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For future reference, I go to New York City about twice a year, as a tourist, and I'm trying to be as accurate as possible in regard to locations and descriptions of the places Derek and Casey visit. I hope that if you've never been, you plan a trip someday- it really is a fantastic city. And if you have, you'll recognize some of the places I mention.

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Chapter 1: Start Spreading the News…

"Mom, pleeeeeeeease. You can't make me take Derek."

Casey was whining, and she hated herself for it. But at this point she was past caring. Her mother was being downright cruel.

"Case, we talked about this. Dennis invited him to go to a hockey game, and your father's been wanting to spend a weekend with you and Liz for a while now. If Derek goes, you won't have to fly alone, and I definitely don't want you walking around New York City alone."

Nora was exasperated. Her daughter had been pleading with her for the better part of an hour, and it was getting old.

Casey stomped her foot. "Mo-om, Lizzie can't even come because of her soccer playoffs. Can't we pick a weekend when we can both go?"

Lizzie entered the kitchen where Nora and Casey had been arguing, and began to protest. "Casey, I told you, I want to go when I can spend a weekend alone with Dad. You'll have him to yourself this weekend, and I'll get to visit with him another time," she explained patiently, knowing Casey was reaching her boiling point and would lash out at her at any moment.

Casey pouted, giving her sister a Look. She stomped out of the kitchen, yelling behind her, "I'll be in my room if anyone has any good news for me!"

Casey was still stomping as she reached her room. She knew Derek was next door, and she was tempted to go in and try to talk him out of going, but she knew it was futile. He had been so excited when Dennis had called and invited Derek, Casey, and Lizzie to New York for a long weekend. Lizzie realized she had to stay home, but Nora and George had insisted that the two teens still go. Casey flopped onto her bed, half-annoyed, half-excited that she'd soon be seeing her dad again, albeit with Derek in tow.

Earlier that day…

"It'll be a nice bonding experience," Nora reasoned. That earned snorts of derision from both Casey and Derek.

George tried, "You'll get to see lots of sights. Dennis even said he'd get you Broadway tickets." Casey softened a little at this, but Derek just rolled his eyes.

After much discussion—which consisted of George and Nora retreating to the basement to talk it out while the teens sat on the couch in tense silence—they laid down the law.

George spoke first. "Look, you two, you are not going to pass up this opportunity. Casey, you love seeing your dad, and Derek, you've been dying for Dennis to invite you to a Rangers game. He was nice enough to do so, and you're going to turn him down, just because you can't stand to spend a couple of hours alone with Casey? And Casey, I can't believe you'd hurt your dad's feelings like that, just because you don't want to go if Derek does."

He finished his guilt trip, and turned his attention to Nora, who gave him an encouraging smile. Meanwhile, Derek and Casey were sharing a long look, each seeming to say, "I'll behave if you will." Finally, Derek heaved a sigh, stood up, and threw up his hands in defeat.

"Fine, Dad. You're right. I'm dying to see the Rangers."

Casey nodded in agreement. "And I can't wait to see my dad."

Nora was delighted. "Great, it's settled then. You have a four day weekend coming up. I'll book your flight for Wednesday night, and you can come home Sunday morning."

Something occurred to Casey suddenly, and she was almost afraid to ask, but she did anyway. "Wait…is Dad working Thursday and Friday?"

Nora eyed her guiltily. "Well, yes, but there is plenty to do out in the city. You two will have so much fun! There's Central Park, shopping on Fifth Avenue, museums…"

As Nora kept chattering on, Casey once again exchanged pained glances with her stepbrother. They weren't very happy about this, but it was only three full days…how bad could it possibly be?