Neutral, a Sasunaru fanfic.

My first fanfiction (well, the first on this site anyway XD)

THIS IS A YAOI FANFICTION. THIS MEANS BOYXBOY. There is also a large amount of lemons, which means smex. If either of these things offend you, I suggest you press that little back button. You have been warned!

Disclaimer: Naruto is not being smexed by Sasuke in the anime OR manga. This makes it...about 99 percent possible that it does not belong to me. Unless I'm secretely Kishimoto. Which would be cool, but I'm not.



We'd been best friends since kindergarten, when I walked right up to him and declared that he was my "rival", and that I would go to any lengths to beat him. He called me "Dead-last", and I called him "Asshole", even though, back then, I had no idea what an asshole even was.

Ever since that moment, we were inseparable. We had so little in common, and yet, enough. We were both alone; he had lost his whole family, save for his older brother to a freak accident, and my parents had both died the day I was born.

He hated attention, I craved it. He was darkness, I was light. He was blue, I was orange.

But it was okay that way.

They say opposites attract, but I think they're wrong. Opposites cancel each other out; they make what seems unusual… completely neutral.

Which is what we were. Neutral.

Until that day.

"Let's do it" He said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. His voice was deeper than mine, a sure sign that he was growing up fast, or at least, faster than I was.

When the other guys in our class started liking girls and having sex, and all that, I always thought that both Sasuke and I were left behind. I'd never been interested in anyone in that way before, and it didn't seem that I was starting to become interested any time soon.

So when other guys snuck off with their girlfriends to do it behind the rafters, I would hang out with Sasuke, and that was fine, because we didn't need girlfriends, or sex, or any of that. We were friends, and friends are more important, right?

And soon the questions started. Things like "How far have you got?" Or even "How many girls have you had, Naruto?" Questions I couldn't answer. Even "Do you like anyone?" was a question that left me baffled. I didn't like anyone. But that's not something I could say so openly. So, I made up some crap about having a crush on a girl in our year, and let them supply the rest.

Sakura was perfect. She hated me, I didn't particularly like her. There was no possible way that I could ever get her. And besides, she was known to be one of Sasuke's biggest fangirls. She was unachievable. Boo hoo.

So I got sympathy, but for some reason, that was around the time when Sasuke stopped hanging out with me so often.

He stopped coming to my house, didn't turn up to eat with me in lunch…even in lessons, he would arrive late so that the teacher would make him sit in the front, away from me.

It struck me that maybe Sasuke had grown out of me. I was still a child, perhaps I was getting left behind, as he replaced me with new friends or even…

Could it be that Sasuke had a girlfriend?

A sense of betrayal washed over me, as I glanced at Sasuke across the classroom. How could he? I felt dejected, left behind.

By the end of the day, I was convinced that Sasuke had a girlfriend, and I was pretty sure it was Sakura. I'm not quite sure how I came to this conclusion, other than the fact that I wanted a reason to resent her. It didn't matter. He had forgotten all about me now.

I was sure.

Which is why I was so shocked when, after school, he pushed me into a wall; pressing his body against mine, and whispered huskily in my ear "Lets do it."

Chapter 1

"W-what?!" I yelped, fully aware that Sasuke had his entire body pressed against mine. I could feel the heat radiating from him.

"Let's do it." He repeated, as if he were passing the time of day "Let's have sex."

I'm not sure if I was more shocked at his crude words, or the fact that his knee was now rubbing against my crotch.

"Are- are you crazy?!" I bit out, a tingling sensation breaking out throughout my body.

What was this feeling? Sasuke was still rubbing his knee against my crotch, and I could feel the air around me heating up. Or was that me heating up?

"You heard me, dobe" When had that name become a symbol of our friendship anyway? "Let's have sex."

My mind was foggy, and I was losing the ability to think straight. All that I could think about was how good this felt, before I suddenly became aware that I had an erection.

My first ever hard-on. And it was because of my best friend. Because of Sasuke.

I felt sick. Sick at what was happening. Sick because I was enjoying it. Sick because I knew it shouldn't, but it felt so good.

"G-get off!" I yelled pushing him away from me, as even my foggy mind grasped a thread of logic. "Get off me!" My voice came out as a high pitched squeak, further proof that I was not mature enough for anything like this.

Although Sasuke's actions had shocked me beyond all apprehension, I was even more shocked at his next move. He stopped. He studied me for a moment, and then he left.

I slid to the ground as my knees buckled beneath me. I was still hard, and images of Sasuke were racing through my mind.

What the hell had just happened?!

Even as I made my way home; (a five minute walk from the school), I never for one second stopped thinking about Sasuke.

I was still hard when I got home, and the mental visions I was having of Sasuke were getting more and more erotic by the minute.

I was shaking. Out of fear? Lust? I'm not sure, but my body shook uncontrollably as I made my way to my bedroom.

Iruka, my legal guardian, was working late tonight, so I had at least 3 hours.

I stripped. I suppose teenage curiosity got the better of me. I should have just left it alone, let the stupid hard-on to go away by itself. But I didn't. Instead, I stripped. And when I was naked, and had full view of…it. I just stared.

It was…weird. I felt weird. I felt…flushed, and hot.

I kept on staring, and then my mind was suddenly bombarded with fantasies of Sasuke sucking me off, his mouth hot around my hard length…

My hand was around me before I even noticed. I pumped harshly, like an amateur. It felt amazing.

I tried imagining Sakura, Ino, any girl being the one "sucking" me, but only his face stuck in my mind. He was running his tongue along my cock, teasing me slightly, then moving to the head, licking at it and then taking it in his mouth.

"Sasuke!" God, it felt good, so good…Sasuke…

NO! My eyes snapped open. I looked at myself, my hand wrapped clumsily around my shaft. I was so close, I could feel it. Pre-cum was already dripping out of me…but this was wrong. My hand was shaking. I was sweating, naked, lying on my bed…

"Having fun, dobe?"

And that's when I realised Sasuke had broken into my flat.

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