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Fever Dreams

Jenna was lost, alone, and beginning to think that there was no way

out of this labyrinth. No matter which way she turned hit another dead

end. But Jenna knew that time was running out. She had to get out of

here, before it came. Jenna wasn't too clear on what it' was, only

that it was a very bad thing. Another corridor to the left, and yet

another dead end. With a hiss of frustration, Jenna kicked the brick


"This is hopeless!" She said.

"Don't say that," Glinda said as she suddenly appeared. The light in

the maze was dim, but Glinda's pale blond waves almost seemed to glow.

"Do I know you?" Jenna asked her. "It's just that you look so familiar."

Glinda smiled. "I don't think so. Are you having a problem?"

"Yes," Jenna said. "I'm lost."

"Do you need to see Dr. Pfaff?" Glinda asked, and suddenly Jenna found

that she was holding a bowl of ice cream.

"I'm not hungry," Jenna told Glinda. "I don't need ice-cream right now."

"Fine, be that way," Glinda said. The ice-cream promptly disappeared.

"Can't you help me?" Jenna said. "I mean, really help me? Please?"

"Hmm…" Glinda frowned, tapping her wand against her palm. "Maybe this

can help." With a wave of the wand, Dorothy and the Scarecrow

appeared beside Jenna.

"Oh my gosh!" Dorothy gasped, "that was quick. I mean, one minute we

were at home and now- well where exactly are we?"

"Looks like a maze to me," the Scarecrow said. Jenna frowned. Just

like with Glinda, she had the strangest feeling that she knew these


Glinda waved her wand and disappeared.

Dorothy turned to Jenna, her dark eyes worried. "Sweetheart, do you

need our help?"

Jenna nodded. "I think I'm lost," she said, repeating what she'd

already told Glinda.

"Don't worry," Dorothy said, giving Jenna a hug and a kiss on the

forehead. "We'll get you out of this maze-won't we, Scarecrow?"

"Yes we will, munchkin," The Scarecrow said, ruffling Jenna's hair with

his stuffed hand. "The exit should be on the other side of this door,"

Jenna realized that they had been walking all this time. The

Scarecrow tried pulling at the door and frowned, looking at Dorothy.

"It's locked," he said.

"Lucky you have me here," Dorothy said, rummaging through her picnic

basket. "Here's your lock pick set-sorry if it has a little bit of

straw on it."

"You're a lifesaver," the Scarecrow said, and suddenly he was kissing

Dorothy. Jenna closed her eyes, feeling more than a little embarrassed

by all this. She could hear footsteps behind them-she knew it' was

getting close.

"We need to get out of here," she said. Before she could say anything

else the sound of gunfire filled the corridor.

"Get down!" Dorothy shouted, and something hit Jenna's leg.

"She's been hit, scarecrow!" Dorothy was shouting.

Looking up, she saw that the Scarecrow had a gun, and he was firing

back at a dark shape that was coming closer and closer. Glinda had

reappeared and she had a gun too.

"You're getting a failing grade in my class, Jenna," the dark shape

said, raising his gun and pointing it at her. Jenna felt Dorothy's

arms around, her, trying to protect her even though Jenna knew there

was no way to be protected from this. The Scarecrow's gun had run out

of bullets and suddenly he was beside them and lifting Jenna up into

his arms.

"Take me instead," he told the shape. "Just leave them alone."

"No, Scarecrow, you all have to pay for your crimes," the dark shape

said, coming closer. Jenna felt herself shaking as the shape's shadow

loomed over her, blocking out the light.

The shape exploded in a burst of pink sparkles. Glinda stood there,

blowing the smoke from the barrel of her gun.

"Jenna?" the Scarecrow was saying, and Jenna tried to answer him, but

a loud roaring noise was filling her ears and she couldn't-

"Shhh…" a woman's voice was saying. Her mom's voice. A cool hand
smoothed her forehead. "You're just having a bad dream. It's okay."

"It wasn't a bad dream," Jenna whispered. Her throat felt awfully dry
and sore, and everything looked so blurry. A straw was put up to her
mouth and she sipped the cold water.

"Was it a good dream?" Mom asked her.

"A weird dream," Jenna said, fighting to stay awake long enough to
talk about it. "It was like the Wizard of Oz- you were Dorothy, Dad
was the Scarecrow-Glinda was Francine and she saved the day." Jenna
heard a strange sound that sounded like a cross between a laugh and a

"That does sound like an interesting dream, sweetheart," Mom said.

"Yeah," Jenna said. "I'm sorry-think I might go back to sleep right
now, is that okay?"

"It's fine," Dad's voice said. "You get all the sleep you need."

II. To Make an Ending

Friday, November 9, 2001

Arlington County Jail

12:00 AM

The sound of a gunshot echoed around the room, startling the security
guard from his half-doze. He leapt out of his chair and unlocked the
door leading to the cell-block. Another guard was already there,
standing in front of the cells.

"What's going on?" he said. The guard pointed to the lifeless body of
Katie Johnston Roberts, lying on the concrete floor, the revolver
still clutched in her dead fingers.

