There's Something You Don't See Everyday

[MeatLoaf's Note: I got the idea for this story while I was playing Sim City 3000. And by the way, Mrs. Cary is my science teacher.]

One day, Blue and Steve were sitting at the kitchen table.
"Let's go to the Beach!" Said Steve.
"Bark!" said Blue.
So Steve and Blue put all their stuff in the back of the car and drove to the beach. When they got there, they got out of the car and laid the towel on the sand.
"Let's build a sandcastle!" said Steve.
"Bark!" said Blue.
Suddenly, Shovel and Pail appeared out of nowhere.
"We will help Blue build a sandcastle!" said Shovel and Pail at the same time.
Blue picked up Pail and put sand in him.
"Aaahhhhh!" screamed Pail. "I have sand in my eyes!!!"
"I will help you get the sand out of your eyes!" said Shovel.
Shovel tried to get the sand out of Pail's eyes, but Shovel got stuck in the sand.
"Aaaaahhh!" screamed Pail "Shovel is in my eyes!"
The Shovel and Pail ran around screaming until they tripped on a seashell and were knocked unconscious.
"That's something you don't see everyday." Said Steve. "Now let's have a picnic!"
"Bark!" said Blue.
Steve took everything out of the picnic basket (that appeared out of nowhere) and put it on the beach towel. Then Slippery Soap appeared out of nowhere.
"Don't eat that food!" said Slippery Soap "It needs to be washed or else you might get food poisoning!"
Slippery Soap washed the food with, um, himself.
"Is there such a thing as soap poisoning?" asked Steve as he looked down at the food that was now covered in soap suds.
Suddenly, Mrs. Cary appeared out of nowhere.
"Food irradiation!" yelled Mrs. Cary.
Then she pulled out her ray gun and zapped the food. Then she disappeared into thin air.
"That's another thing you don't see everyday." Said Steve. "Let's go swim in the ocean."
"Bark!" said Blue.
So Steve and Blue swam in the ocean. Suddenly, Blue saw one of Mrs. Cary's pet cockroaches floating in the ocean. Then she saw another, and another and then the entire ocean turned into a cockroach! The cockroach was so big, it jumped off the Earth and ate Pluto.
"That's yet another thing you don't see everyday." Said Steve "Since there is no more ocean, we should go home."
"Bark!" said Blue.
So Blue and Steve went home.