Well Hello. I'm Redd and this is my first fic. My friend -some of you know her as DragonPhoenix16- encouraged me to put this story up here. Like her, I love the Alice/Carlos relationship from the movies and I got this idea for this story. This is going to cross over with some TV shows and maybe a movie and will go crazy so if you like complex storylines then you'll love this. Hope you enjoy the prolouge and tell me what you think.

This is a movie based fic and it follows the events of RE:A. I don't know if there'll be an Extinction part of this.

Pairings (so far): Alice/Carlos


How did they find us? Alice Prospero asked herself as she ran into the large structure where Carlos Olivera, Jill Valentine, LJ Wayne, and little Angela Ashford disappeared into.

It had been weeks since the others saved her from Umbrella and now it seems that the corporation either still wants her or wants her friends dead. Either way, she wasn't going to allow that to happen.

Just as bullets tore at her surroundings, she dove into through the building's doors and rolled off to the side where her friends were. Her strawberry blonde hair was already mussed up as she leaned on the column. The whole group was hiding behind some large column in the lobby.

Carlos loaded his assault rifle and Jill slammed ammo cartridges into the magazine of her handguns. Her dark hair caught the scant light that was reflected into the room. Her dark blue eyes scanned something near the entrance before she cocked the trigger on the 9mms she had in her hands. Alice loaded her shotgun as LJ pulled Angie away from all the weapons and towards an exit hallway.

"You sure this is gonna work?" LJ asked.

"What?" Alice asked them and looked to Carlos. As usual, she found herself staring directly into those warm and sincere brown eyes and found herself unable to look away from him. "What is going to work?"

"Olivera's bright plan of shooting those guys," Jill replied," We've got near dead aim. We can take on those fuckers."

"Just aim and shoot. Pretty easy," Carlos smiled, "Let's try it, shall we?"

Alice just smiled at that. It was time to kill. They heard the doors shatter and agents swarm in. Jill took shelter at another pillar as Carlos and Alice hid behind one large one. LJ and Angie hid in one room and locked the doors. The last thing Alice spotted of the pair was Angela's dark red hair disappearing behind the door.

Carlos held up three fingers, he was counting down. He then dropped one finger…..two……one. He turned and blasted at the agents he had seen as he leaned out to shoot. Alice pumped the shotgun and shot two agents, a third she killed using whatever mind-blowing ability she had acquired over her three week stay in an Umbrella fish tank. Jill took out six and wounded a seventh as she fired continuously. Carlos and Alice saved their ammo but Jill kept firing and kept hitting them. Suddenly, fire came from their sides and Carlos cried out in pain. A bullet had hit his side.

"Carlos!" Jill and Alice shouted as gunfire continued. With shots filled anger and retribution for the attack on him, Alice shot over and over until her shotgun was emptied. That was at least half a dozen shots and by the time the corpse fell to the floor it wasn't a body that fell but parts of it. Carlos saw that and even as Alice planned to shoot he moved the gun away and stared at her.

"Alice, he's dead." he told her and held his side which was spewing blood.

"Get him out of here, Alice!! Get the others out of here! I'll take care of these guys!! I promise I'll meet with you okay?" Jill yelled as she slammed more ammo into the magazines.

Alice nodded to her, but little did she know her friend was lying. She turned to Carlos and moved his bloody hand away from the wound.

"I need to get the bullet out." she informed him replacing the pressure on the wound by placing her hand where his was. With her free hand she tucked a loose lock of her hair behind her ear to keep it away from her eyes.

"That's gonna sting isn't it?" Carlos asked with a relaxed tone as he leaned his head back against the column.

"You'll feel it." she assured and concentrated on removing the bullet embedded in his flesh. It slipped from the blood and everything and flew into her hand. Carlos restrained a yell as the bullet was taken out but soon the pain lessened and the blood started to stop flowing.

"Jill, you can take them?" Alice asked as she helped Carlos up.

"Go, just go!" she yelled not wanting to answer the question anymore. Alice just nodded, knowing Jill was strong. She knocked on the door and got LJ and Angie out of their hiding place. First, she'd get everyone out of here, then go and help Jill, who was firing madly at the people that were firing at her.

The group of four made it half way through the structure before the familiar roars of the undead filled the hallways.

"Oh, fuck us." LJ muttered as Alice and Carlos turned to the hallway to see zombies heading towards them. LJ drew his signature golden Desert Eagles and Carlos drew a pair of .45s. Alice had a Glock in one hand and a Walther P99 in another. They pointed it at the end of the hall and began to fire, one by one. It went in order from most experience to least. Carlos because of his training went first, then Alice with her dead aim and lastly LJ. Angie stood behind Carlos and then turned to LJ. The whole group failed to notice a hallway to their backs.

"Look out!" she screamed and Alice whirled around to her left but not fast enough. An undead person sank their teeth into LJ's flesh. It turns out that the corridor right behind them had been filling and was being filled because the undead were attracted to the noise of the gunfire. More of the undead grabbed him and pulling him into the corridor not bothering with the other three.

"LJ!" Alice shouted and grabbed his hand to pull him out. Carlos finished the zombies at the hall and tried to pull their friend back but LJ let go of both of their hands.

