Chapter 4: Royon's Nightmare & the Last Sage Captured

Chapter 4: Royon's Nightmare & the Last Sage Captured

As Ion's army moved through the country destroying everything in their path we find our heroes finally safe in the northern region. Death Strike reports their success to Ion while we find Aria also in the north reporting Ion's plans.

"Master we come here to report that the mission was a success and that we managed to get into the eastern sea and destroyed the ship that they were riding on." Death Strike said

"It is about time that you 2 brainless idiots finally did something right for once. Now for the next part of my plan, we need to capture the last sage before we could free my mother. Stephen you are to go to the north and spy on my good for nothing brother. Aria was able to take your powers and destroyed the barrier to the eastern sea she inadvertently weakened the northern barrier as well. We are able to pass through the northern area but we won't be able to control it. Their powers are way to strong just like it was when we fought there during the first war.

Even with my father and older brother gone we were forced out of the north and we will be driven out of there again. I know that those pests made it to the north and found my naïve younger brother they are preparing to use the north as a base. We must figure out what my brother is planning so we could be prepared for this war that we are bringing to them. If the north falls then we have taken control of the entire country and we will be able to spread the darkness through the entire world." Ion said

"Very well master brilliant plan, I shall report what I have come across soon." Stephen said

Stephen left for the northern country while Ion prepared Death Strike to create the perfect puppet. The Powers of darkness which was provided by Ion's Mother and a bone and blood from Death Strike, Ion was able to create a creature which has the power of telepathy, and other powers but is bound to Death Strike for life. She reports to Death Strike and because she is made of him she has to serve him. Ion then sent her to also spy on Royon and his friends to gather information of his brother's wear abouts and where the sage of fire is. Meanwhile in the northern region our heroes finally find the coast and are greeted by Aero himself.

"Welcome to the northern mountains, I know your journey to the north has been long and strenuous but it is well worth it to be here. My name is Ordeao and I am the king of the northern elves. Haven your people have been assisting us in freeing the kingdom and we will join with our brethren in the north-western caverns and we shall fight along side you until the end to spread the hope and light and return this kingdom back to the peaceful state it was in before we this second war of darkness." Ordeao said.

"We are going to have to hurry for I fear Ion is planning something truly horrible and we are not prepared to face him if my mother is assisting him." Aero said

Later that night we find Royon and Kyro discussing what their role in this entire war and they drifted into a deep sleep. Royon then realizes that the world has gotten worse since he last seen it and what he seen was not something he wanted to see. His friends have been forced to serve Ion and there was resilience against the darkness.

"Destroy the Resilience and make them all suffer; we must not let them win." Ion said

"Son we need to build the Dark Army being one of your General is dead while the other one double crossed us and being the fact my puppet is made from him she is bound to him and we can't use her. We should have used the other general and not that back stabbing; good for nothing traitor." Ion's Mother said

Aero, Nighthawk, Scott, Royon, Keru, Kyro and Sophia attack along with the dwarfs and elves to push back the dark army trying to save the kingdom from eternal darkness. The battle waged on and the resilience managed to destroy most of the dark army but suffered a great loss them selves. Ion is able to push through Aero and the elves and goes straight for Royon when out of no where Kyro pushes Royon to the ground and receives the full blast of Ion's attack killing him instantly. Death Strike then sees this and rushes full speed at Ion stabbing him through the heart then uses his most powerful attack to finish him off. Then he goes for Ion's mother firing attack after attack at her but she is able to deflect all of his attacks and kills Death Strike with one strike. Royon finally realizes what has happened and starts to get angry releasing his full power and attacks Ion's mother while she sends an attack at him and he then jolts up out of bed startling Kyro.

"What is wrong Royon?" Kyro asked concerned for his friend

"Nothing it was just a bad dream, I am fine please go back to bed." Royon said

"Are you sure you don't look fine, you look very pale and you are in a cold sweat." Kyro said

"It was nothing just a bad dream." Royon said

"Well you know you could tell me anything, I'm your best friend but I will wait until you are ready to tell me." Kyro said

The next day Aero, Royon, Skyth, Kyro and Keru heads to the middle of the mountains to see a friend and what they find is Aria waiting for Aero to report.

"What are you doing here?" Royon said angrily

"I am here on official business from Aero himself; now butt out for this concern is none of your business." Aria said

"What is going on here Aero?" Kyro asked

"I had found her when she was a baby and I raised her to be a spy for our side, I knew it was risky but I also knew that it would be the only way to stay ahead of my big brother and his plans. She reports to me and has prevented attacks from his side and has provided valuable information to me while pretending to be evil." Aero said

"Ion is sending his army to the north to capture the last sage and I believe that the barrier to the north is weakened when the barrier to the east shattered so they are able to enter the north but they don't have the power needed to destroy the north." Aria said

Little did anyone know this but Stephen was outside listening to the entire conversation.

