To say the news flew around the castle like friendfire would be an understatement. The fact that Professors Potter and Weasley were engaged was all any of the girls and some of the staff could talk about. Monday morning's breakfast was buzzing with rumors and excitement.

"I heard that Filch caught them snogging in the third floor broom cupboard," said an overexcited sixth year.

"I heard that they were shagging when he found them," said another girl.

"I knew the rumors in Witch Weekly weren't true. That Romilda Vane is so obsessed with Professor Potter that I bet she refused to print anything about him dating Professor Weasley, especially if it was true."

"Well, I don't care what is going on as long as it keeps those two in good moods I'm happy. I don't think they have given out homework all week!"

The couple in question was up at the head table enjoying their breakfast, but at the same time noticing all of the whispering and staring.

"Professor Weasley," said Harry in a whisper as he leaned over towards Ginny. "I think the word is out."

Just as he leaned over it seemed as if the volume in the great hall rose.

"Oh, I think you are absolutely right Professor Potter," she said with a smile as she remained looking out over the hall. Just for good measure she lifted her goblet up with her left hand. She almost choked on her pumpkin juice at the gasps she heard. She looked over to see Harry smiling at her.

"You did that on purpose didn't you?"

Ginny just smiled as she took a bite out of her muffin. They had met with McGonagall that morning and agreed that she could make the announcement; a little teaser was good fun.

As soon as the headmistress approached the podium the hall fell silent. "Well, good morning students," she said with a bit of a smile.

"We have some exciting news to start our week. Please join me in congratulating Professors Potter and Weasley on their recent engagement," the entire hall erupted in cheers and applause."

"We ask that each of you respect their privacy and refrain from speaking to the press. I am well aware that reporters are still camped outside our gates like vultures waiting for any bit of news they can get. Professors Potter and Weasley are valuable members of our teaching staff and they rely upon the sanctity of Hogwarts to afford them a life of privacy away from the press and the celebrity it wants to force upon them." She looked back at the couple who each in turn lifted a glass and nodded in agreement. "Now, that is that! Everyone is dismissed."

The sound of the benches sliding echoed throughout the hall. Harry and Ginny went up to Professor McGonagall. "Thank you for that professor. We really do want to keep this quiet but we knew that if we tried to keep it a secret from the students it would be blown completely out of proportion."

She looked at the young couple and smiled, "So quiet that the first I learn about you two dating was this morning when you announced your engagement to the staff."

Ginny smiled shyly, "Now really Professor McGonagall, I am sure you have suspected something. You've always known exactly what is going on at your school."

"Well," she smiled thinly, "I may have known a few things." She looked at them with a bit of a twinkle in her eyes, "You two really should learn to seal the classroom door, even if it is after hours." She walked away leaving Harry and Ginny in a bit of shock.

The first class of the day was impossible to settle down. Ginny just sat on her desk watching them.

"Ok, ok you bunch of gossip mongers," she chuckled. "Ask away."

Immediately hands went up.

"Yes, Amelia?" she asked.

"How long have you two been dating and how did Professor Potter ask you to marry him?"

"Well that just sums it up, now doesn't it? You must have been chatting with my mum."

Amelia smiled, proud that she was able to ask the questions that everyone wants to know the answers to.

"Well, how long we've been dating is between Professor Potter and I but I will let you know that he proposed this past Saturday."

"Was it romantic?" asked another girl.

Ginny smiled remembering just where they were when he asked. "Yes it was."

"Are you going to give us any details about it?" asked Amelia.

Ginny smiled wider, "Um, no."

The entire class groaned and complained.

"I am sorry to disappoint but some things need to remain private. I hate to say this but because of Professor Potter's ever present fan club and the unrelenting press that seem to be waiting on his every move all the details of the wedding will remain a secret as well."

Another set of groans erupted, "Oh, just settle down. We gave you a week without homework, isn't that enough?"

"Does this mean we will be getting homework again?" asked a Ravenclaw boy.

"Um, yes," said Ginny with a smile. She would love to forget homework all together, but it was time to focus on her job again, though she was having a hard time trying not to stare at the beautiful ring on her left hand.

And then the owls started to arrive.

At first they were ok, a simple heartfelt congratulations from her family with comments on how excited they were for the wedding.

By the end of the week the requests started pouring in from her mother. When was the date being set, what colors did she want, what kind of dress would she want to look for. And on and on….

"Honestly I think we should elope," said Ginny leaning forward over her desk and putting her face in her hands.

