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Ian led them and Patrick into the church past the dark wood pews.

"Are you alright?" Ben asked his dad.

"What do you think? I'm a hostage."

"Let them go Ian." Ben said.

"When we find the treasure." Ian replied.

"No now! Or you can figure out the clues for yourself." He shoved the case and glasses against Ian's chest. "Good luck."

"Ben, I don't think you fully appreciate the gravity of the situation."

They all looked towards the door to Abigail and Riley who were being led in by Shaw and Phil. "Let's have a look at that map."

Riley and Abigail sat a few pews behind her and Patrick. While Ben and Ian sat even further up looking at the map.

"Are you okay?" Patrick asked her.

"Oh yea just peachy. I've been shot at, kidnapped, and made to jump off an insanely high ship into the Hudson river. So yea I'm just great."

Pretty soon Phil pulled them up and the group began heading down stairs.

"I'm so sorry." Abigail told Ben.

"None of this is your fault."

Patrick slid up next to Ben. "Look, cooperation only lasts as long as the status quo remains unchanged. As soon as this guy gets to where this thing ends, he won't need you anymore. Or any of us."

"So we find a way to make sure the status quo changes in our favor."

"How?" Patrick asked.

"I'm still working on it."

'Well I guess I better work on it too then."

They had reached the boiler room. They had started scanning the walls, floors, ceiling, for anything that might be it.

"Hey!" Riley called. "Park...I found it. Him."

"Ben! It's a name." Ian said, looking at the slab of stone on the wall.

"Parkingston Lane. He was a third degree master mason of the blue light." Ben said, running his hand over the chiseled name.

Shaw brought a sledgehammer down on the stone breaking it.

They pulled the coffin out of the hole. The bottom fell out, letting out the smell of decaying flesh that had been trapped for hundreds of years.

"Careful no one steps in him." Shippen said, disgusted.

They all peered down the cramped tunnel.

"Okay, who wants to go down the creepy tunnel inside the tomb first?" Riley said.

Ian jumped into action. "Alright. Mcgregor, Victor you stay here. And if anyone should come out without me, well, use your imagination. Shall we?"

Ben went in first followed by Ian, Abigail, Shippen, Rachel...and well you get the idea, it was a long train of people.

The passage stunk of rotting wood and stale air. And on top of that guess which person in that group was clausterphobic?

But much to Rachel's pleasure the passage wasn't long. As soon as she exited the passage into the larger one Ben pulled Abigail into a kiss before continuing on.

"Why does that never happen to me?" Shippen asked sadly.

Rachel clapped him on the shoulder. "Three things bud. Haircut, personality, and oh yea, your a bad guy! If you know anything about a good story the good guys get the girls." Riley just then walked past. "Well, except for Riley of course. But hes a special case."

They continued on. The passage opened up into the large, deep cavern. It really was quite a feat of architecture. It was amazing. The stairs went down to far to see.

"What's this?" Ian asked, pointing to the chandelier.

At the same time she and Ben answered. "It's a chandelier."

She didn't see that Ian took notice of this.

Ben took one of the torches and lit the chandelier. He untied it from its place against the railing and slowly lowered it down into the chasm.

"Look at the elevator system." Ben marveled.

"How do a bunch of guys with hand tools build all this?" Shippen asked.

"The same way they built the pyramids, and the Great Wall of China." Ben and Rachel responded. The two were too amazed by their surroundings to notice that she was copying him.

"Yeah, the aliens helped them." Riley said.

"Actually I could tell you exactly how they built the pyramids Riley." Rachel told him.

Ian pointed his gun at Patrick. "Alright let's go. What are you waiting for." He said.

"I'm not going out on that thing. Two hundred years of termite damage and dry rot..." Patrick protested.

"Dad, do what he says."

Patrick nodded and slowly worked his way onto the stairs, over a few holes here and there. "Watch your step." He warned everyone

They were all out on the stairs when the ground started to shake and then quickly stop. Everyone looked around wondering what happened. "Subway." Ian said.

"No thanks I'm not hungry." Rachel said.

She immediately realised that she was standing behind Shaw and jumped back right before he fell, running into Riley.

Suddenly the structure started to shake. Ian, Shippen, and Patrick were on one elevator and Ben and Abigail were on another. But theirs was giving way. Ben was holding onto Abigail's hand while the elevator swung . The declaration was teetering over the edge. On a quick decision Ben dropped Abigail when the elevator swung over the platform and grabbed the declaration, jumped down next to her.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I dropped you. I had to save the declaration." Ben apologised.

"No don't be." Abigail interrupted. "I would have done exactly the same thing to you."

"Really?" Ben asked.

She and Riley walked down the stairs to where they were. "I would have dropped you both. Freaks." He said.

Shippen brought the remaining elevator down to where they were.

"Ian it's not worth it." Ben said.

"Do you imagine any one of your lives is more valuable to me than Shaw's? We go on." Ian said.

"The status quo, keep the status quo." Patrick mumbled in Ben's ear.

They all got on the elevator, took it down to the end of the line and got off.

"What is this?" Riley asked when they saw the empty room.

It was bare, completely with one single lantern in the middle.

"So where is the treasure." Shippen asked.

"Well?" Ian looked at Ben.

"This is it? We came all this way for a dead end?" Riley said.

"Yes." Ben said sadly.

"There has got to be something more." Riley coaxed.

"Riley there is no more." Ben said.

"Another clue." Riley thought.

"No there are no more clues!" Ben yelled."That's it. It's over. End of the road. The treasure is gone. Moved. Taken somewhere else."

