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Mall Encounterings

I couldn't believe it……I was going to be asked out by Edward Cullen. The most popular, cutest, smartest guy in school was going to ask Bella Swan……. I can hardly wait!

Sure enough right after Edward's texts ended, Alice dragged me to the mall the find the cutest outfit that she could find. I always hated shopping with her. Not because she didn't find anything cute, but because she spent soooo much money on me. The last time we went she spent 10,000 dollars on me!

We shopped in every department store and had loads of bags in our hands by the end of the trip…or so I thought.

"Bella! Come on! We have to go to Forever 21 before it closes!!!" Alice said practically dragging me into the store.

"Can I please get something to eat first? I'm starved from all this shopping!"

"All right but hurry up because you have to try on all that I find!" she said with an evil grin.

Great! I am going to pay for doing this!

I went up the escalator to go the food court. Hmmm what do I want…

"Bella?" I heard. That voice sounded familiar. Too familiar. I turned around to find Edward right behind me.

"Oh Hey Edward. What are you doing here?" I said quickly. Man I really need to calm down. I don't even know what I said because it was so fast.

"Oh Mike, Jade,(A/U: There you go Jade...thanx for the review btw) and some of the others wanted to go see Prom Night and I decided to go with them. What are you doing here? I thought you didn't like the mall." He said with his gorgeous crooked grin.

Wow he actually remembered that. I told him that like three months ago. Maybe he does like me…..

"Ya, Alice dragged me here so I could have a nice outfit for something on Friday night. I don't know what though!" I said trying to have the clueless expression on my face.

"Well, if you really want to know, you don't have to have a nice outfit to look cute."

Now I was stunned. I felt my jaw drop and my legs get weak. I think I might have fainted if I snapped out of my trance sooner.

"Edward! Stop flirting and come on. The movies going to start any minute now!" Mike called across the court.

"I got to go, but hey are you going to do anything Friday night? There's a movie I want to go see and the guys think it's too mushy for their eyes. But between you and me I think they really want to see it."

I laughed nervously while thinking Holy crap what I am going to say? Wait Edward just basically asked you out and you are contemplating on if you are going to say yes!!!! Dumb Bella!

"Anyways, do you want to go? I mean you don't have to but I think it will be loads of fun!" He said nervously.

Dang is he really more nervous than me?! He looks like he's about to faint too!

"Ya I would love to!" I said more ecstatically than I should have been.

"Great I guess I will pick you up at seven?"

"Sure!" I squeaked. Man, I am really a dork now!

"Great!" He said happily.

I didn't expect what happened next. All the sudden he squeezed me into a tight hug and kissed me on the cheek. I felt my heart pounding at a million miles an hour never wanting it to end.

He pulled away and I tried to keep myself composed while going back to Alice. She must be furious with me by now.

"Oh Bella?"

"Yes?" I squeaked again, turning around way to fast.

"Did I tell you that you look great today?" He said with a wide grin on his face.

"No, but thanks!" You idiot Bella! Why didn't you say that back to him?!?!?!?!?!? Well it's too late now!

He started to walk away and took the opportunity. "Edward?"

He turned around quickly as I did before. "Ya?"

"You too!" I called.

I turned back and practically ran back to Alice. I can't wait until Friday!

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