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If you haven't read family therapy, this will make no sense, if you have... this is how they got arrested as mentioned in the last chapter!! Enjoy


My vision that evening was very clear. The new fall line from Gucci was coming into the Bloomingdales shipping dock at 6 am the following morning. Included in the shipment was one, size XS, black and white checkered coat. It was the same coat I had been drooling over on line for weeks. In my vision, a petite blond gets to the store before me and purchases the only one in the shipment. Determined not to let this happen, I took matters into my own hands.

"Jasper!" I called. Immediately he appeared at my side. "I need your help with something."

"Whatever you need Alice, you know that." He said sweetly.

"How are you with security systems?" His face fell knowing he was about to get dragged into on of my plans, but he was my husband and he was going to help me get that checkered jacket or else!

Dressed in black, we made our way to the loading docks behind Bloomingdales. We watched as the dockworkers, raised the large garage door and started moving the boxes off the truck and into the storage area.

I wanted to run over at vampire speed, but Jasper, using his military training preferred to attack when there was a diversion. He held me firmly against the brick wall and whispered "Wait for it Alice... wait for it..."

When truck started to pull away from the loading dock, the Bloomingdale's employees leaned against the wall to have a cigarette and make a phone call. As he paced back and forth, he appeared to be in an argument with someone on the phone.

"Now, go while he's distracted. I'll be in the car waiting for you, hurry Alice..." Jasper hissed as I took off for the open garage door.

I slipped unnoticed into the large, open storage area and started looking for the box that in knew contained my jacket. Another door opened and a different worker came over and started dragging boxes from the storage room, into the actual store. I crouched behind a large box and waited for him to head back inside.

When I heard the door slam shut, I hopped up and silently headed in that direction. I opened it a crack and saw a large warehouse looking room on the other side. I couldn't hear his heartbeat so I assumed he was a safe distance away. I crept over to a tall shelf and started reading the labels on the different shelves.

"Who in their right mind would pay this much for clothes? I don't care if they are Gucci, some people are crazy. I better go put this stuff out on the floor." I listened to the worker talk to himself as he dragged the first box out the double doors to the left.

I waited for the doors to stop swinging and then snuck out, hiding behind a display of Levis jeans in the mens department. I could sit here unnoticed and wait for the box I needed to be dragged out onto the floor. Once is was out here, I could easily grab the jacket, leave the money for it at the register and head back to Jasper who was probably a nervous wreck in the car.

Ten minuets later, Larry dragged the box down the walkway, heading for the womens department, I followed next to him, safely hidden within the clothes of the men's department. He dropped the box next to the register and cursed about that beings enough lifting for one day. As soon as he was out of sight, I emerged from my hiding spot and squealed at the boxes like a child at Christmas.

I opened the first box to find the new line of shoes and boots. I took out a few pairs and tried them on, checking myself out in the mirror. The next box had the new handbags. I spread them across the floor, matching them with the pair of shoes that best complimented with them.

I had lost track of time, completely engrossed in my project of coordinating the outfits as I continued to open the boxes. I had four complete outfits laid across the floor when I heard the lights flicker on and a voice behind me said "Freeze right there miss."

I raised my hands into the air and slowly turned to face my company. A mall cop stood next to a Bloomingdale's employee, whose name was Maggie, according to her name tag . They both looked at me suspiciously. "Can you explain what you are doing here miss?" the cop said sharply.

"Um, well I was just starting to unpack these boxes." I said hesitantly. I was distracted because I saw the sleeve of my beloved jacket peeking out of one of the boxes.

"But you don't work here." Maggie said with authority.

"Well, I'm sorry, this is just a misunderstanding, I thought the store was open." I said as I started to inch my way closer to the box with the jacket in it, trying to figure out how to get my hands on it.

"It's only 7:45 am we don't open this early." Maggie spat at me with more hostility that I thought necessary.

"OK, fine, my mistake, I am just going to go wait in the parking lot until you open then." I slowly picked up my purse, took one last glance at the jacket that was still partially hidden in the box and headed for the door.

As I walked away I heard Maggie complaining to the guard about the lax security here at the store and had I been a murderer, she would have been dead. I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw the large glass doors that signaled my freedom. I was about to put my hand on the door handle I heard a loud beeping sound.

Beep Beep Beep blared in my ears.

"Stop her... she's stealing something!" That little witch Maggie screamed, pointing wildly at me. The mall cop came running, gun still drawn.

"Miss, don't move. Not another step." I looked at the glass door, and I could see Jasper in the car, waiting. If I ran at vampire speed I could get out of here, of course I'd have to find a new mall to shop at... I was thinking, but when I looked up and saw the security camera facing me, I knew I was out of luck. My face would be plastered all over the news, and that wouldn't be good. I raised my hands for the second time and faced the officer.

"I have no idea what could have set it off..." I fumbled with my words trying to figure out what I had that set off the alarm. I didn't even get the damn coat! I cursed to myself.

"The shoes... she tried to steal the shoes..." Maggie screeched. Stupid little human... I could easily...

"I'm sorry miss, but we are going to need to call the local authorities. I'll overlook the breaking and entering, but you are under arrest for shoplifting."

"Noooooooooooo" I screamed. A second later, I saw Jasper out of the car and pressed against the glass doors, glaring at me. I turned to my dear husband, and sheepishly waved my newly handcuffed hands up at him.