Two weeks later..

"Damn it!"exclaimed Tomoyo for the third time,throwing her sketch pad on the floor in disgust.

Ever since she returned home from Japan,she wasn't able to do anything right.Her designs don't come out right,her paperworks are piling up..

She buried her head in the crook of her arms.She misses Eriol!His smiles,remarks,thoughtfulness,kisses..everything.

"But leaving Japan is the right thing to do.Why should I remain there with a person who's in love with someone else?"she thought.

She picked her coat up and left a message for her secretary that she's going out.She headed for home.

Inside her house,she brewed a cup of coffee for herself.She then heard the doorbell ring.She hurried to the door.

"Yes,what is it?"she asked while opening the door.

"Do you happen to know where Ms.Tomoyo Daidouji lives,Miss-"The man stopped in mid-sentence,his eyes wide with disbelief but there's a flicker of hope in it."Tomoyo,it's you!It's really you!"

Colors rushed out of her face."E-Eriol?!"She quickly shut the door and locked it.She pressed her back on it.

"Tomoyo,open up!Open the door and let's talk,dammit!"he shouted,his voice frustrated and desperate.

"Go away,Mr.Hiragizawa!Leave me in peace,will you?"pleaded Eriol,her eyes welling up with tears.

Eriol exhaled sharply before pounding on the door."Tomoyo,I can't do that!I'll never leave this place until you marry me and become mine!"

"Shut up!Go back to Kaho-"

"Why should I do that?"

Tomoyo opened the door."Because you love her,Eriol.You still love her."

His forehead creased."Who gave you that idea,Sweetheart?"

"Don't go calling me 'Sweetheart',you insensitive jerk!You arrogant beast!You-"Her words by cut short by Eriol's fierce and passionate kiss.

After a minute,his lips left her mouth.

"Why did you stop?"Tomoyo burst out.She clapped her hands over her mouth.

He chuckled."Got ya!Don't worry,Sweetheart.As soon as I marry you,you'll have a lifetime supply of them."

Tomoyo blushed,then looked up."W-What?!You'll marry me?B-But why?"

He pretended to think."Let me see..because I like your kisses.."

"You do?I thought they're..dull."

He laughed merrily."God Tomoyo!Dull?!Heavens,you never gave me my sleep since I felt those sweet lips of yours!I mean,there you were,the girl of my fantasies sleeping next took me a lot of self-control not to kick open that door.."

"So you don't find me unattractive?"

"Tomoyo,what else should I say?You women can't just be satisfied,can you?"

She looked at him testily."Whom do you really love the more?Me or Kaho?"

"Syaoran."he replied,smiling mishievously.

"I'm going to shut the door on your face,Hiragizawa,I'm warning you!"she threatened.

"You,of course!"He squeezed her hand affectionately.

"But why do you always say Kaho's name,uh,k-kiss me?"she stammered.

He paused to recall,then laughed."Sweetheart,I may have mentioned Kaho's name because I was apologizing for not being true to my vow that I will never love another woman again if she's not her.Now I finally understood how powerful love could be..when she gave up our long-time relationship for a virtual stranger.I realized it again when I loved you."He pushed open the door.

"Please don't come near me."whispered Tomoyo.

But in 1 quick step,he was able to imprison her in his arms.

"Please don't make me go away,Sweetheart.Living without you is not living at all.Just give me a chance and I'll make you happy."He told her gruffly.


"I love you."he told her with all sincerity.

She shook his head."You don't love me.You only lust for me."

"I can spend my money renting out harlots for every night of my life,but I would feel empty and worthless without you."he replied.

"Are you sure?"she asked,but deep inside she knows the answer.

"If I'm not in love with you,what is this I'm going through.."he sang softly.

Her face reddened.So he was awake when she sang to him at that time!That means,he knew already how she feels!

"W-Wait a minute,how did you find me?I didn't give Sakura my new home address."asked Tomoyo,trying to change the topic.

"She never told me.I went door-to-door in search for you."he replied.

"You did that for me?"

"That's because I love you."he said.



She smiled."I love you too."

He raised his fists up in triumph."YES!The words I've been longing to hear!Thank you,Lord!"

"You can thank Him in another way:marry me n a church wedding as soon as possible."she told him.

"By all means!How about if we ask Yamazaki and Chiharu to be our best man and bridesmaid?"suggested Eriol.

"Good idea!"she replied enthusiastically.

"And let's go up to your room now and get started on an advance honeymoon?"he added.

the end

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