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She moaned as she stirred. Her blue eyes fluttered as she woke up. Her only companion in the room saw this and approached the bed where she lay.

"Morning, sleeping beauty." she heard someone say, but she couldn't really tell who was talking because her vision was still blurry.

Her eyesight however cleared up and she could see the person sitting beside her on the bed. His dark brown hair and green eyes showed deep concern for her and locked with her confused gaze.

"Jill, are you okay?" he asked her, but she didn't answer him. A look of anger flashed in her eyes along with a hint of betrayal. She sat up and launched a punch that would have broken his nose for sure if he had not caught her fist.

"How-" she started shocked when she saw him smile. Usually, when she'd throw a punch- even if she was drunk or sleepy- that punch would hit that person and hit them hard.

"Vampire, remember?" he asked with a smirk on his face as he released her fist.

"What did you do to me?" she asked him as she looked at her wrist and saw two puncture wounds. It wasn't like two holes punched into her wrist, it was sloppy like something had bitten her hard, and that was what happened.

"I bit you." he answered simply as if it were an everyday act, "It was the only way to get you out of there and to safety."

"You could've gotten me out differently-" she started but was cut off with him laughing.

"Doing what?" he asked her, curious. "Carrying you out of there? I think you would've shot me when I put you to your feet."

Jill laughed at that as Josef's hand took the wrist with the bite scar on it. He gently outlined the small puncture wounds on her wrist as if afraid that his vampire touch would reopen the small wounds.

He laughed a little, "You know, you're really stubborn." When he said that, Jill beamed at him. Their eyes met for a moment before- "Get some sleep, Jill." Josef suggested as he gently leaned her back onto the soft pillows. The gesture was not protested by Jill as she allowed him to lean her back.

"Where are we?" she inquired, not really recognizing the room she was in.

"Mick's place." he answered her simply as he got off the bed.

"Alice and Carlos?" she asked as Josef got off the bed. She had wanted to stay to help her friends, but Josef, who had cared about her safety, had gotten her away from them. She had some right as to inquire of their conditions or at least their whereabouts.

The vampire stopped before answering her, as if deciding whether or not to tell her the whole thing or a part of it, the whole truth or maybe a lie. "Mick and I went back to the ballroom with Beth. Cops were all over the place, but one of Beth's cop friends allowed us to survey the scene. There were no ashes meaning they didn't die in the fire-"

"Fire?!" she asked about to sit upright but her head spiraled as she jolted up and she eased back onto the pillows with a groan. Josef was about to lean her back but stopped himself when he saw that Jill could do it on her own.

"Don't worry about them or the fire. Point is: Carlos and Alice are alive. But we have no clue of where they went." he told her and partly lied. He was just giving her the answer she was looking for: Alice and Carlos were alive.

"Alright." Jill said as she closed her eyes and relaxed. Her mind just floated away and she fell into a peaceful sleep.

Josef watched her until she fell asleep. He took in all the details about her as if this was going to be the last time he'd see her. He noticed that her jet black hair was mussed, for earlier Beth had helped to undo her hairstyle so that she wouldn't feel uncomfortable as she slept. Her light skin caught the scant sunlight that was able to pierce through the blinds and shine its light on her. And as she slept, she looked so placid and relaxed. Josef forced himself to look away for the sunlight reminded him of one thing. One thing that was different between the two of them- he was immortal and she was not. Too bad it didn't change the fact that Josef thought Jill to be very- Again, the vampire forced himself to look away and left her- closing the door behind him to allow her some rest from the events of the previous night.

It had been early morning when Beth forced him and Mick to go and check the ballroom out. Personally, the two vamps preferred the afternoon, better yet night, where they wouldn't have to worry about looking strange in the sunlight. However, Beth was able to persuade Mick and he, in turn, persuaded Josef to go. In the end, they saw that the ballroom had been set on fire and the remains of the place were either charred or left in ashes. However, none of the ashes belonged to Carlos, for vampire ashes are different from ash in general, and there wasn't a body- so Alice was not dead. That was when the scent of the past came in helpful and revealed to the two vamps what happened.

