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How would it feel to know that whatever you did righteously during your short life meant nothing compared to what you would soon do? To never be able to wholeheartedly celebrate victory, because in the end it was meaningless? To know that you, all you ever were and ever would be were nothing compared to what you would do?

Raven could answer those questions. It intrigued Slade that this girl would end the world someday soon. As he stood next to her open window, gazing on her tranquil, levitating form, he could not help to think for a moment that she did not deserve such a fate.

She looked as if she did not yet know, though it had been several months since her birthday. Raven was sitting cross-legged, floating in midair. Her violet eyes were hidden behind pale lids, her short hair fluttered in the slight breeze from the open window. Besides being her pretty face, wit, and dark powers, Raven had a body that would make any guy wish she wasn't his boss's daughter.

However, enjoying the view was not part of Slade's job. He was the Messenger. His job was to tell Raven her "destiny", even if she had heard it about a hundred times before.

Slade moved silently toward Raven's meditating form. He touched her shoulder. "What?" snapped Raven, sounding thoroughly irritated at whoever was disturbing her.

"Meditation not working?" he said. Obviously not, he thought, or she would've sounded calmer.

Raven's eyes flew open and she turned to face Slade. She was clearly frightened, and of him, certainly; for she stood to back away. Slade had not expected her to be pleased to see him, but also had not expected Raven to back down from probable danger.

"Relax," Slade whispered, stepping closer to her, "I just need to deliver a message."

This prospect did not comfort Raven whatsoever. "How did you get in my room?" she demanded.

Slade laughed softly. "I've been able to get anywhere in this tower almost since the day I met you." And I've had cameras here since day two.

Raven closed her eyes. "Look, I can recite your message as well as you can, Slade."

"Oh really. Why don't you, then?"

"I . . ." Raven started. Slade smirked. Of course she had been bluffing. He guessed that she tried to forget everything he or her father had ever said to her. Raven was really almost . . . cute when she was afraid.

Before Slade could realize what a strange thought that was, Raven asked, "Why are you doing this?"

"What other choice did I have?" Slade replied, surprised by this change of subject. Then he added, "But when you consider the fringe benefits, this job's not so bad, really."

"Fringe benefits?" Raven said incredulously. "Like what?"

Slade shrugged. "Oh, the powers, torturing your friends almost to the point of death . . . and seeing you on your birthday was definitely a sight for sore eyes."

The half demon girl's glare could have burned right through his mask, but Slade smiled to himself and continued, "Besides, I think I've rather gotten to know you better."

Raven blushed slightly, to his surprise. "Yeah, right."

There was a knock on the door. Slade internally cursed whatever Titan was the cause of this interruption, along with Robin for good measure. Slade bowed deeply to Raven, saying "I'll see you soon, my little gem."


Raven shuddered halfheartedly as she opened the door to Cyborg and Beast Boy, who wanted her to referee for Stank Ball, oblivious that the world would end the next day. Despite their pleading, Raven curtly declined the offer to observe possibly the most immature and masculine of sports ever invented.

Oddly, Raven slept well that night.


Slade dozed for less than an hour. But one of the few perks of being dead was that sleep was unnecessary. Slade played his conversation with Raven over in his head. He thought of his life, his death, the family he had lost and not thought about in a long time. On a more evil note, he wished he could have killed Robin personally before the world's end.

On the day of the end of the world the sun shone brightly and the birds sang happily. Everyone in Jump was happy. It was just one of those days when people woke up on the right side of the bed and decided to take the day off to spend time with their grandkids, or ate a huge breakfast and then discovered they had lost weight. Almost everyone, that is.

Sunset came early. Jump citizens wondered why the sun had gone dark at two pm. Little did they know that the Titans were unconscious on the ground by their T shaped tower and the Messenger and the Portal were on their way to bring about the return of Trigon.

"You're a fool," Raven said coldly to the tall man walking beside her. "Whatever Trigon promised you, he won't deliver."

Slade replied back just as frigidly. Then Raven started showing signs of her father. Slade could not help himself; he retaliated and was tackled by his own army of demons. With dark authority, the Portal ordered his release and stalked off to fulfill the prophecy.

She's right.

No. She can't be.

She has to be. She's Trigon's daughter, so naturally she knows more about him than you. What are you going to do when Scath leaves you dead?

I have to get my payment. It's my only hope.

Fine. It's your cremation.

What Slade had argued to the more foolish part of himself was true; Trigon did not deliver the payment. As much as he hated it, Slade helped the Teen Titans defeat the incarnation of evil, and then ran when they were celebrating.

That had been last year. Slade had hardly attacked the Titans since then. He had just done some messing around with Robin and Beast Boy's minds and stolen a few things. The Brotherhood of Evil had asked him to join, but Slade had turned them down, knowing their plan to take down an entire generation of so-called superheroes would ultimately fail.

The plans would not come. It was like everything had been done before. And besides, he did not really want to kill the Titans anymore . . . well, that wasn't really true. He didn't want to kill all the Titans anymore. Raven was worth keeping alive.


Raven was awake, her eyes still closed. Oh, Azar . . . What did I do last night?

Let's see, Cyborg had said that for her 18th birthday she should go to an 18-and-over club, but Raven hadn't wanted to so they went the day before. Happy birthday to me.

Alcohol. There had been alcohol at the club and . . . Gods damn me. I have a hangover. No wonder I feel like I've been run over by a cement truck.

Thoroughly hating herself, Raven opened her eyes and saw herself. She started hyperventilating, thinking No, no, no, no, no! This can't be happening. It already happened.

At that moment Robin and Starfire burst into Raven's dark room. Robin said, "Raven, on the news, the Church of Blood's started up again and they worship . . ."

He stopped, taking in the glowing red symbols all over his friend's body, the mark of Scath on her forehead. Raven took some gulping breaths. She could barely hold back tears.

"Trigon," Starfire whispered.


The mastermind had fallen asleep at his computer. Again. He had a plan now, a really good (or should we say, evil) one.

Slade stood. He was wearing his mask and armor, more for possible inspiration than anything else. Something felt . . . off, what was it?

You're getting old.

Shut up. It's not that.

He trudged up some stairs to his bedroom, took off his mask, looked in the mirror for a second, and started to head out of the room. Then it hit him. Slade ran back to the mirror and stared at his reflection in shock. "Oh shit."

Slade snapped his fingers and a flame formed between them. "I didn't ask for this job back," he complained to the skull in the mirror.

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