"Get the kid outta here! Get yourselves fucking outta here!" LJ yelled trying to do something good for once. He had served as Angela's babysitter, now he was a hero valiantly sacrificing himself for the remaining three. He didn't know that but to Alice, Carlos and Angie, they saw it that way.

"LJ!" Carlos yelled back and tried to drag him out of there. He was not going to lose a friend to the undead, not again. Instead, some woman grabbed his wrist and sank her teeth into his forearm.

"Carlos, no!!!" Alice screamed and pulled the agent away from the mass that were turning to them with the scent of fresh blood. Alice snapped necks to keep them away from Carlos for he was the only human left. The infected ignored Alice and Angie because they too had the T-Virus, but they weren't ignoring Carlos.

Finally, she broke enough necks until there were only those that were feasting on LJ, who by now was long gone from this world. Seeing the blood flow towards them, Alice, Carlos, and Angie tried not to gag, but they knew whose blood that was. Then in order to keep the undead from getting to Jill, Carlos slammed his fist on a button that sealed off the corridor by sliding steal doors.

Alice turned to the former Umbrella agent and saw the blood streaming from his side and blood from his arm now leaving a trail on the floor. Carlos caught his friend's worried gaze and looked back to the spilled blood but saw more than there should've been.

"Alice, are you bleeding?" he asked as he stopped dead and turned to her.

"No." Alice replied and saw the exact same thing he did. Too much blood was trailing them. Carlos's arm was dripping blood but not that much. The two of them turned to Angela who looked up at them with the most innocent eyes.

"I just wanted to help him." she admitted and showed that her arm had a deep bite on it.

"Angie!" Carlos shouted seeing the gory bite on the little girl's arm stare at him.

"I just wanted to help." she repeated with a little cry in her voice. Alice took the little girl in her arms.

"We know." she whispered, "We know."

Suddenly, there was a loud crash that echoed through the empty hall. Carlos drew his gun and Alice pushed Angie behind her. They stared at the end of the hallways and waited. Waited for something to appear.

Finally, Alice heard the near inaudible steps of the Special Forces. Then there were some steps that broke the near silent pattern. So there was someone leading them. Someone important who needed the Special Forces and not ordinary agents.

"Run!" she shouted to Carlos and Angie but they didn't move and the steps were getting closer. She turned to both of them, "Run! I'll take care of them and I'll meet you at the exit hall."

Carlos nodded and took Angie by the hand. The two of them then turned at the end of the corridor behind Alice and ran down. Suddenly, the Special Forces turned the corner in front of her and marched down firing at Alice.

She easily dodged most of the bullets and fired most of her own to hit them. With her telekinesis she shot some bullets back to kill the rest of them. It was then when the agents were gone that a man emerged from the hall they came from. He had some sort of suit jacket and formal wear. He had short brown hair and amber-brown eyes. He was some sort of Umbrella official and Alice knew she saw him before.

"Project Alice, it's so good to meet you." he said with a malevolent smile. "Ready to come with me?"

"Ready to die?" she asked as she fired her gun. He dived into the hall and she took her cue to get away, but she didn't fail to shoot him, for she hit his leg. She ran towards the end of the hall just in time to hear one gunshot ring through the air.

"No." she gasped as she ran to the end to see that Carlos was sitting and leaning against a column. He obviously hit the column standing and then slumped to the ground for there was a trail of blood on the straight beam. But in front of him was the body of a bleeding girl. "No!!" Alice screamed.

She ran with remarkable speed towards the two and attended to Angie. She saw the bullet in her head and turned to Carlos. Why? she was about to ask when she saw he had sustained three more bites, but this time, they were much smaller. The smaller wounds caused by someone, a child. He was losing more and more blood with every second that they were there.

When she turned to the little girl she saw that her skin was pale, the wound had stopped bleeding but had remained red with blood, and blood that was not her own stained her teeth. She had been turned because the T-Virus only cancelled the one she had in her blood. There was the only explanation of her body giving up because the immune system was too weak. She had been turned in a matter of fifteen minutes.

Carlos coughed up blood and Alice left the little girl's body there to attend to him. Right, now he was the only one left and then, Jill would come to them soon. It would only be the three- An explosion rocked the whole structure and wiped out the front of the building. As it started to shake the couple realized the place was going to collapse.

"We need to get out of here!" Carlos yelled as Alice grabbed the body of the little girl and then helped him up. The two of them ran out of there just as the place collapsed in on itself.

"Jill," Alice muttered and realized that there was no way Jill could've survived.

The whole front of the building had been taken out and the rest fell on top of it. Alice laid the body of Angie on the ground and then turned to the last person she had left in her life, Carlos. She grabbed the antivirus from her pouch that she thought she'd have time to give to Angie, not anticipating that the girl would turn in a matter of minutes. Using what should've been meant for the little girl, Alice felt a little guilty for using it to save Carlos's life. But as she was about to give it to him she saw that his blood was already pooling around him and he was pale and losing consciousness.

"Don't." he whispered his voice hoarse and a little abrupt, "Don't waste it."

