Title: Spring!

Author: Light-blue Nymphadora

Rating: T

Word Count:

Warnings: Silliness

Author's Notes: This is my first drabble ever! I wrote it for a challenge LiveJournal. The prompt was "spring". I thought of "spring" in a different way…



"No, Tonks."

"Come on, let me have a go."

"…I'll only let you have a go if you promise to be careful."

"I promise!"

Knowing she would deeply regret this later, Ginny handed over the pogo stick she had found earlier in her father's garage. She was just getting the hang of it when her notoriously clumsy girlfriend had shown up. She watched Tonks take a test jump on the toy with a small spring!.

"I think I can do this!" the metamorphmagus said

Ginny watched as Tonks took five spring!s…right into the Weasleys' stack of cauldrons…

"Oh, Tonks…"