Title Big Bad Beetleborgs: "Demonic Fury"

Setting Charterville

Rating: T For Teen (Unless Otherwise Noted Or Chapter By Chapter Basis)

Time: 2000

Story By Demonic Rage

Plot: Three typical average kids sight a haunted mansion, just by chance they free the ghost who make them beetleborgs! Ya, that was their dream to be the superhero comic book characters the Beetleborgs...4 Years have passed since then and the beetleborgs arent needed, seeing as how Nukus was destroyed and all lives in Charterville have returned to normal.

But what should happen if a new threat rose up, if a new villian even more powerful than Nukus or the Magnavores combined? The answer would be for a 2nd Coming of the Beetle Borg Power Team, but Jo now 14, Drew 16, and Roland 15 all have lives which prevent them from becoming Beetleborgs...But what if the chance to relive their former days as Beetleborgs became a must, when the destruction of the world is becoming closer and closer with every passing moment.

Cerberus, a Demonic Warlord with power over both the Fire and Thunder Elements is unleashed on the world in his full fury...He also has an assistant, known as Crimson Terror whom is Nukus' Evil Daughter drawn by Beetleborgs Creator Art Fortunes...The Beetleborgs must stand against this threat or watch as our futures fall, and what if a Blast From The Past were to complicate things even further?

Get Ready for a fight that the Beetleborgs won't soon forget, Drew, Jo, And Roland must stand together as earths ultimate defense team...This is the 2nd Coming of the Big Bad Beetleborgs!

"Chapter 1: (A Blast From The Past, Part 1)"

It was a normal day in Charterville not much happened here since things went quiet in 1998, after Nukus, Horribelle, And Vilor were defeated and peace restored however all that was about to change.

"No way man, it won't ever happen." Roland shook his head at his friend. "The Beetleborgs arent needed, without bad guys to fight...Wheres the fun?"

"Flabber said there could be a time when we would be needed again, I just miss being a Beetleborg." Drew sighed a bit. "Nukus said he would get revenge, what if he really ment that?"

"Shhh!" Samantha Fortunes said quietly. "Do you want to get us all in trouble?"

Drew gave Sam a yeah right sorta look, and sighed. "Can't you ever mind your own business?" Drew asked.

Samantha looked at Roland then back at Drew, she shakes her head not saying anything else.

"Comeon Drew, man...Don't be so mean." Roland said slowly. "You and Samantha get along pretty good, when your not fighting of course."

"Well, she's always so hostile...It isn't my fault." Drew shrugged as the teacher returned to the classroom

Outskirts Of Charterville - The Old Magnavore Hideout

"It is all almost in place now." Cerberus smiled evily, looking at a few pictures from the New Adventures Of The Beetleborgs. A New Comic Book written by Art fortunes, that he had stolen a couple of days earlier. "And you angel, will be the key to all that is evil."

Cerberus touches his hand to the picture of Crimson Terror, his eyes glow as the Picture lifts off the page into the 3rd Dimension. "Crimson Terror, Rise and become apart of the Evil Uprising!"

"So, this is what the 3rd Dimension is like?" Crimson Terror looks at Cerberus. "Where is my father?"

"He was defeated by the Beetleborgs, I have replaced him as Demonic Ruler of Charterville." Cerberus looks around. "I will soon control all that you see."

"Is that so?" Crimson Terror nods a little walking around the place a little. "You won't without my help, so you have to agree never to send me back to the printed page...I don't want to return to the 2nd Dimension, so do we have an agreement?"

"Yes of course." Cerberus nods, looking at the paper and destroying it with a super heated blast from his hand. "Done."

"Great, I think this might turn out to be a very nice relationship." Terror looks at Cerberus.

"That it will, That it will." Cerberus nods in Agreement.

Charterville - Hill Hurst Manor

"Flabber?" Jo asked opening the door. "Anyone here?"

"I wonder where everyone is?" Drew asked walking into the Manor. "This is weird..."

"Drew, Jo, Roland!" Flabber said appearing infront of them. "We have a major problem, and everything is getting worse by the minute!"

"Whats up?" Roland asked, in an excited tone of voice.

"Art Fortunes has begun work on the New Adventures Of The Beetleborgs, already it is causing more trouble than Nukus and the Magnavores combined." Flabber turns around, using his Phantasm Powers to draw a picture. "Look at this."

The Picture shows the old Magnavore Hideout. "Cerberus has somehow escaped the convines of that new Comic, he has enlisted the help of Crimson Terror whom is the daughter of Nukus...They are powerfull enough where they don't need an army like the Magnavores and Crustaceans, however Cerberus does have the power to rise Monsters from pages of comic books. He can even create new monsters, not from the comics..."

"Oh man, what do we do?" Jo asked, looking at everyone.

"We bring back the Beetleborgs, we stop Cerberus and Crimson Terror." Drew smirks a little. "Yin And Yang, remember? If you have no bad guys you have no good guys, if you have bad guys, then the world needs good guys."