"What're you talking about? This'll save your life!" she shouted at him but he shook his head.

"I'm already dead." he said, "I've lost already too much blood. There's no way I'm gonna recover all that."

"No, there'll be a way. I can-"Alice started a little frantically but Carlos shook his head.

"It's not going to work." he said his voice already dying off.

"Carlos?!" she asked and raised her voice, "Carlos?!! No! No, don't do this! Hang in there, please."

But it was no use. Carlos was dying on her. He was losing consciousness and then he'd lose his life.

"Carlos?!" Alice asked as she tilted his face towards hers. "Please, you're the only one I have left. You're the only one." she cried and felt tears for all her lost friends sting her eyes, "Please, don't. Hang on-"It was soft but Alice heard him as he faintly nodded to her in reply.

"For you." he whispered but lost consciousness.

Alice got to work treating his wounds, but she concentrated too much on healing him that she hadn't heard the footsteps of the people behind her. She knew she'd be able to save him. She would, and she smiled when she saw her friend show signs of gaining consciousness. Just as Carlos started to stir, Alice felt arms grab her and pull her away from him.

"No!" she screamed as she fought them and killed the person that had dragged her back. She tried to run to Carlos but even more and more men flooded from out of nowhere. She used her telekinesis to blast all of them back but then strong arms wrapped around her and dragged her away from her stirring friend. " No!!! Let me go!!! Carlos!! No!!!"

Agents approached him and drew their Glocks and Alice knew he wasn't awake, yet. A scream of protest ripped from her throat as gunshots echoed in the air. She could sense death, and at the gunshots she knew. She lost everyone. She lost Jill and LJ and Angie and couldn't stop the men from taking Carlos away from her. It was all her fault. She struggled against the strong arms that held her and restrained her from saving a life.

"Stop it." the man said to her but it was in his voice.

"No, it can't be." she whispered and struggled even more to turn to face him but couldn't.

"Alice, stop! Alice!!" came an order. "Alice, wake up! Wake up!"

Wake up? Alice asked herself and prayed that she could. She found herself praying that this was a nightmare and she'd shortly wake. Soon, she found her eyesight spiraling into a total abyss.

So, interesting? Boring? Tell me what you think. If you want to know this may cross over with the television show called Moonlight and that may have just made all of you give up on this story. Oh, well. Here's a little preview for the next chapter. It's not final yet so there's going to be some changes to this.


After the incident and all that, Carlos Olivera hadn't been the same. The company he was a loyal agent to was not the corporation he thought they were. He thought they were some corporation with a SWAT for protection. Not a government funded corporation using the money for illegal experimentation with a virus meant to cure a little girl from her disease. Other than that they turned a man into a non-recognizable creature out of a horror movie and mutated a woman to have powers that classifies her as a superhuman. Carlos wasn't the same person, he sided with his corporation's enemies becoming the hunted along with, he had to admit, the beautiful Alice Prospero, the woman that had been mutated by the virus, the tough but striking Jill Valentine, a Raccoon City Cop who was part of STARS, innocent Angela Ashford, the daughter of the Head Programmer Charles Ashford and the original recipient of the original virus, and street-talker, Lloyd Jefferson Wayne or LJ Wayne, a sole civilian survivor of the city.

Two friends were human and two other were only superhuman. But Carlos himself was far from human. He looked human but he wasn't. He avoided the sun and barely slept at all. He sometimes heard things that others couldn't hear at all and like Alice he had superhuman abilities. He wasn't infected with the T-Virus but still- he wasn't human. He couldn't even be classified as one. If you look at him you can say he is a mortal but in the eyes of the night he was predator and a killer all on his own. The guns he had been trained to use made him more deadly, but they didn't change him. They had no affect on who and what he was. But like his past, he kept it a secret and his friends and only allies with him knew him as a former agent for Umbrella like Alice. The thing was, Jill, LJ, Angie, and Alice think he is human. They didn't know the truth and he planned to keep it that way.

Three weeks after the Raccoon City Incident, Carlos, Jill, and LJ with Angie went and rescued Alice from Umbrella and hoped that nothing else had happened to her. Now, it's been at least four weeks since that. Every two days the group would pull over in a motel and check in for the night, they'd gas up and head out of there. It was an efficient plan. And in order to keep suspicion away from himself, Carlos let the others take over some of the work. He had already mastered the look of someone asleep and it was rather easy. Then, when everyone else couldn't do whatever needed to be done, he'd pick it up and would always do what he needed to do until the next rest stop. All they were doing was trying to hide from Umbrella and the radar. But little by little, they saw towns fall to the infection.

Umbrella was getting good at covering up their mess and they quarantined most of the areas so the Virus wasn't going to spread fast. If the group of renegades was going to take down the corporation before the world fell, then they'd better be fast and they needed to find a cure also. Because time was running out. Speaking of time-

Carlos was thinking about this when he heard a scream echo into the night. He scrambled to his feet from his post outside the door and into the room. He did this almost every night when they pulled up to stop. He was just waiting for when she would start and apparently this time she was a little bit close to dawn with this nightmare. Suddenly, another scream shattered the rest of his thoughts.

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