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My Girls Ex-Boyfriend




When he was seeing her
You could see he had his doubts
And now he's missing her
Because he knows he's missing out

I look over at a fuming Uchiha and I laugh inside. Yosh! I have finally won my beloved, youthful cherry blossom out of the hands of that underhanded, sneaky Uchiha who had broken her heart.

Gai-sensei would be so proud!

I'm so happy that Sasuke left Sakura. Of course, I am filled with great amounts of remorse, knowing that he hurt her so much. But I'm also filled with joy because now she is my girl! Yosh!

"Lee-kun," Sakura says and I turn in her direction,

"Yes my youthful lady?" I ask and she giggles at my comment. Oh what a youthful sound!

"Let's take a walk in the park!" She cheers and I beam because the park is an extremely youthful place to go full of youths doing such activities that are well – can you believe it – youthful! There is just so much youth! Especially when I'm with Sakura-chan!

"Surely Sakura-chan!" I exclaim while taking her hand in mine and walking toward the place she would desire to go.

Now it's haunting him
The memories like a ghost
He's so terrified
Cause no one else even comes close

I look over my head and see Sasuke following close behind. Eavesdropping and stalking are totally not youthful! I must put an end to this problem.

Although – and I'm sorry Gai-sensei – I must disagree with that terrific statement I just made. I can understand that he is sorry that he gave her up! I mean, who wouldn't!

Sakura's just that youthful!

I only feel terrible because it'll always be haunting him. When he sees me and Sakura's youthful children with pink bowl cuts and normal sized, black eyebrows, he'll run away in terror.

And no, not from our gorgeous children.

He's a guy that you should feel sorry for
He had the world but he thought that he wanted more
I owe it all to the mistake that he made back then
I owe it all to my girl's ex-boyfriend

Really, I feel sorry for him. I pity him and his un-youthful-ness! I know that Gai-sensei always refuses such activities, but it is true. He had everything! He had Sakura-chan! What could be better?

But no, he left her for some reason that I don't remember. Something about her being to happy or something. Seriously though, her happiness just makes her so much more youthful!


So then, along comes me,
This undeserving mess (undeserving mess)
Who would believe my life
Would be so blessed (life would be so blessed)

I and my youthful self were once walking down the road after a wonderful training session with my favorite stud-muffin, when I saw her crying. I – but of course – came to her aid.

She said something about Sasuke and then, after I comforted her, she asked me to dinner! I said yes!

Seriously though, who knew that this youthful life I have now could become even more youthful with her in it! It's just so exciting to know how much she's impacted my life.

I'm so blessed to have her and her youthful self in my life;

And Sasuke out of it.

Two years ago
He left all that debris (left all that debris)
Who would of known
It would be everything I need

Yup, two years ago he left Konoha, one year he asked her out, and here we are today, six months later. Yeah, I've been dating Sakura for six youthful months! We are seriously an item!


I do not like to think of Sakura as some sort of trash that he left around and I took the scraps of like Kiba's youthful dog, but it is almost what happened.

He left a broken heart and I fixed it with my youthful-ness and abilities to woe any girl! I learned that from Gai-sensei!

"Lee-kun, isn't it beautiful?" Oh, speak of my woe-ee! She's standing there looking ever so wonderful with Sasuke a few feet behind.

Poor fellow.

When She and I settled down you can bet
That he is going to have to settle for less
He's someone that I would hate to be
I got the girl and he's left with just the memory.

Yes, now Sakura-chan and I are officially dating and are in love. Okay, I'm youthfully in love. She still needs time and I understand – all thanks to my idol's teachings!

Now, he's going to have to find a new gal! Just like Naruto did when Sakura didn't return his feelings. Yes, Hinata is very youthful, but tends to fall asleep randomly, quite often.

I would hate to be Sasuke with all my heart. Having all hatred and sadness built up is just not healthy for one man. He should let out his youthful-ness and show the world who he really is! Just like I do!

I have Sakura, and all he has is an old, broken headband, a picture of her on Team 7 and half her heart. I have the other half. But the half he has is all nasty, gross and un-youthful! Mine is full of love, hope and love…yeah!


If it wasn't for him
I would still be searching

If Sasuke hadn't left Sakura, I'd be searching for a girl to call my own! Now the tables have turned!

If it wasn't for him
I wouldn't know my best friend

Yes, Sakura and I are the closest of friends! Oh how I love her so!

If it wasn't for him
He would be able to see
If it wasn't for him

Oh, he is just so blind! Why can't he see how much Sakura loved him and cared for him? Why can't he see what a jerk he always was to her? Why can't he love her like I do?

He's such a baka. Oh goodness, I did not just say that un-youthful word! I now must run 400 laps around –

"Lee-kun, where are you going?" Right, I'm here with my cherry blossom, so I can't really leave.

"No where my dear Sakura-hime!" Wow, that was close.

Anyway, back to my point!

If it wasn't for Sasuke being totally un-youthful, maybe…just maybe…

He would be as happy as me

Hm…yeah…I was feelin' LeeSaku-ish! I love that couple cause I think that the person that someone loves should end up with them! Just like Sakura with Sasuke, Hinata with Naruto, and just so many others! Except Karin…yeah.

I love this song!

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