Dobby and the Beast

Hargrid was in his cottage after a long hard day of taking care of the grounds of Hogwarts. He was relaxing on his couch with a large cup of mead. But he was lonely. Harry and his friends would not be arriving at Hogwarts for another month. Alos, he was afraid for Harry becuase Voldemort wanted to kill him.

Just then, there was a crack and Dobby the house elf appeared before him. He came every night to clean Hagrid's hut and make sure he had enough wood for his fire and that his trashcans were emptied.

Lately, Hagrid enjoyed more and more these brief visits. They didn't say much to one another, but Hagrid was beginning to develop feelings for the tiny elf.

"How are you," said Hargrid to the elf. "Good, sir, Dooby is very good sir" said Dobby.

Hagrid looked longingly at Dobby as he bent over the fireplace as he added more logs into the fire. He wanted to say something…

"Dobby?" he began, but he stopped. "Yes, said the elf.

Hagrid hesitated, but Dobby could read in his eyes what he desired for to say.

"Dobby loves sir, too" he said.

Hagrid wasted no time. He grabbed the little elf and tore his tea cozy off.

"Oh sir" said Dobby with a grin on his face, as Hagrid dropped his drawers and got ready to put his wand (and I don't mean his broken one ) into Dobby's naughty place.

However, there was a problem.

"Um Sir" started dobby, "I don't think I can take you, your just too big for me."

"Its ok Dobby" said Hagrid with a smile, "I have just the solution. But tel no one"

Hagrid reached over for his other wand, and said "engorgio ass hole"

Dobby was suddenly struck with the oddest feeling he had ever felt. Suddenly his love hole was massive!

"Now that's a wee bit better" said Hagrid, and he then lowered Dobby onto his throbbing manstick. Even with teh spell, it barely fit inside.

"Oh!" cried Dobby, feeling his insides being filled by Hagrid

"AGH" yelled Hagrid as he started to thrust in and out of the small elf, now altered by Hagrids huge mass inside of him.

Then, as Hagrid was about to cum, Dobby realized another problem with their love. However, it was too late, as Hagrid cummed into Dobby, filling him with his flood of love, and making his stomach bloat outward, as if he was pregnant or something. Hagrid relaxed and withdrew from dobby, causing a quart of manjuice to come out. Dobby was tired, and fell asleep in Hagrid's hairy loving arms.