Riley stood looking hurt against the wall.

"You're not playing games with me are you Ben? You know where it is." Ian said.

Ben shook his head.

Ian and Shippen got on the elevator and it rose a few feet. They all yelled for him to stop.

"You can't just leave us here." Ben told him.

"Yes I can. Unless Ben tells me the next clue."

Rachel stepped foreword. "It's part of free mason teachings." She began. Ben looked at her.

"Rachel don't."

She continued. "In King Solomon's temple there was a winding staircase to signify the journey that had to be made to find the light of truth. The lantern is the clue."

"And what does it mean?" Ian asked.

"Boston. it's Boston." Ben sighed.

"The old North Church in Boston where Thomas Newton hung a lantern in the steeple to signal Paul Revere that the British were coming." She said. "One if by land two if by sea. One lantern. Under the winding staircase of the steeple. That's where we have to look."

Ian brought the elevator back down. He got off and grabbed Rachel by the arm taking her onto the elevator and raising it up again.

"Hey!" She yelled.

"Thank you." He told her.

"Ian let her go." Ben demanded.

"You really are quite something." Ian said to her. "You think like Ben does. And you will be much easier to keep track of in Boston than he would be."

"Ian, I'll go with you freely, I won't try to escape. Just let her go." Ben negotiated.

Ian looked at him. "No I don't think I will."

And with that they went back up and out. Everyone shouted at them to stop but Ian just ignored them.

"Ian you won't get away with this." She said confidently. Wow cliche thing to say. She thought.

"Oh really." He said.

They met up with McGregor and Victor upstairs and went to the car. She was shoved in the back next to them while Shippen drove.

"You know Rachel. You seem to be quite in sync with Ben. For a stranger you know him very well." Ian began.

"What are you getting at?" Rachel said coldly.

"You know what happens before it happens. When Shaw fell through the floor you stepped back just in the nick of time. No one could known that."

"So I have quick reflexes." She explained. Dang this guy was too smart.

"You're always talking over him. saying the exact same thing as him." He lent back in the passenger seat and look at her. "Now how could you do that I wonder."

She gave him an icy stare."I don't have to tell you anything."

"Oh really." He said. He brought out a gun and pointed it at her.

Guns can be a great source of motivation. "Tell me." He ordered when she didn't answer.

"It's a movie!" She blurted out.

Ian laughed. "A what?"

"This whole thing is a movie! Okay there! I said it! You've got your answer!" Okay here goes some quick thinking that would hopefully work. "Patrick was supposed to be with you not me!" She yelled, making her seat mates rub their ears. She tried to get up a few fake tears to strengthen her act.

Ian gave her the weirdest look she had received yet. "Okay...so if this is a movie what happens?"

"All I know is that you get to Old North Church and theres another clue. After that, I don't know. There is a sequel but I haven't seen it yet." She said.

"What about Ben and the others?" He asked.

"I don't know about that either. When we left them they were still down there playing in my granny's trunk."

After that outburst that hopefully convinced them they left her alone. Either they believed her or thought she was nuts. By the time they reached the church it was dark. Ian had her by the arm while they cut the locks off.

"You know Ian. You really are to trusting." She said. She kicked him in the groin as they were surrounded by the police.


Ben, Abigail, and Riley were walking across the grounds. Riley was on the phone. "Yeah, you got it chief. Thank you. Bye." he hung up. " They want us in Cairo next week for the opening of the exhibit. They're sending a private jet."

"Fun." Abigail said.

"Big whoop. You could have had a whole fleet of private jets. Ten percent Ben. They offered you ten percent and you turn it down."

"Riley we've been over this. It was too much, I couldn't accept it."

Rachel ran up to them, holding a notebook and a pen. "Whats up?"

"Well I have this splinter that's been festering for three months from and old piece of wood." Riley said.

"Oookkkkaayyy. I didn't need to know that."

Ben paused. "I'll tell you what Riley. Next time we find a treasure that redefines history for all mankind, you make the call on the finder's fee."

"What do you care? You got the girl." Riley said.

"It's true." Abigail said. Ben bent down and kissed her

"You even got the little squirt here." Riley said, gesturing to Rachel.

She glared, rolling up the thin notebook. "Okay Riley, you wanna play?" she said, he took off. She chased him down and whacked him on the head with the notebook.

Watch the hair!!" He yelled

They walked the rest of the way to his car and he jumped in. "For the record Ben, I like the house." He said.

"You know, he chose this estate because in 1812, Charles Carrol..." Rachel said

"Did something in history and had fun. Yeah that's great. Could have had a bigger house." He said before starting the car and driving part way over the lawn. Grinding the gears.

Rachel cringed. If her dad had been there he would have died.

Abigail pulled a piece of paper out of the book she was holding.

"I made you two something." She said, handing it to Ben.

"You did? What?"

"A map." She said simply.

"A map. Where does it lead to?" Rachel asked.

"You'll figure it out." Abigail said before started of towards the house.

Rachel looked over Ben's arm. "Is that chocolate?" She said, pointing to a picture on the map.

The two exchanged looks. Chocolate, the most wonderful thing in the world and it was waiting for them.

With that the two ran after her.

Rachel paused in her tracks. This was where the movie ended. And in every self insert story she had read the person either left then or got the choice to stay. she waited for some booming voice or a blinding flash of light. Nothing came.

Ben looked back when he noticed that she wasn't with him.

He walked back.

"You okay?" He asked.

Rachel frowned and nodded. "Yeah, lets go find that chocolate."

The End

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