Okay I can't believe I actually wrote myself into a movie like this but I did. I don't want to ward of any readers but if you don't like it don't read it.

There are a few references to Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis (Tv shows for those who don't know) and there will most likely be more later on as well as several fandoms I enjoy. But don't worry, you don't need to watch or know about them to get points in the story.

And the thing about electronics in Rachel's (my) bedroom, with them dying and stuff, is all true. Weird I know. But true.

Now that I have rambled on for some time I guess I will end with telling you that this was written for my amusement and my amusement alone, but I figured I would post it in case it might amuse others as well. Hope you enjoy. Please read and review.

P.S, there will be no National Treasure Book Of Secrets spoilers in this story. And it has been spell checked but not grammar checked so sorry for any small mistakes.

Rachel had just recently seen the new National Treasure movie and had, of course, gone home and watched the first one again.

There had always been something weird about her bedroom, electronic items such as laptops, computers, and dish boxes would die for no apparent reason or screw up without her doing anything wrong. So you would figure that when she inserted her National Treasure DVD into the player and it turned itself off she wouldn't be surprised. Well it didn't surprise her as much as tick her off. Majorly.

But then something happened that no one would have expected. It turned itself back on and started making this weird whirring sound before emitting a very bright, blinding flash of light.

Before she knew it she was laying on something that was very cold, and melting down the back of her Save Carson Beckett T-shirt. She attempted to open her eyes but all she saw was a very very bright white landscape all around her. She quickly closed her eyes. There was a rumbling in the distance that was coming closer, then soon stopped.

There was a sound like a car door opening and then being slammed shut, and footsteps crunching in what she had found to be snow, now soaking the back of her shirt.

She decided to make them think she was unconscious, at least for the time being.

"Whats that?" Said a slightly obnoxious voice in the distance that sounded all to familiar.

"Ben how could she get all the way out here?" Said another voice that made her heart skip a beat. Ian. And then the man he had referred to as Ben spoke and she knew something really really weird was going on.

She soon realised she was shaking, either from the cold or the realization that she had been thrown into National Treasure, or both.

A few short moments later she was picked up by strong, and thankfully warm, arms. That she prayed were the arms of Ben and not of the moron Ian. Somebody was getting slapped really hard when she woke up...well when they found that shes was awake.

She was wrapped in a thick, warm blanked and put on what she figured was the back seat of one of the snow vehicles.

Riley said something else obnoxious and she decided while she was pretending to be partially unconscious (is that even possible?) she would take advantage of it. She pretended to stretch and ended up kicking Riley in he thigh. On accident of course :)

Then she thought of something. She would have to make sure she woke up before they reached the Charlotte, otherwise she would end up with Ian and his merry men. She would rather take her chances with the smugglers hold.

She let out a small groan. That's how most unconscious people announced to the world that they were waking up, well at least in the movies. But since she was in a movie it would probably work. She stretched again. Her foot landing on Riley's thigh making him grumble something she couldn't make out but was sure was insulting.

She opened her eyes and saw Ben/Nicolas looked into the back seat at her.

"Good morning."

Her stomach jumped. Nicolas Cage was on of her favorite actors (outside Stargate) and unlike most teenage girls who only like actors if they think that they're cute she actually liked him as an actor. So pretty much this was like the convention when she met Carmen Argenziano and was really exited.

"Morning." She replied.

"I don't suppose you could tell us why you where sitting in a snow drift in jeans and a T-shirt." Riley said rudely.

She sat up and wrapped the blanket tighter around her shoulders. "If I knew I would tell you." Right, play the innocent victim card. Its not like they would believe her story anyway.

"What are you all out here for all the way out here?" She asked. She already knew of course but like with time travel she would have to do her best not to influence events.

"We're looking for a ship called the Charlotte." Ben told her.

"Like it sailed in here when the sea was unfrozen and then there was some huge ice storm and it trapped it? How long has it been here?" she might not be able to influence the story be she could still have her fun and play the 'I'm super smart' thing.

All three men looked at her in confusion, apparently all the teenagers they had met were the ones she always liked to mock.

"Around two hundreds years." Ben finally answered.

"Can I come with you to see it? I love history and stuff" She figured she would ask nicely first and then head to threatening.

"You sure your up to it?" Ian asked.

"Yes." She sneered. Definitely going to make his life miserable for as long as she could

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