Harry came up behind her and started to rub the knots out of her shoulders and back, "Merlin you're tense," he said as he applied a bit more pressure.

"She's relentless. Every day more questions and all I keep thinking about is how am I going to plan this wedding and prepare for final exams." She looked up at him, "Let's just cancel our afternoon classes and head to the nearest chapel. We can get Kingsly to marry us he owes me a favor anyway."

"Love, if I didn't think your family would come after me wands ablaze I would have had Kingsly waiting in the sidelines the day I proposed. But I love you and I will do anything to make you happy, including risk my own life. So if you want to run off and get married without our family and friends, let's go. But honestly, do you really want to be a widow that soon?"

"No, of course not and I don't want to disappoint my mum either. She has been looking forward to this since I was born. I haven't seen her this happy since her last grandchild was born. And don't even get me started on that. She has started hinting about it already mentioning that she was a month pregnant with Bill before she got married and it would be just fine with her if we decided to do the same."

Harry leaned over and hugged her from behind. "Wow," he said as he looked down at her hoping she would clue him in on how she felt about that. Finally she spoke up.

"I know you want kids as much as I do but we've never talked about when we wanted them. I may be selfish but I want to wait a few years. We just got back together and I really want to enjoy just the two of us for a while."

"Well," he said as he lifted her up and pulled her down into his lap, "I don't think you are being selfish at all because I agree with you. I don't want to change the way things are either. I am finally where I belong, with my one true love. The amazing witch that makes me complete and the only person I could imagine sharing the rest of my life with.

She was just about to get all gushy and comment on how romantic he was until he finished his statement.

"And I have years of pent up sexual tension to release and I think it is absolutely necessary that we shag nonstop for the next year or so. We haven't even tried some of the more adventurous fantasies I've had about you. Have I told you about the one where I cover you in raspberry jam?"

"Harry!" she exclaimed as she swatted him on the shoulder. "Here I thought you were being all romantic on me and all you're thinking about is the fact that I haven't let you cover me with jam."

He started laughing, "Well not all of you! Only my most favorite parts, it's sort of a jam bikini." He waggled his eyebrows and started to nibble on her neck. "Don't you go and play innocent with me young lady. Aren't you the one who used the binding charm the other night, on yourself!"

Ginny blushed but smiled wickedly remembering the earth shattering orgasm they had both experienced. "You loved it and you know it Potter."

"You are bloody right I loved it!" he said as he let his hands wander a bit. "What do you think got me thinking about the jam? Though in my fantasy I had used a sticking charm not a binding charm, I didn't think you would be keen on the ropes. Bloody hell was I wrong."

"You are such a perv," she said before she kissed him soundly.

"Yes, but you love it that I am such a perv. I've spent the last ten years dreaming up all kinds of wicked things to do to you."

"Why do you think I agreed to marry you? You my love are a fabulous shag."

Harry had to shift in the chair to get more comfortable. All this flirting was driving him mental. Realizing that he didn't have to suffer he pulled his wand out and quickly put up the privacy wards, "Can we be finished talking about the wedding. If I don't get you starkers in the next two seconds I will go absolutely mental."

"We wouldn't want that now would we," she said with a wicked grin as she quickly undid his school tie.

A while later they were laying on a conjured mattress gasping for breath. Harry was still amazed that Ginny wanted him as much as he wanted her and that her imagination was as gloriously vivid as his. He was just about to suggest that they get dressed when Neville's patronus arrived.

"Ok you two we know you're in there. We were supposed to meet up half an hour ago and when we realized that we couldn't open this door with a standard alohamora we figured you two were at it yet again. Get dressed because we have dinner reservations and I don't want to miss the movie."

"Pushy git," said Harry with a grin as he sent his patronus out telling Neville to bugger off and wait a few minutes and that he's lucky they were finished because otherwise he would have made him wait.

Two minutes later they pulled down the charms and met their friends at the door.

"Why Ginny you are absolutely glowing," teased Gabrielle.

Ginny laughed as she gave her friend a hug, "Oh its not like Harry and I didn't practically walk in on you and Nev getting freaky in greenhouse seven last week."

Gabrielle just smiled, "What can I say. I just can't resist him when he's got that little smudge of soil on his cheek."

At dinner Gabrielle pulled a magazine out of her purse and handed it to Harry and Ginny. "I wanted to wait until we had finished our first bottle of wine before I handed this to you," she said with a nervous grin.

On the cover of Teen Witch was a cute picture of Ginny and Harry walking out of a Hogsmeade shop holding hands. The picture Ginny and Harry looked at each other smiled and shared a small kiss.