III. To Tell the Truth

Friday, November 9, 2001

8:00 AM

Jenna woke to sunlight streaming in through the window. She was lying
in a bed, her leg covered in a bright pink cast and elevated on a
stack of pillows. Jenna tried to move her left arm and winced as the
tape holding the IV needle in pulled at her skin. She was in a
hospital. Jenna's parents were there, sitting beside her bed. Beside
Jenna sat a small stuffed Teddy Bear, a book, and of course her
Scarecrow doll.

"The bear's from Billy and Jeannie," Her Dad told her. Jenna noticed
the stubble on his chin-he looked like he hadn't shaved in a couple of
days. "And the paperback's from Francine."

"I love the bear," Jenna said. She picked up the paperback, looking
excitedly at the back cover. "Oh cool. Francine remembered I wanted

"How do you feel?" Mom said. "Does your leg hurt?"

"A little bit," Jenna said. "How long do I need to stay here?"

"Just for another day or so," her dad said, squeezing her hand
tightly. "Tomorrow you should be back home."

"Good," Jenna said. "I hate hospitals. What about the cast?"

"Well you keep this cast for about a month," Mom said, "Then you'll
get a different cast –one that you can walk with. How does that sound?"

"It sounds okay," Jenna said. "What happened?"

Mom ran a hand down the side of Jenna's face, then smoothed her hair.
"Sweetheart, why don't you just tell us what you remember and your
dad and I will fill in the blanks."

"Well," Jenna said slowly as the memories began to come back. "I
remember us leaving the house, and noise-somebody shooting at us and
Dad was shooting back at them."

"That's not-" Dad began.

"Lee," Mom said. There was a warning note in her voice and a strange
look on Dad's face that Jenna didn't quite understand. "That's right,
Jenna," Mom said. "Tell us what else you remember."

"Something hitting my leg," Jenna said, suddenly focusing on her pink
cast and then looking up at her mom. "Was I shot?"

"Yeah," Dad said. "The bullet broke your leg-you had to have surgery.
Do you remember anything after that?"

"I think-" She remembered pain, and a voice, a scary voice. Taunting
her while tears of humiliation ran down her face, laughing while she
was being sick all over herself- Jenna felt her body shaking and she
closed her eyes, trying to fight off the feeling that the memories
brought. "-oh my gosh," she whispered as the memory of the man's face
flooded her mind.

"Jenna," her mom said, "It's okay. You don't have to remember that
right now if it hurts too much."

"No," Jenna said. "I'm fine. I want to do this. The person, the one
who- it was Mr. Frere, my History teacher." She said. "And he was the
one who took the pictures, and put the stuff in my locker."

"Jenna, what did he do when you were, you know, alone with him?" Dad
said. "Did he hurt you in any way?"

"I don't think so," Jenna said, the memories of that event still fuzzy
in her mind. "He pulled my hair- but I don't think he did anything
else. He just kept telling me how he was going to kill all of us."

"I'm just glad that's all he did do," Dad said.

"What happened to him?" Jenna said. "There's not going to be another
trial, is there?" She really wasn't sure if she could handle another

"No, there won't be another trial," Dad said. "He's gone-you don't
have to worry or think about him anymore."

"He was my favorite teacher, you know," Jenna said. "I really liked

"We know you did, sweetheart," Mom said.

"Why did he do it?" Jenna said, not so sure whether she wanted to hear
the answer. "Did Gary pay him or something?"

"He was Gary Johnston's brother," Dad said. "His real name was Dennis
Johnston-the only reason he was working at the school was to be close
to you. It was all about revenge. Jenna. Don't feel bad, okay? There's
no way you could've known."

"I guess not," Jenna said. "Was he the one who shot me?"

"Not exactly," Mom said. "Gary had a sister. She was working at the
school too-they were in this together."

"Mrs. Roberts," Jenna said, looking at her parents. "It was her,
wasn't it?"

"Sweetheart, how did you know that?" Mom said.

"I remember Lisa talking about Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Frere had lunch
together every day, and how she thought they were in love." Jenna
said. "What happened to her?"

"Let's just say she's gone too," Dad said. For a moment Jenna thought
he was going to say something else, but he didn't.

"Well, I guess we know now why she picked me for the dance team, huh?"
Jenna brushed tears out of her eyes, not quite sure why she was
crying like this.

"Hey, don't talk like that," Dad said, putting his hand on her
shoulder. "You were picked because you're good. The school told us
that once you get out of your cast that spot on the team is still yours."

"It's just that I trusted them," Jenna said. "And all the time they
were-I feel so stupid."

"Well don't," Dad said. "You're not the first one to trust the wrong

"No, I guess I'm not. It's funny," Jenna said. "All this stuff has
only been going on for a few days but it feels like it's been a lot
longer than that."

"The important thing to remember is that it's over," Mom said. "You
don't have to worry about it any more." She paused. "Jenna, there's
something I-well your dad and I want to talk to you about. Don't we

Lee hesitated. "Yes we do," he said.

"Nothing's wrong, is it?" Jenna said.

"No, sweetheart, nothing's wrong," Amanda said. "There's just
something that we need to tell you. It wasn't exactly safe for you to
know before, but now we feel that you're old enough."

"Does it have something to do with why Dad was shooting at those men?"
Jenna asked. "And all the questions I've been asking you?

"Something to do with that, munchkin," Lee said. "You see, it all
started about 18 years ago, long before you were born. I had been
given a package, and I sort of ran into your mom at the train station…"

The End