They saw that Carlos had fed on Alice's blood to counteract the silver the poisoning, which had been given to him when Christine plunged a silver stake into his chest. From there, the two vampires continued to search through the past to get what happened next. Then, both Josef and Mick were both surprised, as was Carlos, when they heard she had been told the truth by Beth and Jill and had seen Carlos's vampire visage the night of her rescue. It was shocking to the vampires that humans were the ones that had revealed the secret and not the vampires. If it had been another mortal, and not Alice, then Josef and Mick would've considered warning Jill and Beth not to do that- but it had been Alice they had told. After all, she had been the only person that had not found out about their secret. As they continued to watch, they saw Carlos almost drain Alice before he carried her out of the fiery ballroom and ran out into the night.

Now, he hadn't told the whole story to Jill, but it wasn't like he lied to her completely- he just didn't tell her the entire truth. He knew where Carlos and Alice were, or at least where Carlos took Alice. Either way, there was only one other safe haven besides Mick and Josef's place that Carlos knew about in California.


She felt like falling out of paradise as she started to awake. The pleasure she had felt from the bite was still ringing through her mind and brought up those tickling sensations. But as she stirred, she lost the elated feeling and reluctantly returned to consciousness. Her ice blue eyes opened slowly. She moaned slightly as she stretched to rid the sleep from her muscles. After a while, her eyesight and vision became a little clearer.

"Alice?" came a worried voice, but she didn't need any super powers to know who was with her.

She was lying on the bed alone, but Carlos sat on a seat next to the bed, brushing away her strawberry blonde locks. Carlos noticed that her hair was mussed and her skin was pale- yet she still managed to look incredibly amazing.

"Are you alright?" he asked her, his voice soft and quiet.

She smiled a little weakly. "I'm fine." she replied. "What happened?"

"After you fainted, I carried you out of there and brought you here." he answered her.

"And where is here?" Alice smiled at him. She knew it wasn't Mick's place for she didn't remember it having this room.

"A safe place." he assured her. He took her wrist, the one which he bit, and examined the wound. The puncture marks had scarred over leaving it as a permanent mark on her flesh.

"I've gotta thank you." he whispered to her as he lay down by her side.

"For what?" Alice asked him.

"For saving my life." he answered her, breaking their locked gaze for a moment. Only he, and probably by now Mick and Josef, knew what he had done- or almost had. He had nearly turned her. At least, he was in the process of it. The first stage, was to drain the potential vamp- the mortal- and Carlos had done that. All he had to do was to feed her his blood and then-

"What's wrong?" Alice asked breaking his thought line.

Carlos hesitated before answering her. "I- nothing." The answer was followed by a reassuring grin. "Go to sleep, Alice. You need the rest."

"And what will you do?" she whispered.

"Don't worry about me." he said as he stood up, "I can take care of myself."

Alice nodded in reply before she closed her eyes. Carlos just watched her and, as soon as he thought she was asleep, he sighed and leaned on the wall nearest to the door. He tried to relax for moment when suddenly his cell phone, in his pocket, vibrated.

"Geez-" he whispered as he picked up the phone and left the room closing the door behind him cautiously, so not to disturb Alice. "Hello?"

"Carlos, please tell me you're at the beach house." came Josef's voice.

"Where else would I be?" he asked him as he walked into the living and took a seat on the sofa.

"And Alice is with you?"

"Of course."

"And she's not a vampire, right?"

The question stunned Carlos for a moment and his hesitation worried the other vampire on the other side.

"God, Carlos- please tell me-" he started.

"No!" Carlos cut in urgently. "Josef, I-"

"Mick and I saw what happened. She saved your life, I know, but you'd need to drain her in order for both of you to live. By the way-"

"Josef, she's fine. I almost drained her- completely taking all her blood and almost taking all of it… There's a big difference!"

"Alright! I was gonna ask if Alice was alright."

"She's-" Carlos answered opening the door to check on her even though it had only been a couple of minutes since he was last with her. But he never finished his answer because Alice was gone.

"Car-" Josef started but was cut off.

"I gotta go." came the abrupt interruption and before Josef had time to say anything he heard the phone snap close.

