillar and attain it for myself so that I can become the new Pillar of Cephiro."

"Just as thought! But you won't get past me!" Hikaru drew out her sword and prepared to fight. Nobody was ever going to become the new Pillar. If she had a choice, she would destroy the Pillar system. It was too cruel to ask someone to give up their own wishes and hopes for the sake of a whole world. Afterall, people were only human and had their wishes to fulfill as well, but the Pillar could not love, and could not pay more attention than anything else other than the world of Cephiro. It was just too cruel.

She's going to fight me, and I am more than weak. But I shall have to fight her because there is no other way of getting into the castle! And he would not run like a coward. Plus, there would only be a merry chase around the castle in the air. "Then I will fight you if that is what I need to," he replied coolly.

"Hikaru! What's going on! Why is this he here?" Umi asked as she and the last Magic Knight, Fuu, raced to the scene.

"It's the Eagle, the commander of the Autozam warcraft! He is trying to get into the castle and find the Proof of the Pillar! We can't let him! Nobody can become the new Pillar! Remember what happened to Princess Emeraude?" Hikaru cried indignantly. Even if it was a fight to the death, she would use her last breath to defend the Proof of the Pillar.

"Hikaru's right! We cannot let you pass!" Umi shouted at Eagle.

Eagle chuckled slightly, but only ended up in coughing blood onto his lap. "You don't know the FTO's powers, girls."

"Then let's see it!" Fuu cried.

"FTO, attack!" the hidden weapons appeared out of the arms, the legs, the place became a battlefield.

"Flame Arrow!" Hikaru shouted and sent a spout of flames at the opposing mecha.

He was just in time or his whole FTO would have ended up in flames. He sent a twirl of bullets at Hikaru, but she used her shield to block it.

"Water Dragon!" Umi exclaimed and a whirlpool of water shot from her hands at Eagle.

This time, however, he was not so lucky. The attack struck the FTO in full force and it wobbled slightly. Just then, Hikaru sent her flames to attack him again, and it hit him as well. The FTO was losing power. He started to fall into deep dark space. He was falling, and he hadn't a care in the world where he fell to, as long as he could just collapse...

"Guardian Wind!" Fuu shouted. She hadn't taken part in the battle until now. She couldn't watch the FTO and its commander strike the ground and die. She couldn't, so she sent her shield to protect them.

Eagle was still concious when he hit the ground, and much to his surprise, their was no sickening crunch, no breaking parts, and he was not hurt. He climbed numbly out of the mecha and look around.

Hikaru raced to Eagle. She was just like Fuu. She could not just stand around and watch someone die because of them. Afterall, that was what happened to Princess Emeraude. Hikaru had been the one to stab her, only because she requested it as her last wish, but Hikaru much regretted it later. She abandoned Rayearth and bent down to examine Eagle.

He had handsome features and especially clear and beautiful eyes, Hikaru noticed. He was slightly shorter than Lantis and less broad shouldered. She had fallen in love with Lantis during her second stay in Cephiro. They were perfectly happy with each other, and yet, somehow, things didn't seem to be right.

Hikaru shook her head. She wasn't supposed to be thinking about these things! Not in a time so important! She sat down and put Eagle's head on her lap. "Eagle? Eagle? Eagle, of Autozam? Are you alive?" she asked concerned.

Eagle reluctantly opened his eyes. It would have been bliss just to fall into unconciousness, but he couldn't show his weakness in front of the enemy! "I am Eagle of Autozam."

"Are you alright? Umi-chan! Fuu-chan! Help me! We need to get him inside! He's badly injured, I'm afraid. Most likely used to much of his mental energy!" she shouted to her friends while still holding his head. Then she turned back to him. "Hang on, Eagle of Autozam. Help is coming. You won't die. We, the Magic Knights are not that cruel to kill and watch someone suffer for our pleasure. We are not that sick."

Eagle was surprised. This...this GIRL was the one controlling the mashin? Of course, he had known that it was a girl, but she was so young! And when the other Magic Knights abandoned their Rune-Gods as well, he found out that they were just as young as this one! "You're the Magic Knight!"

Hikaru smiled at her enemy. "Yes, I am. Now don't talk. You're injured. You used too much of your mental energy already. We'll get you inside the castle soon." She smiled at Eagle again and gazed into his eyes.

"'re-you're so young, Magic Knight!" Then, their eyes locked for a moment. Eagle saw his face mirrored in those large, crimson eyes. They were beautiful and caring. The Magic Knight herself was beautiful, then he looked away and closed his eyes. He can't be thinking about these things right! He could NOT be thinking of a girl right now...he could not, he could not, he couldn't...then he drifted into unconciousness.

Hikaru was startled by his stare. It was a searching stare, and she felt as if he had looked into her soul and withdrawn all her secrets. She was even more startled, with herself, when her mind noted back to just a few minutes ago when she had lifted his head and saw his eyes. They were crystal clear, and you could see everything that he was feeling reflected off those eyes at that moment, but now that was gone. His eyes were still clear, but they no longer reflected his feelings. "Umi-chan! Fuu-chan! Hurry! He passed out already!"

Fuu started running back to the castle to get Clef, while Umi helped to get Eagle in a more comfortable position, although he couldn't have cared less at the moment.

Fuu soon came running back with Clef, Lantis, and Ferio at hand. She led them to where Hikaru and Umi were sitting and joined them. "How is he?" she asked concerned.

"I think he'll be fine, Fuu-chan! Just exhausted, is all! I don't think it's anything to worry about!" Umi replied. Hikaru was too busy staring at his blank face to say anything.

Lantis was the first to reach them. He glanced suspiciously at Hikaru and Eagle, but then remembered that Hikaru was this type of person, helping and loving everyone, and she was still his, that he didn't have to worry about Eagle trying to steal Hikaru away from him. He picked up Eagle and helped Hikaru up. She moved in a numb state...why he wondered. She seemed to be stupified by something.

Hikaru felt dazed. She had to hold on Lantis's arm for support while she cleared her head. Her thoughts were still on Eagle, but she would not let them. She could not be thinking about Eagle while she was with Lantis. Besides, she loved Lantis. No one can take his place.

"Hikaru-chan! Are you all right? You seem to be a little stressed!" Fuu said, hurrying over to her.

"I'm all right, Fuu-chan! I just feel a little tired from getting up so late at night and then fighting. Maybe we should all go back to bed. Especially you, Clef." She didn't want all the attention (Everyone was staring at her.), and passed it to Clef, because then, everyone turned their eyes toward him.

"Yes, I should go back to sleep as well. Lantis, Ferio? Can you two take care of our guest, please?" Clef asked.

"We'll just put him in a room and at a transparent wall. He shouldn't be able to get out at all," Lantis said. He would have liked to talk with Hikaru, but it wasn't possible. Besides, she needed her sleep from the way she was staring blankly at everything.

It was a full fifteen minutes later before everyone, with the exception of Lantis and Ferio, was safely in bed again, but they did not fall asleep quickly. They were turning over the news in their minds. They had to keep Eagle under strict guards. He was there to find something, the Proof of the Pillar, and they couldn't let him have it. He must be kept away from the Proof of the Pillar...

Hikaru was thinking the same thing, but she was still going back to his eyes. They were so...beautiful and lonely. By the way he was staring at her, she could tell he wanted something, but what?


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