"I agree with Drew, its time The Beetleborgs return to kick some butt!" Roland said. "We can't let evil win, now can we?"

"There is just one problem." Flabber sighed deeply. "Art hasn't drawn new Beetleborgs powers, in his new comics the Beetleborgs have lost their powers and can't fight...Without powers to lift from the page, we are stuck..."

"There is one Beetleborg, who still has her powers." Samantha walks upto the others. "White Thundara Beetleborg, at your service."

"Sam?" Drew asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Flabber contacted my dad this evening telling him about what was going on, I overheard the conversation and well he picked me to be the newest Beetleborg...Cool huh? Flabber agreed that I should take the Thundara Powers." Sam smiles a little, she wouldn't tell anyone...But she did care alot about what Drew thought.

"I think its cool." Roland looked at the others. "Right?"

"Ya, now can't nobody say im the only girl on the team...Welcome aboard Sam." Jo said nodding.

"Well, I don't like it." Drew said trying to be as stern as possible. "You could get hurt, or cause us to lose a battle."

"So, you are more concerned about me than your own little sister?" Sam asked.

"She knows how to handle herself in a fight, I was concerned for her at first...But she has proven herself." Drew sighed a bit. "Sam, you should just stick to working at Zoom."

"Really?" Sam asked crossing her arms. "My dad thinks I can do it, Flabber, Roland, Jo...How come you are the only one debating it? Perhaps you care about me more than I thought."

Drew instantly looks down at the ground. "Um, well...I uh..."

"No time to keep talking guys and girls, downtown is under attack by Crimson Terror...I think its time to break out the new powers, lets hope Art is done drawing." Flabber said, getting ready to bring about the next incarnation of the Beetleborgs.

"Ready!" They all said at once.

"Beetle's Beetle's everywhere, catch those villians if you dare...They might be big and mean, but your the biggest baddest team. Powers for Jo and Roland, lets not forget our friend Drew...With a new addition too!" Flabber shoots a bolt of Phantasmic Powers out, which goes all the way to Art's Studio and brings the new Beetleborg powers to life. "To transform, just call on the Original Beetlebonders...Then input each of the data cards, they contain the information of your new upgraded Metallix Powers!"

"Gotcha, flab." Samantha said. "Everybody ready?"

"Ya!" Each of the others yelled in unison.

"Beetlebonder!" Samantha shouted. "Input cards"

Each of the Beetleborgs Input the datacards into their respective Databonders, then hold them in the air. "Beetleblast!" Each of the kids transform into the new upgraded Metallix Powers.

Samantha is the Thundara White Beetleborg.

Roland is the Titanium Silver Beetleborg.

Drew the Chromium Gold Beetleborg.

And finally, Jo is the Platinum Purple Beetleborg.

Downtown Charterville - Outside Charterville High

"So, where are they?" Crimson Terror asked. "That surprise is getting restless."

"There!" Cerberus shouted, getting in a defensive attack stance. "So, you decided to join us?"

"Not by choice." Drew said. "How about you save us the trouble, and just give up right now?"

"No way kid!" Terror lunges forward, and locks up with Drew. "Prepare to die."

"Drew!" Jo goes to run over to him, but Samantha stops her. "No, its a trap."

Jo looks at Sam then at Cerberus, whom looked as if he was chanting some kindof spell. "What the?"

"Seeds of evil, hear my call and give me what I need to finish off these do-gooders." Cerberus opens his eyes, which are now blood red. "Give me something these puny brats haven't faced in a long time, something so Evil not even the most powerfullest of powers could stand against him...Fuse the Shadowborg and White Blaster Beetleborg together, allow him to have these powers of Destruction! Bring him back, under my evil command!!!!"

In a flash of dark smoke a new Beetleborg stood there, known as the Shadowblaster Beetleborg...But was he who he appeared to be?

"Josh?" Jo asked slowly. "Is that you?"

Shadowblaster looks up at the voice that had spoken to him, underneath his helmet he smiles a twisted smile. "Long time no see, Jo..."

"Josh...It is you!" Jo started to walk toward him, but stopped herself knowing this was not their friend. "What has he done to you?"

"He has shown me the way, it's time I destroy all of you once and for all!" Josh ran towards Jo, slashing her with his Shadow Sword. "Watch out, Im full of surprises."

"Jo!" Drew shouted, lunging at Josh and taking him straight to the ground. "You might be a friend, but I will destroy you if it means saving the Earth."

Josh backflips back and holds his Sword toward Drew. "Shadow Sword! Shadow Blast!" With that Josh sends an enormus ammount of Shadow Energy toward Drew.

The Shadow Energy hits Drew sending him flying back into a wall only to fall to the ground, he touches his chest as if he were injured. "Such Power..." Was all he could get through the pain.

"Drew!" Samantha shouted, before looking over at Roland. "Come on, we need to try a team attack."

"Gotcha." Roland looks at Josh. "Sorry about this, man...But the fate of the earth rests in our hands."