Carlos looked around the room. She was just here! he thought as he looked into the bathroom and large walk-in closets. If there was any attack, in her condition, Alice would basically be a helpless mortal. Now, defenseless would be with martial arts training but no weapons whatsoever and Carlos knew that Alice would be able to defend herself with just that and her T-Virus abilities; but helpless meant no T-Virus abilities, no martial arts, and no weapons because her body basically did not have all that strength.

Tired of looking for her, Carlos used his vampiric hearing ability and searched the area for her. He heard her along with the waves of the ocean's low tide. She was outside…on the beach. The sun was still setting and placed pretty high in the sky. It was going to be a while until nightfall. But sunset or not…the presence of the sun was keeping Carlos away from her. He approached the sliding doors to the balcony which had a staircase leading to the sandy beach. From where he stood, he could see her. She was lying on a towel, her dress was in shreds and half burnt. He could see that the waves gently rolled onto the sands and reached her feet before being pulled back into the ocean only to return. He smiled to himself before sliding open the door. He easily jumped over the railing and landed on the ground with a mild thud. Only vamps and infectants would have heard his near silent footsteps.

Alice didn't hear a thing, but suddenly part of the sun was blocked. She smiled before opening her eyes. She could only see his silhouette against the blinding setting sun. But the smile quickly faded.

"Carlos!" she shouted, "What're you doing out here?!"

He laughed as he sat next to her on the sandy beach. "I can't come and check on you?"

"But the sun-" she started.

"It's setting. It's not going to do any harm." he lied. He knew it didn't matter what time of day it was, the sun always posed a danger.

"Oh." Alice muttered as she leaned back onto the towel believing him.

"What're you doing out here?" he asked her.

"I love the ocean. Love the water." she answered him. "My hometown was landlocked but every summer my whole family and I would go to the beach."

Carlos grinned as he glanced at her. There was a serene smile painted on her face as she told him, her eyes closed as she took in the setting sun's rays.

"I'd wake up every morning just to go to the seashore and I'd swim in the ocean everyday." she said as her blue eyes opened and her gaze met his.

"Everyday?" he asked her and she answered with a nod.

"Every single day we were there." she said with a laugh as she sat up and stared at the blue waters. Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind.

Smiling, she stood up and ran towards the water.

"Alice?!" Carlos called after her.

She stopped and ran back to him, grabbing his hand and pulling him up.

"C'mon!" she smiled and pulled harder until he was on his feet. But Alice let go running until she was up to her calves in ocean water. "Carlos."

He just stood at the water's edge as if the salty water was poisonous silver.

"What? Vamps and oceans not good together?" Alice teased as she walked up to him kicking the water at him.

"No, it's just the last time I was in an ocean, I nearly drowned." he said somberly making the mirthful expression on Alice's face fade quickly to a look of shock and sympathy.

"Carlos, why didn't you tell me?" she asked him standing in front of him, the water rolling over both of their feet. "What happened?"

He sighed and looked at the setting sun for a moment.

"Remember that towering bulk you met?" he asked.

"You mean tall, pale, and ugly?" Alice joked.

Carlos actually laughed at that. "Yeah, well, once upon a time he was just like me-"

"What?! That project be a thoughtful, caring, hottie-"

"Huh, hottie?" he asked, with a wry grin.

"Yeah, why not? I think the others are getting to me." she giggled. "Now, was he really-"

"No. I was actually going for a centurion vampire that was under the radar." he said finishing what he had mentioned previously. 'Oh.' Alice mouthed making Carlos smile.

"And you almost ended six feet underwater- how?"

"We got into a fight. He didn't want me to leave Christine- they're siblings, you know." he said and got answer when he saw her eyes widen with surprise. "Anyways, he cheated and I was knocked out cold. When I come to I find myself tied up and he throws me off a ship- Luckily, he didn't do a thorough body search and I had a knife- A silver knife."

"What kind of vampire carries his own poison?" Alice asked him her face showing confusion.

"Hey, there are rouge vamps out on the streets." he replied in his defense. "Okay, long story short- after I cut myself free, the waves washed me to shore and I lost the blade- Now, only silver can scar a vampire and this blade sliced me clean across my chest."

Alice shook her head, perplexed. "Wait, I haven't seen a scar on your chest."

She saw his face light up with a smile and realizing the truth, she playfully hit him. "You goddamn liar!" she smiled as Carlos wrapped his arms around her and chuckled.

