Chap 6- Jealousy

"Ha ha. See that's the thing. They are supposed to be 'just friends' but we all know they are dating. They are so cute together." Shane answered smiling.

Before I could get the next question out of my mouth Alice stool it.

"Do they live together?"

"Oh goodness no. At least not that I've heard. From what I heard, she lives alone with her sister and younger brothers. Her dad lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming but most of the rest of her family lives in Volterra, Italy. Dr. Rendon, Izzy's father, is really great, but her cousin kind of scares me. She also has an older brother that Dr. Rendon adopted before her. His name is Emrin. He is really cool. You'd like him. Well lets getting moving we have a schedge to follow." Shane said with a gay tone to his voice and turned to walk away.

"Ok he's scaring me." Emmett whispered.

"Yeah you better watch it Emmett, he might check you out and ask for your cell number." Alice whispered/laughed back.

"Ok, I really don't need anymore nightmares. Last night was enough." Esme laughed.

"Hey I wasn't going to be the wimp that said truth, so I took dare. It's Jaspers fault for giving the dare to me. And besides it felt good to be free, to not have to cover all this up." Emmett said motioning to his body.

"It's not like there's much to cover." Rose smiled. We all just laughed, we besides Kayla she was looking at some of the pictures a few feet up with Shane.

"Rose!" my adopted mother reprimanded.

"What? He don't. But I can admit say he finds ways to make that up." Rose smiled looking over to Emmett. Everyone burst out laughing. I just shook my head laughing too.

"Emmett cool it. We are in public and I don't think there are any bedrooms here." Jasper said through his laughs.

"Well, it would take me less then 2 seconds to get back to the hotel room." Emmett said wrapping his arms around Rose.

"Emmett!!" Esme and Carlisle yelled over their shoulders as they began walking away.

"Emmett can you do me a favor?" I asked.

"Sure, what?"

"GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!! Rose is like my sister. That's gross!!" I half laughed and half pleaded.

"Hey no one said you had to look, Eddy."

I just sighed and began walking away with Kat.

Just like we were promised we went through the make-up and hair rooms. Now we were going back to see some of the model's private rooms. We walked towards the end of the hallway and then it split into 2. We turned left instead of going straight.

"Not all of our model's have their own room. At least not yet. We are adding more in for the others. After reaching a certain point in their modeling they are given their own room. Some share a room with a friend and others prefer their privacy. This is the first room we'll see. Each room is different. You can see they have tags with their names on the door. All the girls rooms are on this side, the boys are on the other side of the shooting room just outside that door." He said motioning to a big door a little more up the hall. This belongs to Kairi. She is a nice girl." Shane said as he unlocked the door with a keycard.

The inside of the room was a light blue color. It was a big room. I noticed 2 desks and vanity mirrors on the wall above them. They were about 5 feet apart. I could see pictures stuffed into the sides of the mirrors and some person things like peel off stickers and jewelry.

"Two girls share this room. The desk on your right is Kairi's and the desk on your left belongs to her younger sister Danica. As you can see they have the desks with the mirrors attached. Some girls their hair and make-up done in their rooms. As you can see there is make-up and hair stuff in here. The 3-dimential mirror over by the wall to your left let our model's see what they look like. Here at Elite we also take into consideration our model's comments on things such as an idea for the dress or make-up. You can also see their favorite shoots of themselves up on the walls. The models get their clothes when the designers bring them in on racks. Kairi and Danica are here so their clothes should be in, in a bit." After Shane finished we went to the next room.

We went through 2 other rooms before heading towards the end of that hallway. "This is my favorite room out of all of them. The girls are allowed to personalize their rooms but they can't repaint it. This girl picked this room because of its color and she completely personalized it. As we stepped up towards the door I looked at the nameplate.

'Izzy' was inscribed in fancy lettering on a gold plate attached to the door. This was her room.

"As you can see this is Izzy's room. I love what she did with it." Shane said unlocking and opening the door. I froze.

