Summary: Bella loves Edward, but he views her as just a friend. His best friend. Then another girl comes into the picture and takes the position of what Bella really wants to be in Edward's life. Unrequited love. Could it become more than that? AUeveryone's human.


I have a secret. Actually, that's not the best way to describe it. It's more of a deep-seeded passion that enflames me every time I'm in the presence of it's source. A heart-filled love that is, unfortunately, purely one-sided. So, yes it's a secret. But it's what consumes me everyday that I see him—the owner of my heart and the one who stars in my dreams almost every night.

Sounds a bit pathetic, right? You're probably mentally yelling "Just ask him out"; or "Tell him how you feel"; or my favorite, "He'll understand." That's all sound advice, but my situation's not that easy. Cliché sounding, I know. But it really isn't. After all, how do you tell your best-guy-friend that you're head-over-heels in love with him? Yeah, that always seems to silence the pseudo-counselors. And then comes the next questions that always tend to follow such a revelation: "When did this all start?" And of course: "Who is he?"

So, how do I start this tale? Well, I guess it's best to start from the beginning—when I moved to Forks, Washington and met the guy of my dreams.

This is very short. But I didn't what this to be an extremely long chapter. And the way this writing was going for the first part, it would have been. So, I thought it more appropriate to have this prologue.

So, this story was inspired by the song whose title mirrors the name of my story. I was listening to the Taylor Swift song one day and thought: what if Bella was just simply friends with Edward and nothing more. What would happen? Could they fall in love?

Thus, I began writing. So that's the prologue.

In Chapter 1, we'll find out how it all came to be. So, read and enjoy.