"Yeah, and you bought the whole thing until the end." he pointed out, Alice body firmly pressed against his.

"So, what was the whole point of that?" she asked, "Why tell that to me? Are you hydrophobic-"

"No, I just wanted you like this." he said referring to how they were at the moment. "I couldn't get you with you going for the water and all."

"You really don't think things through all the way, do you?" she asked knowing there were plenty of other things he could've done.

"I usually improvise or wing it." he replied.

"Yeah, righ-!" she started before all of a sudden she was pulled down to the sandy beach and the waters successfully landing on Carlos. The ocean waves were now at their sides. "I knew it."

"Mmhmm." Carlos murmured. "You know me well."

He was about to kiss her when Alice lifted her body from his.

"Nah-ah. Not that easy." she said teasingly. She broke into a run for the waters once again.

Carlos got up and sighed, "She was serious when she said she loved the ocean." He followed her into the shining waters.


"That bitch!" Christine screamed as she and Lukas walked into the Umbrella lab.

There was a smile on Slater's face as he saw the two returning.

"Too hard for you, Aeris?" he teased. Isaacs looked up from the microscope to glare at the man that was second in charge to him in the Lab.

"You failed when she was restrained, Slater!! What does that say about you?!" Christine snapped as she took a seat and moved her shoulder. Suddenly, with a sickening crack she straightened her dislocated shoulder.

"Your precious Project Alice had vampiric help." Lukas informed as he was morphed into his somewhat less bulkier form and looked more humanlike. "Carlos Olivera. Mick . Josef Konstantin. They are only three of the vampires in LA-"

"Konstantin?" Isaacs asked.

"Yes." Christine replied, "He's the head of the corporation-"

"Yes. Yes. I know." the doctor replied in a hurry as he rushed to his computer and began to type a series of codes. "He's probably the one who is a big support to the group- financially. Take him out and we can work our way to the others."

"Take him out- how?" Slater asked.

Isaacs plan never included any violence, leaving all of that up to Christine, Lukas, and himself. The ball for example…Isaacs had just told them to crash the formal and capture Project Alice. It was actually the trio themselves that planned the attack.

"Just do it." came the order. "Be creative. I just want Konstantin down and out."

Once again, the three agents exchanged glances. It was their job to do the dirty work as usual.


They were somewhere in the shallows where the waves of low tide couldn't touch or bother either of them. Her legs were wrapped around his waist.

"Now, what was the hardest part of all this?" Alice asked as their lips met.

"Now, that you ask," Carlos started to answer, "I really don't remember."

The sun was now orange and the sky was a mixture of pink, purple, red, and hints of blue streaked across the sky. He held her so that her back was to the sun and the sky was behind her as a background.

"You're beautiful." he whispered to her.

"Thanks." she said, "You're not that bad yourself."

"What happened to being a hottie?" he asked her with a laugh.

"You take things too seriously." Alice replied with a smile as she kissed him.

All of a sudden, the two of them were on the sand, Carlos on top.

"What do you want to do now?" Alice asked, "You know, it's almost your time of day." She was referring to the setting sun behind the both of them.

"I've got ideas." he replied. "And you?"

"Well, first we can take a shower and get the sand off and then, well-" she hinted, mischievously.

Carlos stood up and pulled Alice up with him holding her close to him. "You up to it?" he was still worried, for it was not even twenty four hours ago that he had nearly pushed her to the turning point.

She smiled and started to walk ahead, slowly. He let her walk ahead for at least halfway before Alice turned to him.

"Oh, come on!" she shouted at him, "How can you catch up to me now?!"

With a small grin, Carlos could feel the small stinging pain of the sun rays subside as he ran with inhumane speed to her, picked her up and ran up the stairs all the way up to the balcony over the sand.

"Believe me, I can catch up." he said to her as he put her to her feet. "Now, what did you say you wanted first?"

Without another word, Alice pulled Carlos to her and opened the sliding door behind her. The two of them slipped inside and slammed it shut behind them.


"Christine, what's our plan?" asked Lukas with a throaty growl that was natural to his voice ever since he was turned into a hybrid.

"Hurt him emotionally." Christine answered as she walked over to the computer where Slater was sitting in front of.