Its Wedding Bells for the Wizarding Worlds Royal Couple Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley! By Emily Lloyd-Martin

The joyous news was announced on Monday at Hogwarts by Headmistress McGonagall. With a bright smile and a sparkle in her eye she announced the engagement to the students. The week prior to the announcement several students commented that they had not seen either of their professors this happy before and found it charming that the couple would often be found steeling a quick kiss while they thought no one was watching. Since the announcement students have been tight lipped saying that they are protecting the privacy of their favorite teachers. We were able to find out that it was a very romantic proposal and that Ginny is now proudly wearing Harry's mother's engagement ring, a lovely Goblin made family heirloom that has been in the Potter family for generations.

Harry and Ginny were spotted shopping in Hogsmeade looking truly in love with eyes only for each other. Mildred Sickleworth a shopkeeper for Wizard Home and Garden Supply informed us that she had the privilege of helping the young couple purchase items for their home. Mildred laughed as she recalled Harry teasing his future bride about her reluctance to use her new vault key. She said that Ginny blushed adorably as Harry kissed her on the forehead in encouragement as she paid for their packages. Harry continued his with his teasing when he winked and told Mildred that Ginny was 'using him for his galleons' but Ginny just smiled and said that she was not interested in his galleons only beating him at Quidditch. Mildred said she was overjoyed so see a young couple so in love and obviously excited about sharing a life together. Harry and Ginny purchased supplies for an herb garden and home apothecary. Ginny was very knowledgeable and spoke of how her mother had taught her to grow and preserve her own herbs as those were the best ones to use.

Well, we wish Harry and Ginny the best of luck and all the happiness in the world. We have already received thousands of letters asking us to interview the happy couple. We know that they value their privacy but do hope that they allow at least one opportunity to sit with them. Young witches all over Britain are dying to know what the beautiful Miss Weasley will be wearing on her wedding day as well as where and when the couple will be exchanging their vows.

"Well that's not so bad," said Ginny. "I even like the picture," she said with a smile. "But I have a bad feeling that you have another magazine in that bag that I am not going to be too happy with."

Gabrielle tentatively pulled out the next magazine. "Now promise me you won't try to kill her, no matter how much she deserves it."

On the cover of Witch Weekly was a picture of Ginny going into a wizard children's store. The picture had a bright red arrow pointing to her stomach which looked distended. Next to it was a fierce picture of her father brandishing his wand at Harry. Each photo was grainy and had obviously been doctored to look a certain way.

Is Our Hero Being Forced to Marry at Wand Point? By Romilda Vane

It was announced at Hogwarts on Monday that our beloved hero Harry Potter is engaged to the homely Hogwarts charms professor Ginevra Weasley. This reporter immediately wanted to find out why. With a little digging I was able to uncover that Professor Weasley is pregnant out of wedlock and of course the person she claims to be the father is non-other than our sainted hero Harry. Outraged, Weasley's father immediately confronted Harry and insisted he marry his only daughter and provide for the child. It is said that Miss Weasley even insisted on being given a precious Potter family heirloom, a rare set of Goblin made bridal bands. An unnamed source at a shop in Diagon Alley said that Miss Weasley already has possession of the key to Harry's vaults and has gone on several shopping sprees. It is a sad day indeed and we wish Harry the best of luck with the situation hoping that the true father of Professor Weasley's baby reveals himself soon. Once Harry's name has been cleared he will be free to find his one true love.

Neville spoke first, "We decided giving it to you in Muggle London was best, that way you wouldn't be able to pull your wand and hex anyone."

Harry looked anxiously at Ginny waiting for her to explode. He was doing his best to remain calm and not storm out to hunt down Romilda. If she were smart she would be in hiding. If he was angry there was no telling what the rest of the formidable Weasley family was feeling, especially Molly.

Ginny poured herself another glass of wine and downed it. "I'm ok," she said through gritted teeth. "I just need a moment to calm down."

"Love, I am sure everyone knows this is complete rubbish," said Harry as he took her hands in his feeling her tremble.

"I know, I know," she repeated. "I think maybe it would be best if Harry and I skip the film and take these over to my parent's house. I want to head this off before my mum has the chance to read it herself."

Neville and Gabrielle exchanged goodbyes with the couple promising to not to give away the ending to the movie.

As soon as they were in the alley Ginny hugged Harry and put her face in his chest, "Love, could you please aparate us there? I really think I would splinch myself if I tried."

Harry kissed her on the top of her head, "Sure thing," he said as he put his arms around her and turned on the spot.