Hey everyone! This is my second fanfic ever. I said there was a better summary inside and so here it is: An old friend of Iruka's (who happens to be a beautiful ninja) moves into town and things heat up between her and Kakashi. Things go bad when someone from Rayne's past comes back into her life and complicates things between her and Kakashi.

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"So Iruka, Asuma was telling me that an old friend of yours is moving to town. Who is he?" Kakashi asked as him and Iruka made thir way to the ramen shop to get a bite to eat.

"Her name is Rayne. We met when I was younger and when I told her about an open apartment her in Konaha she decided to move into it," Iruka said taking a seat as they entered the ramen shop where he frequently treated Naruto.

"Which open apartment is she taking? There are two arent there?" Kakashi asked remembering that the apartment next to him was open along with one in the other complex.

"Oh! I didnt tell you that she was taking the one next to you? I tried to get her to take the other one but she liked the smaller one better. Something about Rontu being able to climb out of the front windows easier," Iruka answered as he took a bite of the noodles.

"Rontu?," Kakashi asked,"Sounds like a name I would have given one of my dogs."

"Yeah, kind of," Iruka began, "Rontu is the wolf she found after her parents were killed when she was ten. The two are best friends. She can understand him and he can understand her, sort of like the way that you and your ninken understand eachother."

Kakashi raised his visable eyebrow, interested."She seems to have an interesting past," he said as he put down his chopsticks, already finished with his meal.

Iruka nodded and shook his head, still curious after all this time about how Kakashi managed to eat so damn fast. "Yeah, her parents were farmers and they were killed by these rogue ninjas for fun. Her and her brother were the only ones left alive because their mother made a distraction for them to escape. She was only ten and her brother was 13. They hid in the woods for a while and thats where Rayne saved Rontu. His mother had been killed by hunters and they were chasing after her cub, Rontu. He was only a couple weeks old and so they caught up to him. They were about to kill him when Rayne came running along she saw what they were doing and started screaming at them to get their attention. They were distracted and so Rontu was able to escape. Then she simply out ran the hunters and came back looking for Rontu. She found him and they have been inseperable ever since. That was fourteen years ago."

"Where did her and her brother go?" Kakashi asked, curious. He knew he sounded interested but didnt care, he didnt have anything to do for a while and getting the background on the woman who would be living next to him was a good idea.

"Oh, her grandparents raised her and her brother. They got her a mentor to teach her how to be a ninja. They thought she should always be able to defend herself so she wouldnt end up like her parents. After they died when she was 16, Rayne started to move around. Everywhere. She is never in one place more than a week. I was shocked when she said that she was moving to Konoha permenately," Iruka explained as he finished the ramen and paid for his meal.

Kakashi took the money out of one of his vest pockets and paid for his food as he got up and waited for Iruka. " When is she supposed to get here?"

"2:30. Im meeting her at the gate, why dont you come?" Iruka offered, getting up and walking out of the shop.

"I can't, I have to meet my team for training in a little bit," began to walk away. "Oh, and Iruka, its 2:50," he called over his shoulder smiling.

"What?! Damnit!!" Iruka cursed ot loud as he headed towards the Gate of Konaha.


"Where the Hell is he?" Rayne frowned as she and Rontu waited at the gate for a very late Iruka.

"Rayne!" Iruka called as he ran towards her, "Im so sorry Im late. I thought it was only 2 and then i went out to get some ramen with Kakashi and he told me I was late and then I -"

He was cut off from his rambling by Rayne oulling him into a tight embrace, "Shut up and hug me you idiot," she said giggling at him.

Iruka smiled and hugged her back before pulling away and holding her at arms length. "Wow, you have um...grown up. A lot," he said as he looked her over.

Rayne shook her head and smirked, "Their called breasts Iruka. Women tend to have them."

Iruka blushed and dropped his arms to pick up her baggage. He noticed she only had one bag and looked up at her curious, "One bag? Thats it?"

Rayne nodded, "I'm use to traveling all the time. I dont like to have to carry a lot of baggage around so I usually only have the essentials. I'll buy the stuff I need toget for the apartment here," she explained.

Iruka picked up the bag, "Makes sense," he agreed, starting the walk to Raynes new apartment.

"So how have you been?" she asked as Rontu followed them quietly, listening to the conversation silently.


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