"And exactly how do you know that will cause him to be no more problem?" Slater asked as Christine slapped his feet off the edge and he removed them and sat right.

"Well, I happen to know Konstantin pretty well." she answered as she typed in something, "He fell for a mortal a while ago."

"How long ago?"

"Fifty years, maybe?" she told him.

"That's 'a while' ?" Slater asked.

"Compared to four centuries. Yes." Lukas answered this time.

Slater ignored him and got on to asking for the plan.

"Kill the girl." Christine replied simply.

"Simple. Involves murder. No problem." Slater said with approval and glanced over at the towering bulk that once looked like a human man.

"Sounds like fun." the hybrid answered as he shape shifted into his more atrocious form.

"Ugh, get back to your other form 'cause you make me wanna puke." Slater said disgusted as he looked away and at the computer screen.

"Lukas, he's right. We won't be doing anything, though. I've got a contact in New York that can take her out easily."

"Alright, fine." Slater said, "And Alice?"

"She's gonna be hard to get to. Carlos isn't an easy vamp to kill. Neither is Mick… or Josef." Christine answered as she wrapped a lock of hair around her index finger. "Carlos is close to Alice- maybe…"

"I know what you're thinking Aeris and the goal is to capture Alice not hurt her to get to Olivera. He's a vampire, what do we need with a vamp?" Slater asked. Christine rolled her eyes and gestured towards her brother.

"I thought Isaacs wanted a new toy." she answered, "What better than another vamp?"

"Tell your plan to Isaacs and while you're at it make sure you make that phone call. I want Konstantin out as soon as possible. Maybe we can get rid of more people as well." Slater hissed as he walked out of the room.

Lukas stood in the corner, tentacles twisted in anger and rage. "He shouldn't talk to you like that. Next time, I'll wring his throat."

Christine held up her hand, "No, he's cute. I want him."

"You hate the man." Lukas said thinking about all the spats the two of them had. He knew nothing of flirting, but if he did he would have noticed that the two of them occasionally flirted and then the argument and insults started.

"I'm toying with him." Christine said with a wry smile as she stared at nothing in particular.

"Like you did with Carlos?"

Christine stopped and glared at her older brother, the question bringing up the past. "Listen, you weren't supposed to kill the girl! I said you could do anything to her, but kill her! He was supposed to be mine forever."

"The Elders already recruited him. He's special and you know that. If you quit playing with him a long time ago we could have had one of the most powerful vampires on our side. Now, we're reduced to being experiments and helping out mad mortals."

"We can take care of them easily." Christine said as she stood up and walked over to him. "But is the plan still the same? Or do we have to change it?"

"Carlos has the girl with him. If Isaacs is right about her and you think his feelings are strong then she'll be the strongest hybrid. Her blood will fuse with the vampiric blood easily-"

At the mention of all that blood, Christine's eyes opened wide and she let out a frustrated scream that made Slater run into the room.

"What's wrong?!" he yelled aiming his question at Christine instead of Lukas.

"Olivera isn't dead!" Christine said as she paced, her heels clicking against the floor. "The silver would have killed him and the fire would have ashed him but a friend of mine never found a trace of vampire ash."

"So, what?!" Slater said as he leaned against the wall. His ears still ringing from the scream.

"The T-Virus always remains in blood."


"I stabbed Carlos with a silver stake. I missed his heart, but I still poisoned him. The only way for him to survive was to drain that bitch!"

"I don't get it."

"He's a hybrid!" Christine screamed, making Slater and Lukas stare at her incredulously but it didn't take long for them to do the math and put the pieces together.

"More news for you to tell Isaacs." Slater muttered, "By the way, can you call your contact and get rid of whatever girl Konstantin was involved with."

"What's the rush?" Lukas asked as he walked towards the exit. "The girl's in a coma for life."

"And where're you going?" Slater asked.

"Getting some fresh air." Lukas answered as he remained in his humanoid form and walked out leaving Christine and Slater alone.


He had been tempted…oh, so tempted to drink her blood. When she screamed his name and arched her back, her blood pulsed through her body like raging rapids driving a bloodlust through him like a stake. But somehow, he found what little humanity he had and gripped onto that control staying with her, driving them both to a thundering climax which had them both screaming.