"Well it looks like I caught the traitor associating with the enemy. Wait until Ion hears about this and I knew we couldn't trust you one bit Aria or is it Arianna now?" Stephen mocked

"You little pest I was never on Ion's side and I despised him and one reason I was there was to protect my brother while I gathered information for Aero." Aria said

"Who is this brother of your's, wait you don't mean oh now I see it you are part of the family I was sent to kill and receive Death himself." Stephen said with an evil grin on his face

"You know nothing about my family you rotten pig." Aria said getting angry and disgusted at the sight of Stephen.

"I know you have a sister who is the oldest, and then comes Death, and then there was 2 born after that which is you and him." Stephen said

You lie my family died a horrible death and they are all gone. Kyro said

"Am I boy? I was there your oldest sister got you out of the house and along with the new born from the other family brought you to Aero. Your own brother with the touch of evil was forced to kill your parents but even I thought she died as well. I don't know how but she survived the attack. She was the only one who knew this and I assume that you raised her and then sent her to your brother as a spy." Stephen said

Kyro got severely angry and rushed at Stephen and started to fight him for his lies. He fought long and hard when Stephen used one of his more powerful blows and stabbed the boy causing him to fall over in pain. Kyro didn't die but was severely injured. Stephen then made his way over to Arianna and the attacked her but she sent some of her attacks at him causing him severe pain but he then stabbed her and was about to kill her when Skyth shot an arrow into Stephen's shoulder causing him to fall backwards in pain. With everything going on little did anyone know that Kori was near by watching the entire fight?

Stephen then used one of his most powerful attacks and sent it to Skyth killing him instantly. Royon then started to tap into his powers causing the entire cave to shake and Stephen was amazed at the level of his powers right now. Stephen then seen the last sage and stabbed Royon causing him to bleed and took a vile out and captured some of his blood and before anyone could react to what he did next he made his way over to the sage grabbed him and then disappeared. Aero then made his way over to Royon telling him that he needs to focus on his friends right now for they are in dire need. Royon then seen his friends in a lot of pain and that he couldn't protect them and that one actually died. Royon then went to the river drawing 2 flasks and dipped it into the river and brought it back to the cave. He gave one flask to Kyro in which he accepted and thanked his best friend but Royon was being distant from the boy. He then walked over to Arianna and gave her the second flask knowing that she shared the same blood as his best friend. Meanwhile Kori reported to Death Strike on the insistent that took place not to long ago.

"Master I come to you first before I report to Ion, Stephen attacked and blew his cover. He spilled that the boy you care about is in fact your brother and that your sister is in fact the one who saved the boy and his friend. He also revealed that Aria has been in fact working for Aero and is the twin to the boy Kyro. He nearly killed the boy and the girl as well. He did manage to kill the middle child of the 3 teens that Ion sent to kill the boys. He also did manage to kill capture some blood of the young boy who is best friends to your brother and the last sage as well." Kori said

"He is going to die when I see him for he knows that he is not allowed to attack my brother." Death Strike said

"Ion should be pleased with me, I managed to capture the blood we need and the last sage in order to free his mother." Stephen said

Stephen was shocked at what happened next for Death Strike threw a hard punch right across his face.

"What the hell are you doing, are you insane we are on the same side Death?" Stephen said shocked

"I will kill you for attacking my brother when you knew I wanted him on our side, I don't care what you do but you attack him again you will die by my hands." Death Strike said throwing another punch right across Stephen's face.

"I didn't attack him and I don't know what diluted dimension you came from but I never attacked him." Stephen said getting angry

"I seen the entire attack through Kori for she was there and seen everything, she then reported back to me on the entire situation." Death Strike said throwing another punch in Stephen's face causing blood to come down and a broken nose.

"ENOUGH BOTH OF YOU WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ALL OVER." Ion shouted which rang through the sky.

"Death is demented for he attacked me when I came in telling him I managed to capture the blood we need and the last sage. I also found that Aria is in fact working for your brother and always has and I managed to kill one of those pesky teens that betrayed you." Stephen said

"You failed to mention that you also attacked my brother knowing I wanted to get him on my side." Death Strike said

"Is this true?" Ion asked

"Yes it is I did attack the boy and nearly killed him then I attacked the traitor nearly killing her which happens to be Death's baby sister and I killed the middle child of that boy Keru. Then I took the blood of Royon and captured the last sage, but before I did so I experienced that the boy's powers are far greater than what we expected. He was displaying little power and didn't tap into his full power yet." Stephen said

"Well good work but next time you don't follow orders and not attack the boy in which Death wants on our side I will let him kill you and you just managed to escape punishment for this." Ion said

They all returned back to the western world to start the ceremony to bring back Ion's mother. At midnight the moon shown blood red meaning the queen of all evil is about to rise once again and then the blood of the 7 sages and the blood of the young boy and a bone from Death Strike and a bone from Ion him self Ion's mother finally Arose.

"It is finally good to be free from the hell that I was trapped in." Istheil said

A wave of blood red mist shot through out the land and when it hit Aero he turned pale and sick.

"Oh no it has begun; we are going to have to be on top of our game now because my mother has returned." Aero said