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Edward's POV

It's been 70 years since I left Bella in Forks. I was to afraid to go back. I hid the CD I made her, all the pictures of me, and everything else that would remind her of me under a floorboard in her room and left. Never to return. I forbid my family from going back as well. For a while it was hard, it still is, but everyone is back to normal now. We talk about her a lot, which confuses Catalina or Kat as everyone calls her. She's my fiancée. I asked her to marry me about a year ago. I love her but I don't 'love her' as much as I loved Bella.

Bella. The girl that showed me what real love feels like. Nobody knows what happened to her. She may still be alive. Over these last 70 years she could have gotten married, and had kids. That thought made me smile, though I hoped it wasn't to that dog. But hey, if she is/was happy who am I to say anything.

Kat looks like her a little. She has brown hair, she's my height, she's more 'filled out' than Bella was, and she was just fun to be around. She's an amazing person. But as amazing as she is, she's nothing like Bella and she understands that. Everyone likes her. Also when she joined the clan after being turned by a newborn she also brought along her younger sister Kayla. She is only 8, and thanks to the vampire that damned her and Kat, she will always look 8. Alice was excited when they joined. Now she has someone to play 'dress up' with, and Kayla, unlike Bella, loves it. They have been with us for about 23 years.

We now live in a large mansion surrounded by 50 acres of forest, great for hunting, just out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. We attend Cheyenne East High School, well all of us except Kayla. She's in third grade, again. None of us complain though.

Jasper loves it out here. Both he and Emmett are always looking around for their favorite 'foods'. The outside part of Cheyenne were we live is full of large game and isn't very populated so we have lots of room it's also not very bright. There are many times the sun is hidden. It's just like Fork's. And Rosalie and Alice. Don't get me started. There are SO many malls out here that they are like never home.

Carlisle loves the hospital he's working at now. Cheyenne Regional Hospital is great. It is huge!! They do everything there!! It's great. Everyone here is so nice.

Today we're leaving for vacation. We're going to Spain, the country I grew up as a human in. We're to Barcelona to be specific. Alice and Rose are so excited to go because apparently the #1 modeling company, Elite, headquarters is there. When they heard that's were we were going they called immediately to schedule a tour. Just what we all wanted to do!!

Me and Kat were in our room when Kayla wearing her favorite hoodie, High School Musical, came running in.

"Guess what!!??" she yelled jumping up and down. "You will never believe who's going to be in Barcelona next Thursday!!!"

"Who?" Kat asked.

"The whole cast of High School Musical!! They are doing a concert!! CAN WE PLLLEEAAASSEEE GO??!!" she begged "Aunt Alice already said she'd call and get tickets for us if you say yes."

"What do you think Edward, we'd have to go with her." Kat said staring at me. I looked over at Kayla. She was so cute.

"Ok, tell Alice to get the tickets." I sighed.

Kayla leaped at me and hugged me. If I hadn't have been a vampire she probably would have knocked me over. "Thanks You!!!" And with that she ran out of the room and down stairs.

Alice appeared in the doorway. "We're leaving in about a half an hour so be ready. Also I'm giving these to you." She said handing me a slip of paper. "This is the paper for the tickets. I ordered them but I had them hold them at the Concert Arena for us. And don't tell her but I got Backstage passes to."

"Who all is going?" I asked seeing that she ordered 9 tickets.

"All of us." She said and walked out.

I turned to Kat and kissed her.

"At least we don't have to suffer alone." I laughed.

We finished packing our stuff, put it in my car, headed to the airport, and boarded the plane.

Little did I know that that concert that I thought was going to be the worst time of my life, would become the most life changing.

On a private plane headed for Barcelona

"You ready for the concert next Thursday?" my dad asked looking over some of his files he'd brought. He's a doctor at Cheyenne Regional Hospital in Cheyenne, Wyoming, although I live in Pacific Beach, Washington.

"Yep." I replied.

"We are so going to rock." Caleb called from the basketball court that was on the second out of the 3 floors the plane had.

This plane is mine. Some friends and I made it. It was fun.

I looked over to the clock. 2:30am. 'We should be landing in Barcelona in 3 hours', I smiled looking down at my youngest son Zane, who fast asleep in my arms.

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