It was only later, when he woke up to find himself with her in his arms that he regretted ever meeting her. He knew it was wrong on so many levels. Mortal and human relationships ended with the vampire turning the mortal and them separating later in life when they've had enough of each other. It seemed to be that love could fade with time. He wanted to be with her, live in her world and not fear the sun, but it was impossible. He would have to let go of her eventually, but after that he was sure he'd drive a silver stake through his own heart than live without her. Cliché be damned, he loved her, but unlike the stories of which the vamp gets the girl for life, the reality was that the vamp would get the girl killed in the end.

"Carlos?" Her voice broke his thoughts and he looked at her. The moonlight touched her face and made her pale, but still- "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." he lied.

"I know that when you say 'nothing', it means that there's something."

He had to laugh at that. They had known each other for a short time, but it took that long for them to know each other pretty well.

"Us." he reluctantly answered.

"Thinking about letting me go sometime in your immortal life?" she asked, making him tense. There was no humor in her tone. "I know too goddamn well. You're taking another regret trip- thinking that this will never work and that I'll end up dead or something-"

"Alice, we're from different worlds-" he started to argue when she cut him off.

"No, there's two worlds here. The mortal and the supernatural. At least you belong to one where there are others like you. I'm the only one who's a freak of nature-"

"No you're not-"

"Oh, really. There's no one else. I'm an experiment. I'm the only one." she broke his gaze and looked away. They were quiet for a while.

Carlos knew that she was different, but that was what made her special. Sometimes people want to be special and when they are they don't want to be, most of the time it's people that don't want to be special that find out they're not normal and they spend the rest of their lives trying to be what they aren't and never can be. He knew that Alice had excepted herself, she just couldn't stand the fact that she was alone.

"If we could be in the same world then, maybe you wouldn't feel so isolated." Carlos whispered, "But I'll always be here…Always."

"You have the power to put us in the same world."

Carlos forgot how to breathe for a moment. Her implication stung him and he prayed that she wasn't thinking about- "What?"

"Turn me."

He moved away from her and got up only to sit on the edge of the bed. "Do you know what you're asking me to do?"

"I'm not mortal so there's no reason to be stuck in the gaps."

"I'm not ending your life just so you could be in mine." Carlos said, "You're asking me to leave on the cusp between life and death, to feed you blood, to take away the sun from your life, take away simple pleasure like eating food and walking in the park, and to keep you from living in the mortal world. Believe me, you may be alone and special but at least you can have normal things."

Alice stared at him, or really at his back since he turned away from her. All she wanted was to be normal, she couldn't do that in the ordinary world when she wasn't a superhuman but she hoped she'd be able to be normal in his world. However, when she heard everything she'd lose thoughts came into her head.

"You'd lose a lot and only have me and a couple of friends for eternity. I'm not going to give you that life." he said, his voice tainted with regret and pain.

"I don't care about what I'd lose." she whispered as she wrapped her arms around her naked body pressed against his back, "I don't-"

"I do." he whispered, his voice barely audible.

"We'll be together, don't you want that?" she asked.

"At the cost of you losing your humanity." He slightly turned to face her but only caught her face through peripheral vision.

"I lost it the day they plunged that needle into my arm. I'm not human- I don't want to be. Carlos, please- I want to be with you."

At that he turned to face her and looked into ice blue eyes that were pleading with him. She lightly kissed before pulling him down so that he was on top of her.

"Alice." he whispered when their kiss broke. He moved to her neck and heard the blood rush through her veins. He heard take a deep breath. "Tell me to stop."

"Turn me." she said, her hand found his nape while the other ran down the contours of his back.

"I'm sorry," he whispered before he lost control and let the animal within him claw its way to the surface. A moment later, he buried his fangs in her neck and took what little blood she had left.

When there was barely any blood left in her body, he bit his own wrist and let the blood flow into her mouth. It would take hours before she woke up but he was searching for a sign that the turning was a success. If it was, the bite at her neck would scar over becoming what looked to be a birthmark. It took a moment, but it did. The turn was successful- she was a vampire…now he wanted to tear out his own heart for taking away any chance at a normal life that she had.

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