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Summary: There's something sinister in the air... something not right... A young fourteen year old girl wakes up in Aerith's church alone, confused, and scared. There's something coming... she wanders out into a street, and sees nobody, it's raining... where was everyone one? The city, for as much as the girl could see, was in ruins. The girl is the key... she's the key... the girl turns a corner into an alley, and finds three silver-haired men. You will protect her... the journey begins.



Kitty's hand slipped, involuntarily, over the mouse— she gasped as she heard her aunt's heeled-shoes click-clanking ostentatiously on the stairs; her aunt was coming…. Kitty fumbled with the computer mouse in her hand and cancelled the video she'd been watching. The song Inside of You by Hoobastank was immediately cut off, and the air in the room seemed to congeal because of the ringing silence that abruptly followed.

"This will only take an hour of your time, Kitty," Clary appeared at the doorway, just as Kitty spun around in the swivel chair. Clary was tapping absentmindedly upon the doorframe, watching her niece with an expression of inquiry. It was as if Clary was silently asking Kitty what she had been looking at on the computer. Yet Clary didn't ask anything out loud; she trusted Kitty. And Kitty did not tamper with her aunt's trust… she just felt timid when it came to what music she listened to— and what videos she watched. Kitty didn't want her aunt's judgment on any of it….

"Would you mind," Clary continued on, "going to Safeway? We've run out of bread, milk, and a variety of snacks."

Kitty groaned slumping down in the chair, "No I don't mind," she lied. God knows, how many arguments Kitty had had before with her aunt, about going and not wanting to go.

Clary raised a distinguished eyebrow, at her niece. Once again, Kitty was reminded of her aunt's graceful beauty. Clary had long wavy auburn hair; gold shimmered in it like the rays of the sun. Her eyes were topaz blue, the color of crisp water, and her skin was as soft as a peach ripe enough to eat. While Clary was gorgeous, Kitty was ordinary— at least that's what Kitty thought of herself. Kitty was stick-thin, whereas her aunt was curvaceous, she had large plain brown eyes, and brunette hair. Not a single ray of gold shone in Kitty's long hair… She'd once cried about it when she was younger. Aunty why haven't I got sun in my hair? Her aunt had only given her a small smile, and then had patted her head affectionately, telling her that everyone was made differently.

"Okay well… stop staring, and get going, Kat. Storm clouds are on their way; imminent rain, this afternoon." Clary then left, but not before giving Kitty a small smile of thanks.

Kitty rode her bike through the gated community she and her aunt lived in, it had taken a while to get off of the swivel chair she'd been on— due to laziness— but she had made it. She had her thick ponytail tucked into her sweatshirt's hood, and rode fast down the hill towards the gates.

No one was about. The huge white and gray homes loomed gloomily on the right side of the road, and a large luscious green lawn spread for miles to the left of Kitty. People must be expecting lightning and rain… Kitty mused; she glanced from side to side— still no one.

Kitty reached the gates, and punched a code into the entry/exit pad…. 29786…. The immense iron gates opened up, with a groan of protest, allowing her through before closing automatically. Kitty didn't wait until they had closed completely, struggling to gain speed with her rusty pedals, Kitty sped down the deserted street beyond the gates.

By the time Kitty reached the parking lot of Safeway, the clouds had begun to let pour their contents, sprinkling the road with rain droplets.

"What next?" Kitty murmured under her breath darkly. She had been hoping for a dry ride back to the house…. But by the looks of the outside world, now, she'd be lucky to make it home without getting completely soaked.

She noticed that there were only a few cars in the capacious parking lot. Silently Kitty rode up to a bike rack set up on the pavement underneath Safeway's roof. Raindrops had already soaked through the thin fabric of her dark navy sweatshirt, making her sigh with disappointment. She loved rain— don't get her wrong— but today… she'd rather not get soaked.

Walking into the brightly lit marketplace, Kitty was met with a gentle buzz of conversation and the distinctive sound of something like carts being pushed up against one another. She grabbed a basket by the entrance, and headed off to get milk, bread, and a few healthy-choice snacks. She decided on Lactose-free milk and whole wheat bread, mentally checking off the list as she walked over to the snack aisles, humming softly to herself. When she reached the snack aisles, she headed straight for where the pretzels were; she loved pretzels— even if not all of them were healthy for her.

Stacking the basket with a few bags of Snyder pretzels, Kitty heard some raised voices, and glanced up. Here her gaze fell upon the back of a lofty and burly cloaked man. From her view, she could see that he had long waves of thick ginger hair cascading down to his shoulder-blades. An ugly aspect to men; long hair— she thought.

"I don't care—" the man was shouting, and then he lowered his voice so as his words were not so audible to Kitty, or anyone else for that matter. Kitty craned her neck, to try and see who it was that was the recipient to this man's tirade. Yet the cloaked man was too burly to see past, so Kitty gave up. It isn't my business anyway, she scolded herself.

Filling the basket with a little more sustenance, Kitty went to seek an open register. After purchasing her food, Kitty walked out of the store carrying two bags. The rain was now coming down in torrents. Kitty watched it sullenly, standing next to her bike, allowing her arms to be weighed down by the bags she held. It was going to be a long ride bike.

"Why? Why me?" She put her head back, and whimpered ruefully.

There was a shout, and Kitty whipped ninety degrees around to face Safeway's doors. The cloaked figure, from the snack aisle breezed out of the doors, his cloak sweeping around him, giving him a sanctimonious air, a Safeway employee hurried after him.

"Lord!" the employee was saying, "please let us take care of it! It could be dangerous— umphhh…."

