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Iruka P.O.V

Honestly, sometimes I get the feeling that my son thinks I'm an idiot.

If two boys burst into a house panting, red in the face, lips practically bruised, and sporting extremely obvious hard-ons, race in, not letting go of each other, practically making out as they climb the stairs and please tell me those aren't Sasuke's jeans left they seriously expect me to not get the picture?

"Kakashi." I said gravely, turning to my boyfriend with a grim expression on my face. "They're still having sex."

Kakashi briefly looked up from Icha Icha Yaoi volume 10 and raised an eyebrow. "Oh, so they patched it up, then?" He said, nonchalantly.

Patched it up? PATCHED IT UP? When was it ever un-patched? When was it ever even patched in the first place? When did it become even patch-worthy?

"Are they in a relationship or something?" I asked in shock. The concept truthfully hadn't even occurred to me.

"Well, Sasuke's been in love with Naruto for years now..."

"He's what?" I stood up, nearly knocking over the table as I did.

Kakashi smirked. I could tell. Despite the mask.

"Oh, Iruka-kun, you're so cute!" He was grinning now, and leapt up, glomping me. I squeaked as he tightly squeezed me, knocking me to the ground.

"Don't call me cute! How long have they been having sex? Are they in love?" I shrieked, as Kakashi, pulling his mask down, started to run kisses down my neck.

"Oh, of course they are! And I love you, Iruka-kun!" He planted a chaste kiss on my lips and grinned, his eyes curving into upside Us.

Oh, God, I love him when he looks like that. So hot. He should have been cute, like that, but somehow he just oozed too much sex appeal to be cute.

"I love you, too, you big lug." I whispered, kissing him. And then I suddenly remembered why I was so angry and my blood boiled.

Sasuke. And Naruto. My little boy. Naruto!

"I'm going to stop them right now!" I yelled, flipping over and crawling army style towards the stairs, Kakashi still lying on top of me. "Lemme go!"

"No can do, my little dolphin!" He giggled into my neck. I became increasingly aware of his hardening package resting against my butt. Seriously, he was so horny, the pervert.

"I have to stop them! I don't know what they're thinki-" A loud thump from upstairs cut me off, and we stopped to listen.

Moans. There were lots of moans. And, oh my God were those bedsprings?

"Forget about them." Kakashi murmured into my neck, and I sighed.

On occasions such as these, there's only ever one solution.



"Do me. Right here. Now." I ordered, and his mouth, his beautiful mouth, curled into a fierce grin.

Sometimes, as a parent, you have to be able to tell when your son is ready to grow up. But, still! He was my little boy! He was...

Screw it all, I needed sympathy sex.

Naruto P.O.V

"Ahh, Sasuke..." His hands were gripping my erection tightly, as we were splayed across his bed, clothes abandoned somewhere along the way. "Iruka and Kakashi'll hear..."

"Let 'em hear" He lowered his head and gave a tentative lick to the head of my cock, and then paused. "Sasu..." I mewled in neglect, and he brought his head back to my face level and connected our lips.

His tongue ran along my teeth, flicking through my mouth and then twisting with my own. I moaned into the kiss, pulling myself even closer to him and rolling our hips together. His hands tangled in my hair, and mine curled around his shoulders. Our eyes opened for a brief moment and met, and he gave a slight smirk.

Then he pulled away, and flipped over so that we were in the sixty-nine position. "You suck mine too." He said defiantly, and took the head of my cock in his mouth.

I have to say, I've never been very good at multitasking, but somehow I was doing alright as I moaned Sasuke's name into his own cock.

A familiar feeling set into my stomach, both of us violently sucking and licking. I suddenly felt the proverbial sensation of competition, an event not uncommon between Sasuke and me. It was a contest, I realised with a smile. Who could make the other feel better? Or perhaps who could make the other cum first? It didn't matter. It was war now. Tongues, teeth, lips surrounded the both of us, dominating, confident. I was so caught up in what I was doing that I almost forgot what he was doing to me.


"Sasu- aaahh!" With a sudden loss of control, I lost the battle. I came into Sasuke's waiting mouth, red faced and humiliated.

"I lost." I gasped, my breath hitched.

"I wasn't aware it was a competition." Liar. I stretched my neck to start sucking him again, but he caught my shoulders.

"Sasuke!" I whined. I knew exactly what he was insinuating. "We already did it once today! My ass hurts! And it wasn't exactly consensual, you know!"

"Hah, you weren't so adamant when you were moaning 'Oooh, Sasuke, more! Oh GOD... there! ...ahhh!'" He provided a scarily accurate rendition of my sex driven pleas, and I felt my face heat up to an overripe tomato hue. "Oh, look, you're hard again already..."

"Sasuke, you bastard! Lemme go! ...oohh, that feels good..."

He slipped a magically lubricated finger into me. (seriously, where were his lube hiding spots anyway? He couldn't have gotten it from his pockets; his clothes were most likely half way up the stairs...) I moaned at the intrusion, my ass sucking up the finger eagerly.

"Sex-fiend." I moaned at him, as he entered another finger, stretched me a little and then decided I was prepared enough.

"Ready?" His voice was soft, not like he used to be. The lust was still there, but now it was coupled with the love that kept us sane. Or insane. Who knows?

"Just do it, asshole." I muttered, and he smirked before plunging himself inside me.

And, oh gods, he was amazing. Stiff, perhaps, at first, like always, but gradually smoother, harder, nails digging into each other, his hips thrusting, my hips bucking, we had sex. And it was so good. It was right. It was perfect.

"Sasuke..." I panted, my cock throbbing as with every thrust, he hit that spot that made white spots dance across my eyes and my insides melt with pleasure. "I'm going to-" I gasped, and he pulled me even closer to him.

"Naruto..." He breathed, and then he kissed me.

I've heard people describe kisses as being 'mind-blowing' before, but before that moment, I'd never quite understood what they meant.

Lips smashed together, tongues clashed, faces mashed in a passionate yet loving embrace, and we came in unison, my walls tightening around him, moaning his name into our kiss, and then collapsing together on the bed.

There we lay, hot, sweaty, gasping for air, and still clinging to each other. We weren't letting go, we didn't want to let go. We wanted to stay this way forever, and never separate.

I looked over at him and gave a slight chuckle, tears at the edge of my eyes.

"What's that look for?" He asked, smiling like a dork. He looked weird.

I realise it now. I know what to do.

"Nothing... hey, Sasuke?"

If I ever lose you to another...


If you turn away from me...

"Have you ever thought about being a ninja?"

If you betray me...

"Huh? What the hell, dobe? What's that supposed to mean?"

Even if you try to break the bond we have...

"Heh. Never mind."

I will fight for you.

"...Hey, Sasuke?"

I will never let you walk away from me.


I will bring you back.

"I love you, Sasuke"

Like you did for me.

"...I love you too, dobe"

Because I need you.

Because we're so different, don't you see, Sasuke?

We're opposites. Opposite ends of the pH scale, acid and alkali.

Opposite ends of the colour spectrum, blue and orange.

Opposite opinions, opposite tastes, opposite hearts.

Apart we're so extreme. But together...we're perfect.

You make me whole.

You make me balanced.

You make me neutral.

And that's the end of Neutral! Thanks to all who supported me, and I hope you'll read my other fics when I post them.

Camunki :D