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Like No Other

"Alice, please ask Edward if he likes me! Please Pretty Please!"

I pleaded to Alice while on my knees. I have liked Edward Cullen for the past year and according to my best friend Alice, it was very obvious that I had a crush on him. Some how though she always tried not to get my hope up because of Rosalie.

Rosalie, in a short caption, is really the perfect girlfriend. She is down to earth, gorgeous, and knows the perfect way to lure guys to like her. Surprisingly, however, she didn't like anyone, or so she said. Anyways, she was like best friends with Edward and talked to him almost every day. And everyday I stared and wished that one day he would feel the same way about me.

That dream was very unlikely to happen because rumors went around that Edward loved Rosalie and was going to ask her out at the movies next Friday.

This doesn't mean that I don't talk to Edward. We have know each other for 5 years and have always been really good friends. I was always the one who wanted more of a relationship with him than he did.

But that's life for you; you never get what you want!

"Fine Bella! If you stop bothering me, I will text him right now."

Text Messages: Alice: Bold-Edward- Regular

"Hey Edward, whats up?"

Nm u?

O nm really…..um this maybe really random but who do u like cus a friend of mine, who likes u really wants to know!

Wait, how long has this girl liked me?

Since last year….can u tell me…pretty please!!!

I dnt want to hurt anyone's feelings, is there another way?

End of Texts

"Bella it seems that he is not going to budge!" Alice said shrugging her shoulders.

"Ya, I bet he likes Rosalie." All of the hopes of me and Edward dashed.

"Wait, I think I can get him to crack." Alice shouted excitedly as she turned back to her phone.

Text Messages:

"No I promise u wont hurt anyone! She just really really wants 2 know…..even if its not her!"

Well tell me if its a friend of mine first bc I dnt want to wreck r friendship

End of Texts

"Well do you want me to tell him? I mean it doesn't sound good right now. You should just move on to others guys. I bet they will be lining up the…." Alice said trying to comfort me.

"Alice just say it!" I yelled. Wow I didn't mean to scream!!!

"Ok then, but don't get your hopes up!"


Ya she talks to u every day

Idk I dnt want to mess anything up u know?

Ya but she doesn't care who u like she just really wants 2 know!

Is it Bella?

Yes….do you like her?

(Long pause…. Alice and Bella are pacing around the phone, nervously waiting for an answer!)

Like no other

End of texts

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