Naruto: The Next Generation

Written By: J-Kakashi

Background: Both Naruto and Sakura are still looking for Sasuke. Sasuke finally finds Itachi and in abloody battle kills him. He and the members of S.N.A.K.E disband while he returns back to the village, realizing that sakura still loved him even after the horrible things he does Sasuke and Sakura falli in love. Tsunade give the order to seek out and destroy the remaining Akatsuki members, the Reformed Team 7 and comrades destroy the Akatsuki. Before the final battle with the Akatsuki leader Hinata revealed her true feelings for Naruto. In the final battle Naruto and Sasuke in a last effort combined their most powerful jutsu, the Rasengan and Chidori, creating the "Radori" a.ka. (Wind of 1000 Birds). After returning to the village Tsunade named the group honorary heroes of, both Konoha and the Five Great Shinobi Nations. For bringing peace to the village Tsunade declared Sakura Chief Medical Nin, Sasuke Anbu Leader, and stepped down as Hokage, giving the title to Naruto.

Naruto/Hinata and Sasuke/Sakura have children: Nanata, with the essence of the Nine-Tailed Fox and power to use the Bykugan with Sasuke/Sakura have 2 children, Kasuke, who is taught in the medical arts by his mother, while their daugther Sasura, born with a complete Sharingan as well the ability to use the Mangekyou Sharingan genjustsu (Tsukuyomi). Here is where their story begins...

Chapter One: The Beginning

(12 Years Later): A rock hit Nanata's window, Hurry up Nanata we gotta go!\rdblquote screamed Kasuke She always makes us late for something, she's such a loser.

exclaimed Sasura. Nanata jumped out the bed in a flash, \ldblquote Shit, I'm Going to be late!!!" yelled Nanata. She rushed downstairs grabbing her jacket on the way out, "Bye

Mom, bye Dad.", slamming the door behind her. "Damn, why is she in such a hurry" said Naruto, Hinata looked at him "You should know your the Hokage, Nanata graduates

from the Academy today, matter fact shouldn't you be leaving you have to be there to you know." Naruto looked at the time, "Shit, I'm going to be late!!!", "Are you coming ?"

asked Naruto, "I'll meet you there with the others" replied Hinata. Naruto rushed out the door grabbing his Hokage hat and clothes kissing Hinata goodbye. As she watched

him run down the street she smiled and said "Like Father Like Daugther."

(A Few Minutes Later

"Pick up the pace dumbass!", "Shut the fuck up Sasura" screamed Nanata. They reached the Ninja Academy just in time as Iruka-sensei assigned the group their new team. "In

Squad 7 the team is Nanata Uzamaki, Kasuke Uchiha, and the top student in this year's class Sasura Uchiha." Nanata looked at Sasura in disgust. "Hummph! She not that great

I could take her." murmured Nanata, "But at least I'm with Kasuke". Sasura looked at Nanata with the same emotion, "Damn, why did they stick me with her" said Sasura ,

"Same here!!!" replied Nanata. "Girls, Girls, chill I know you really don't like each other but you got to make the best out of it" exclaimed Kasuke."Your right Kasuke, your so

mature."replied Nanata blushing , "Oh, give me a break!" yelled Sasura. They looked at each other then walked away in opposite durections. Kasuke still standing their replied

with a huge sigh, "Man, what a day, and it's gona get harder and harder with these two."

(A Few Minutes Later):

Naruto standing in a corner "Where is Hinata?!"screamed Naruto, "Here I am, and I brought some friends."replied Hinata. "Hey Naruto-Kun." said Sakura wearing a long

flowing pink kimono with an the Uchiha symbol on the sash. "Hey Sakura-chan!.",replied Naruto "Did they already pick the teams" asked Sasuke wearing a black robe with the

Uchiha symbol on the back "I think so." Nanata seeing her dad rushed over to tell him the news. "Ive been assigned to Squad 7 with Kasuke and Sasura, but I got a

question?"said Nanata "Yeah what is it ? asked Naruto, "Who is Squad 7's sensei?". Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura smiled at each other. "Squad 7's sensei is our old sensei

Kakashi Hatake."replied Naruto. The grouped looked at their parents in amazement. "Wow, that's awesome we get to train with THE Kakashi-sensei." said Kasuke. "Don't

worry your in good hands." exclaimed Sasuke, " You sure are." said Sakura. Just then Kakashi-sensei appeared. "So are these my new students?" asked Kakashi. "Yes they

are" replied Hinata. "Well here is the plan, you three meet me noon tomorrow at the training ground, i have a special prize for the three of you" and like that he disappeared.

(Later that Night):

Nanata walked out to the balcony, looking toward the Hokage faces. Naruto and Hinata walked up to her looking at their daughter in confusion, "What's wrong Nanata" asked

Hinata. No one believes in me but you and father, they see me as just another average ninja," cried Nanata with tears rolling down her eyes, "They say I won't amount to

anything." Naruto came and hugged her I kind of had the same problem, there's two things you can do in this situation believe what they say , or you can do what I did, prove

them wrong. Thank you Father replied Nanata wiping the tears from her face. She jumped up on the edge of the balcony and screamed, Listen up Village Hidden in the Leaves,

My name is Nanata Uzamaki, and I'm going to be the next Hokage!!!