Kitty stared in horror as the employee fell to the ground, a knife protruding from his chest, his eyes staring unseeingly at his "lord." The cloaked figure, though, just walked on into the distance as if he hadn't just stabbed someone… he didn't even look back… he didn't even care. Disgust tried to keep Kitty away from the dying Safeway employee, but her conscience brought her to his side. Right now she didn't care if she got soaked or not.

"Sir—" Kitty didn't know what to do… so she did the one thing that seemed rational at the time, she called for help. "Someone, help!" She looked around the parking lot for anyone; no one was there. She fell on her knees by the writhing man, staring helplessly down at the pool of blood that was now migrating in a pool below the poor guy. She reached out a hand towards him, but thought better of it, her hand receded.

"Shhh-shhh," the Safeway man was saying, "Shhh-shhh." He coughed up blood, and then gesticulated that he wanted her to come closer so as he could whisper something to her. Kitty obliged, moving forward until his lips about touched her ear.

"He's… h-he's…" the man turned his face away and coughed up some more blood. His last words were, "2976…."

Numbers… Kitty watched him take two more rattling breaths in dismay. He had given her numbers… what did they mean? They sounded so familiar…. The moment she realized, what he meant, she immediately stood. Backing away from the dead man, she turned and ran to her bike. Kitty was in such a panicked hurry, she didn't even bother about the groceries. Please… don't let it be aunty… The numbers… her neighborhood's code.

Shouts were now becoming audible. People were rushing out of Safeway, and surrounding the dead man— in the distance sirens could be heard, howling ominously in the day's chilly air.

Kitty pedaled even faster than she had earlier, rain pelted her face and bare calves. She cursed her luck. The gate came up quick, and Kitty saw that it was open, not even bothering to close automatically. A knot of dread formed in her throat. Nearing the gate she saw that the entry/exit pad, had been smashed and pieces of the number keys had scattered upon the road.

It took Kitty less than five minutes to reach her house from the gate, and as soon as she did— she skidded to a squeaking halt.

"Oh my god…"

Two large black vans that Kitty had never seen before in her whole life, were parked haphazardly in front of Clary's Prias; hindering a could-be escape.

Kitty thought about going to fetch help, but before she could there came a bone-chilling scream from inside of the house. Startled, Kitty hopped off her bike, dropping it where it was standing, and swiftly ran up the front porch's steps. When she reached the front door, she threw it open with a twist of the knob, and darted into the foyer.

"Aunty!" she cried. As soon as she spotted her aunt's pale profile, hot tears began to spring to her eyes. If anything happened to Clary… Kitty wouldn't have anyone left.

Potent arms without any warning, suddenly wrapped themselves around Kitty's waist. "Who is this?" the man behind Kitty inquired.

"You leave her alone!" Clary stood up from where she had been sitting on a couch, pale for some reason or other that Kitty could not fathom. A man came into Kitty's view; cloaked in the same black garb the ginger-haired man she'd seen earlier had been, yet very different. Instead of long hair, this man was bald, with intricate drawings of fierce fire-breathing serpents tattooed upon the glimmering surface. His eyes were… gold.

"Welcome, child!" he exclaimed in an overly exuberant but deep voice, "You are highly needed for this occasion. Overly kind of you to drop by!" he grinned in malice, his hands clasped behind his back, he moved forward like a prowling lion.

Kitty was struggling against her captor, but the guy had an insuperable grip on her waist. She spat upon the ground, and glared at the man coming towards her. Kitty whimpered when her captor yanked her back, and whispered an inaudible threat in her ear.

"Feed her it, Set," ordered the golden-eyed man, he turned to look into the darkest parts of the living room, and stopped his advancement upon Kitty. "She is of no use to our lord, so she is disposable."

"No!" Clary lunged forward in a feeble attempt to free her niece, but the golden-eyed man had been ready. He seized Clary around the waist, and held her back, burying his face in the crook of her neck he whispered, "Don't you want to see the effects of your pill? Your own sorcery, my darling?"

Clary's eyes widened at this, "No…" she watched as a short and stout man came into view from within the shadows in the corner and moved towards Kitty. "No…" tears ran down Clary's high-cheek bones, and drip-dropped to the floor.

The golden-eyed man noticed Clary's tears, and raised his head up from the crook of her neck. Without any shame his tongue of a snake darted out, and stole two tears away. Clary gave a sound of protest, and tried to rip out of his grasp. The golden-eyed man only increased the strength of his hold.

"Aunty!" Kitty was desperately trying to elude whatever it was the short man was trying to give her.

"Open up, little lass," he growled, finally grabbing her chin in his free hand he forced one white circular pill into Kitty's mouth by force. Watching her, the small man smiled in triumph. She was their first victim— surely the effects would be gorgeous.

Kitty choked and spluttered on it, but in the end she swallowed, and began to sob. She dropped her head in defeat, her shoulders heaving up and down with every soft whimper. Was she going to die? "Aunty…" is it just me or is everything becoming… blurry? Kitty began to panic, her head whipped up, her mouth was in the form of a silent "O". A tilt of Kitty's world, and Kitty knew something was abominably wrong, "Aunty!" she began to struggle against her captor in another helpless attempt to escape. She wanted Clary to make everything better for her; she wanted to get to her aunt before anything else happened that would possibly kill her.

Bad idea. It started at her legs and then inched its way up, yielding every working cell and muscle in Kitty's vulnerable body. She gasped, her last terrified view of the world before everything went black, was of her aunt rushing towards her. There was the word again 'no,' frozen on her aunt's lips, as she'd tried to reach her dear niece. But she'd been too late.

Too late…Kitty fell into an abyss. Darkness— nothing but darkness. There was no room for thoughts or dreams, no room for anything; Kitty was gone….

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