Luca jerked awake, seeing the same platinum blonde open the door, this time, fully clothed. Without so much as even an insult, he strode forward confidently, opening the cage. Furrowing her brows, Luca realized he had something in his hand. The blonde leapt gracefully into the cage and reached toward her neck. Surprised, Luca jerked her head back; only to have it grabbed roughly, the thick, heavy collar falling away from her neck with a resounding 'clunk.'

Dragging Luca by her hair, the blonde pushed her against the wall harshly, jerking her head to the side, exposing her neck. Only then did Luca finally see what was in the blonde's hand as he raised it up to her neck, squeezing out a small amount of the mysterious clear liquid. A needle. Any struggles she attempted were quickly defeated as she was slammed against the wall again, the needle stuck haphazardly into her neck, contents quickly being emptied into her bloodstream.

Luca drew in a sharp breath, feeling the oh-so good, and yet the oh-so bad liquid drain into her. She jerked, struggling less intensely as the blonde slung her over his shoulder, exiting the room and into places unknown.

~~ And Now, to Less Drama ~~

Alucard stepped out of Sora's room, glancing outside to see the sun almost completely set. Four o'clock. Taking out the crumpled note, he read it over again, looking for any clues he had missed. The edge of society, it said. But where exactly was that, anyway? The frustrated vampire ran his fingers through his hair, fazing through the wall and into the city. She was around here, somewhere…

Launching off the turf, Alucard reveled in the feeling of releasing himself into a mass of bats, flying darkly through the bloody dawn. Really, there was only one option left that he knew of. Natas, the owner of The Night's Crusade. If anyone knew where the 'edge of society' was around here, it was her.

Landing smoothly in the back alley of The Night's Crusade, the suave king of the night fazed through the wall and into the pumping nightclub, filled with questionably human occupants. Anti-angels danced suggestively in steel cages; their black wings bleached white, fake innocence dominated their persona. Confidently, Alucard strode through the mass of dancing demons, ignoring the few who dared approach him.

Reaching the plush door to the VIP room, Alucard pushed it open dramatically, walking past a demonic orgy without a secondary glance and into a round, finely decorated room. She had always had rather exquisite tastes. "Natas, my little one. How doth thee fair?"

"My former master," the beautiful woman rose gracefully from the plush velvet chair, her waist-length, maroon hair swaying seductively. "I am well as ever. But what brings you to visit my humble abode?" she asked, gently taking a blood filled wine glass.

Alucard laughed, "Your abode is hardly humble, little one. But I come for your skills, and your skills alone." Natas looked visibly disappointed, but smiled nonetheless, draining the wine glass smoothly.

She placed the empty glass down on the cherry oak desk, approaching Alucard brazenly, and fondled his tie longingly, "How may I help my former master?" The unperturbed vampire produced the crumpled note silently, only to have it snatched out of his hand with a flourish as Natas twirled away. Reading silently, she commented after a few seconds, "the edge of society? Sounds familiar; return tomorrow, and I will have your answer." Alucard smiled toothily and turned with an equally lavish flourish, leaving the busy club without another word. There was no place in this world he could not reach in twenty-four hours. Which is what he would have left after tomorrow night.

~~What exactly was that liquid? ~~

Luca now embraced the smooth, calming sensation that flooded her body. Where was she? Did it even matter, she asked herself? Nah, she decided, content to bask in the warm sensation flowing through her veins. Feeling a bit fuzzy, Luca vaguely glanced around her dim surroundings, a nagging feeling in the back of her mind. It didn't matter, she again decided. Dim, soothing lights placed every ten yards or so seemed to contort in strange, unreal ways, interesting her. Vaguely, she twitched her left hand, wanting to reach out to the dancing flame as it passed overhead.

Luca blinked slowly, surprised, as she was carried into a dark room and set against the wall. She looked around the dark room, the only source of light coming from a single candle, illuminating only a few shapes in the room. Smiling blankly, Luca glanced around more, not really taking anything in.

"So pretty, so pretty…" Luca turned her head toward the sultry voice, finding a busty strawberry-blonde walking toward her.

The confused, young girl furrowed her eyebrows, " … hello…" she started, her train of thought slipping away from her. " Who are you?" Luca started up again.

The busty woman crouched down in front of her, holding her chin delicately, " Me? Oh, my name isn't important," she smiled, sharp canines protruding from her supple lips, even though her eyes betrayed her hurt. "Right now, it's all about you…" in the back of Luca's mind, she could feel something was wrong. Very, very wrong. But this woman seemed so nice…

"Me?" the dazed girl shook her head, " Oh, no. You shouldn't-"

Pulling the limp teen tight against her chest, and strawberry blonde stroked her back comfortingly, " shhh, shh, don't you worry your pretty little head." Unaware, Luca closed her eyes, her head resting against the older woman, " yes, your pretty little head… you were always so pretty, so strong. But it's okay now, because I'm here, and now we can be together. Isn't that wonderful, Integra?"

Luca's eyes snapped open, eyebrows furrowed. "No…" she trailed off slightly, "I'm not Integra. I'm… I'm me, Luca." The nagging feeling returned again to the back of her head, only this time, stronger.

The crimson-eyed woman tightened her grip painfully on Luca before pushing her away, against the wall. "No! Don't say that, Integra. Don't say that…" the blonde stood up, clearly hurt, and turned to leave. "Just… just give it time, Integra, you don't have to pretend anymore… you don't have to live that lie of a life, anymore. Don't worry, soon enough, I know you'll remember… and then, we can be together again, just like we used to…" Luca's confused expression did nothing to placate the vampire, who turned again to face Luca, this time resting on her knees in front of her.

"You do remember the old times, don't you Integra? Don't you?" she flung her arms around the still restrained girl, shushing her gently. "It's okay, I still love you. Even after all those things you said to me, all those things you did to me. I forgive you, even when you said you didn't love me. I know you just said and did those things because you had to, just to protect me, right? You made me leave, because the world couldn't handle our love, and you chased me down because you had to, to protect both of us. Even when you were ordered to kill me, I knew you wouldn't. But we had to pretend." The blonde hugged her tightly, clearly restraining tears.

"But we're free now, so you don't have to pretend you don't love me anymore, you don't have to hunt me down." she sniffed loudly, " now we're free to love each other." The blonde nuzzled into her neck, "your hair was always so pretty… such a beautiful blonde… but you changed it to black." Looking Luca in the dazed eyes, she smiled again. "But it's okay, you did it for us. I know." A sudden knock on the door made her look up. She frowned, clearly unhappy, "what is it?" she called.

"I come bearing news."

The vampire nodded, giving Luca a kiss on the forehead, "I will return soon, I promise." Rising up gracefully, she strode to the door and stepped outside, greeting the pretty redhead who stood at her door. "Greetings, Natas."

Natas nodded, " Good evening. I come bearing news of Alucard." She paused, seeing her partner's face twist into a scowl, "Like you predicted, our former Master vigorously seeks for her location." She gestured toward the room where Luca rested.

Nodding, a crazed smile spread across the younger draculina's face, "Good. Soon, we will have him in our clutches, and then we can destroy him. And then, we will truly be free."

Natas nodded, " Soon, Seras, my friend. Soon."

Seras nodded, " Of course. Tell him when he returns to you, and together, we will deal with him. But for now, return to your club, I have other matters to attend to."

Natas' eyes flicked toward the door for a moment, before she smiled. "I will speak with you shortly, then." The two partners's turned, one heading back to the room, the other traveling down the long hall.

~~ Oh Noes! ~~

And the moral of the story is: Kids, don't do drugs.

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