The color of the room was the same color as my bedroom back in Forks. The desk and vanity mirror, like the other girls', had pictures in it. The 3-D mirror was on the left wall like the others but some things were different. She had a couch against the wall on the right side of the room. A black leather couch. On the one side of the couch was a rack of clothes, which I'm guessing she was modeling today. Posters of her were on the walls, as well as a few of Caleb's. I noticed toward the back of the room there was a black stereo system.

"Remember the picture I told you was my fav? Well this is it. I forgot she had it in her room." Shane said pointing to a picture on the left wall.

It was a picture of a girl, Izzy, kneeing on a bed with dark blue covers in a silver lingerie set with a sterling sliver chocker necklace that had tiny sterling silver chains running down her body to attach to the panties (A/N:link to picture on profile. It's really pretty.). She had her hands resting lightly on her thighs, her nails a silver color as well, and had her head turned toward her left shoulder looking at the boy, Caleb, who was kneeling behind her with his hands on her arms and was wearing a pair of blue and silver flamed shorts. His lips were on her shoulder and her eyes were closed. The 6 large candles on the headboard and floor lit their skin so it glittered. The picture looked like something out of a catalog. The picture had a seductive appeal to it, which made you wish you were the one behind her. And I did. I could feel the anger and jealousy rising and some how managed to hold in a growl.

"That is an amazing picture." I heard Alice, Rose, Kat, and Kayla say at the same time.

"Wow." Was all Carlisle, Esme and Jasper said.

Emmett on the other hand had to be a smart ass. "Wow. Who know Bella had it in her. The way look together I'd say they are way more then 'just friends'. It looks like they were oblivious to the camera."

I couldn't help the growl that escaped. It was low enough that Shane wouldn't hear but loud enough to warn Emmett to shut it. And he did.

'Edward cool it. He was just joking around.' (Jasper)

'Edward. Go look at the pictures on the mirror.' (Carlisle)

And I did. There were about 30 pictures in the sides of the mirror. There we pictures of Izzy and Dr. Rendon, pictures of her friends, the people here at Elite, some people I didn't know but looked important, and there were lots of pictures of her and Caleb. What came as a surprise to me was the fact she had 2 pictures of her and Charlie and 3 pictures of her and Jake. But the thing that shocked me most was the 3 pictures that were on the right side of the mirror. It was 3 of the pictures we had taken together. She had found them. Which meant… I looked back at the stereo.

"Shane, can I turn the stereo on for a second?" I asked.

He looked up at me from the couch. "Sure just don't mess with anything."

I turned the stereo on and pressed the button for the CD mode, then pressed play. A familiar sound filled the room.

Bella's lullaby. This was it. I hadn't played it in almost 65 years but I knew it.

"She plays that a lot. It's beautiful isn't it? She told me someone she holds very close to her plays the piano and made that for her. During the photo shoots she hums it to herself. It's so cute!" Shane smiled.

After a minute I pressed stop and turned the stereo off.

"Well lets continue on. Next stop the studio!!" Shane said very excited and got up and headed for the door.

As everyone began to leave I stopped and looked up at the picture that was Shane's favorite and now my most hated. 'This is going to be a very nerve racking vacation.' I thought as I left the room. 'If anyone should be in that photo with her it should be me………Wait what I'm I thinking? I had my chance to be the man in that picture and I walked away from it. I left so she could be happy and have a normal life………. So why is bothering me so much that's she's with him?'

I shook my head and walked out of the room closing the door behind me. Kat had left with the others, so I joined her and the rest of my family and continued on.

Kat's POV

As we left the room I noticed Edward stop and look at the photo on the wall. The one of Izzy and Caleb for Victoria's Secret. He looked lost and angry. I stood leaning around the doorframe. Earlier when we first saw the picture I could tell Edward was a little taken back. I could tell after he growled at Emmett that he was not happy with the situation in the picture. Jealousy. That's what it was. He was jealous of Caleb. I saw him shake his head and I ran to catch up with the group.

'I knew he loved her and still does. But I didn't think that it was this bad.'

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