"You're leaving for Hong Kong?"Tomoyo Daidouji exclaimed.

Sakura Kinomoto nodded."I'm leaving with Syaoran next week.This time,I won't lose the person I love the most."

Tomoyo looked down.She had been dreading this.

Sakura hugged her tight."Don't worry.Wherever I go,you will always be my best friend.

Tomoyo buried her hand in her hands.She can't forget that day.It has been 10 long years since Sakura boarded the plane with Syaoran,looking every inch a happy couple very much in love with each other.

"Picture-perfect."her mom said.

She smiled at Mrs.Daidouji,but inside she was crying.Her heart was breaking.How could he steal from her the only special someone she had?

2 days after her best friend left,she begged her mom to send her to Canada.Living in a place where she and Sakura used to dwell is too painful. She stared at the wedding invitation in her hand.A Li-Kinomoto Nuptial.Underneath she found her name beside the phrase maid-of-honor.She sighed.After all these years,is she going back to Japan just to witness her 2nd death?Is she that masochistic?

She pressed the intercom."Ms.Brown,please arrange a roundway ticket for me to Japan."

Tomoyo slipped her reading glasses off and rested her aching back on the seat.She just finished the preliminary sketches of the outfits her models are going to wear for the next fashion show.She owns a modelling firm and has her own clothesline exclusively for women.

Her business is doing pretty well,considering it just opened 6 months ago.The people love the clothes she designed,and her models are wanted in every fashion show in town.She's rolling in dough and she has become a household name in the world of style.

"But only Sakura can make me happy."she thought as tears dribbled from her cheeks.She'll trade anything in the world just to have her best friend back.

"Tears do not suit your angelic face."A voice interrupted her thoughts.

Tomoyo looked up and saw a disturbingly familiar face looking at her.She can see he's tall even when he's seated,probably 6 feet or something.He has piercing eyes behind his glasses and his aura commands authority and respect.Dressed in a dark 3-piece business suit,he looked impeccably handsome.

"Not that I care.I've been around too many hunky male models to be intersted with him."she thought,even though her face is starting to feel warm because of her penetrating gaze studying her too.

She cleared her throat."Will you please mind your own business?"she snapped.

For a split second,she thought she saw uncertainty in his eyes,but his face remained blank."I but wanted to lend you my handkerchief.I hate seeing women cry infront of me."

"I don't need your damn concern!"she shouted.Heads turned to their direction.Tomoyo felt she was melting with humiliation.She forgot she was inside the plane already on the way to Japan!

The man smiled at them."Just a lttle lovers' quarrel,people.I'm sorry about the little noise awhile ago."

"What did you say?Lovers' quarrel?!"exclaimed the brunette.

He wiped her tear-streaked face with his hanky."No need to get hysterical about it,unless you have a husband sitting here somewhere.He turned his attention back to the business magazine he was reading.

She was fuming mad,which is strange because she thought she's already a sensible and level-headed person.

"But I bet even Mother Teresa will commit murder with this guy!"She mumbled before drifting into sleep.

Hours later,she felt a hand shaking her shoulder lightly."We're here."A male voice whispered.

She yawned and stetched her arms,but she realized she wasn't in her seat anymore.She checked herself and found out her head was resting on her seatmate's shoulder!The very same guy who embarassed her infront of more than 100 passengers and crew members!

She automatically slapped his face."Pervert!"She stood up,face burning and headed out of the plane.

Meanwhile the guy was holding his cheek,an astounded expression on his face.He slowly grinned.That beautiful lady has quite an attitude!Too bad he didn't get her name.

A girl tapped him on the shoulder."C'mon,Master,we musn't keep the couple waiting."

He nodded.

omae o korosu!mwahahaha!!!