"Who cares? Im the true embodyment of evil...I am Shadow Blaster!" Josh lunges toward Roland, only to be stopped at the last minute by Samantha.

"While I distract him, blast him with your Blaster...Use the Hyper Laser setting." Samantha used her telepathy power, to relay this message to Roland. "Don't worry about me, when the time comes Blast Josh!"

Roland reluctantly nods his head, knowing just one mis fire and he could hit Samantha...If he was ever under a whole lot of pressure, this is it.

"NOW!" Samantha shouted. "Fire!!!!!"

Roland aims the Datablaster at Josh and Samantha, after inputing the card to switch to the hyper setting he fires and then turns around...Not wanting to see the aftermath.

The Blast hurls through the air, as it gets closer and closer Samantha tries to hold Josh in the path of the blast...At the last minute she jumps out of the way kicking Josh into the fury of the Blasters power, a huge explosion ensues as Samantha lands safely a few inches away from the Fire. "Did it work?" She asked touching her side.

Roland keeps his eyes locked on the center of the Explosion, Josh emerges from the fire his armor scathed and beaten...However he was not down yet. "It will take more than that, Roland." Josh shook his head in dissapointment.

Samantha pounds the ground. "No, how could anyone survive that?" She asked herself.

"I need to recharge, but when we meet again...You won't be so lucky." Josh laughed evily before vanishing, in a cloud of Dark Smoke.

"We need to regroup." Drew said helping Samantha and Jo to their feet. "Roland, we have a job to do."

"Huh?" Roland asked standing up, dusting his armor off.

"Me and You are going to head out to The Old Magnavore Hideout, perhaps if we can findout where Josh hides to recharge...We can beat him at his own game." Drew said sighing. "If we let him run loose, he could hurt someone or worse."

"No, we need to regroup our strategy." Samantha said, putting a friendly hand on Drew's shoulder. "We can't win if we don't work together."

Drew sighs a little and just nods, as he and the others begin the journey back to Hillhurst Manor.

Charterville - Hill Hurst Manor

"Man, trouble no matter how you look at it." Art shook his head. "Now I wish I had never drawn Cerberus or Crimson Terror."

"It isn't your fault dad." Samantha smiled a weak smile. "How did they escape the comics anyway?"

"I don't know that yet." Art sighs. "All I know is that it had something to do with a part of the comics story, It might have been the Jade Beacon."

"Jade Beacon?" Jo asked. "Whats that?"

"It is a Beacon from the comics story, brought to Earth by the Terranians...Cousins to Humanity from the planet of Terria Prime, 2 Thousand Lightyears from our own Galaxy." Art puts his hand on his chin, as if he were thinking about something. "The Jade Beacon has great power, perhaps somehow Cerberus got his hands on it in the 2d World...Thats the only thing I can think of right now."

"What we need is a way to beat him." Drew spoke up. "We were decimated out there today, Josh doesn't make it any easier either."

"I know, thats why I brought these." Art lays out 3 sheets of Paper down on a nearby Table, he then steps back and smirks a little. "These are your new powers, much more powerful than Metallix and far from being as subtle as The Big Bad Beetleborgs."

The kids all crowd around the table looking at the Papers. "Are those my new powers?" Jo asked, pointing at one of the drawings.

"Yep, you are now known as the Crimson Striker Beetleborg...A Combination of Both Metallix and Big Bad." Art then points at another drawing. "And thats Drews new power, The Chromium Stinger Beetleborg."

"Whoa...Cool!" Drew said in excitement.

"And lets not forget Roland, you are the Titanium Hunter Beetleborg...Like Drew and Jo, you now have a Combination of Metallix and Big Bad Beetleborg Powers. I know you will all use them well, congrats." Art smilled a little, getting just a bit teary eyed as usual.

"Dad, your the best." Samantha smiled and pat her father on the shoulder. "We won't let you down."

"I know you wont." Art nodded. "Oh, I Forgot to tell you...All together you are now known as The S.B.F (Super Beetle Force), this will be the new name when you need to call your A.T.V's."

An Explosion is then heard outside the Manor, everyone runs to the nearest Window and look out seeing only Cerberus. "Looks like he decided he wants a turn, I think we might need those Powers now." Drew said looking at flabber.

"Right." Flabber begins taking each of the Powers off the comic page, once he is done new Geneticbonders appear in the hands of the Beetleborgs.

"These are Genotechbonders, they bond to your D.N.A so that only you can use them...This way we don't risk Cerberus getting his hands on them, he has stolen enough of my ideas already." Art points toward the Datacard. "Just insert the card, and the bonder will do the rest."

"Gotcha, Input Cards!" Drew shouted, before each of the Genotechbonders began to talk. "Searching D.N.A, Confirmed...Beetle Blast Sequance Engage!"

Each of the Kids transform into their new Powers, now ten times Stronger they were Metallix and Big Bad Beetleborgs mixed together...They are almost able to match strength with Cerberus, however they musn't get arrogant now or we will watch as our futures end.

To Be Continued...Chapter 2: "A Blast From The Past, Prt 2"